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Posted on Fri Aug 30th, 2019 @ 6:12pm by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin


Good morning Prometheans!

Welcome to the second edition of our monthly newsletter, The Kraken! This month saw the induction of two new players, ADAM and DAVE playing our Chief Science Officer and Chief Engineer respectively! We've also gathered up a ton of new NPCs on both Rigel V and RZ17 which offers a super exciting selection of different characters to interact with.

We've also started the milder subplots (this is a day without a trace of reason) which features the secretive Templar Order and the cagey CEO of Danmora Enterprises, as well as (Corazón), a personal plot between two characters that features a typhus outbreak on RZ17, and (Icarus), a personal plot between Callum and Alan centered around a series of crop failures on Talar Prime.

In addition to our wonderful several steps forward in writing a slew of incredible posts all in a short time (this sim has been only active for approximately two months!) we also have some cool out-of-character updates including: our SKIN DIRECTORY, an unlinked Pretorious leader and finally the Email-All Comments (EAC) MOD installation.

We are also in the process of developing the mission group THE LOOKING GLASS which contains the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE and BACKPOSTS missions, these will be where you can do AUs (any character, canons or original, any setting, any genre, any fandom, AUs have no limits at all, but you can't create AU character accounts so you'll have to just use your main account and write for the characters you want) and Backposts (all posts set at least a year behind our sim's current year) for the characters you've got on the sim. Backposts are CANON to the game, Alternate Universes are NOT.

This month has really been focused on writing and establishment which is always excellent to see from an administrative viewpoint, so everybody please keep it up. Last but not least, we are still looking for a couple of AWARDS moderators so if you'd be interested in helping out OOC please give me a shout on Discord or via PM.

There is one last piece of information I'd like to impart as our newsletter comes to a close and it's more of a reminder than anything else, but everybody please remember if your post only contains one character it should go in Personal Logs, not mission posts! Solo posts that feature more than one character can go into mission posts, though. The idea is that our mission posts population page should only feature posts that have more than one character, while "solo" posts (featuring only one character and/or NPCs) go into Personal Logs. You may notice that your posts are missing from PRE-DEPLOYMENT and this is because I've transferred them over to Personal Logs, so take a look there to find them again.

Thank you everybody for a fantastic month of writing and please keep it up! (And also I'd like to apologize because in my hectic business I forgot to nominate one of our posts for 22nd's Post of the Month, but we'll definitely submit one for September!)



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