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Pretorious Leadership

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 2:27pm by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin

As of yet RZ17 does not have official Romulan leadership, but the person who is essentially in line to become the de facto mayor of the capital city Pretorious is an ex-Galae officer named Suwarin Vro, a 78 year old former Riov of the IRW D'deridex who migrates between the tent cities as well as the established habitable zones looking after people.

This character is free to be played by anyone, as such he will remain unlinked and without a face claim.

My hope is that we can come up with a kind of shared, collective consciousness for him that reflects the democratic nature of our sim and gives everyone a chance to freely participate in the political element of RZ17. The baseline personality I've given Suwarin is that he's typically Romulan, distrustful of the Federation but willing to listen to reason. He supported the Unification movement and moved to RZ17 voluntarily under the guise of ensuring that Starfleet doesn't take advantage of the colonists.

Suwarin Vro


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