Staff will not typically intervene on member-to-member conflicts, although you may certainly shoot the CO a message if you need some advice on how to handle a particular interaction. The rule of thumb, however, is that if you don't like someone, you don't need to interact with them. (The single exception to this is in cases of clear and flagrant abuse, or if a player engages in OOC hate speech. This is not tolerated and you will be removed without warning.)


It's up to you to ensure your characters are playable. Prepared to accept IC consequences for IC actions. This extends to bios and NPCs as well, please make sure they meet minimum canon standards or you may be asked to revise. You are free to make up alien species at will, and you can (optionally) submit information about them to our integrated Wiki. Face claims are first-come first-serve, must be recognized public entities (actors, musicians, models), and cannot be personal pictures of one's self.


There are no word counts for any part of the site. One-liners and rapid-fire posting are acceptable and encouraged. Players with zero activity ICly or OOCly will be removed after a month, but you are free to reach out if you wish to be reactivated.