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Awards Mod

Posted on Sat Jul 27th, 2019 @ 1:42am by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin

Greetings Prometheans!

I'm currently looking to train someone for awards moderation. These duties will mostly focus on ensuring that all the right awards go to the right people and to keep the character biographies updated with images of each award given. (This task is much simpler than it sounds; it will mostly be focused on maintaining the new Accolades tab of the biography and scanning/approving any nominated awards that come up in the ACP.)

To everyone else, you will notice on the join form a new area called Accolades. Please leave this blank as it is for moderators only. You can see an example on Yona's page, I earned the Air award for the Wiki. On our sim awards can be nominated to one another as well as self-nominated once you meet the criteria. Awards can be granted as prizes for completing specific plots, for in-character actions and out-of-character actions.

Because of the dynamic nature of our sim, you can submit awards to be given as prizes for your own plots, or suggest awards for certain activities by contacting Yona/Shayne via DM or PM. Awards should be specific and not general (things like 'literacy' or 'crew's choice' would not qualify). Any player should be able to earn the award by completing the necessary action to gain it, such as "Destiny's Child - Write a post featuring combat" or "Sketch Artist - Produce artwork or an image manipulation of another person's character."

If you are interested in filling this position please reach out to me.


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