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The Kraken - Prometheus's Monthly Newsletter

Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 9:41am by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin
Edited on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 11:41am

Good morning Prometheans!

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletter, The Kraken, so named for the mythological creature prevalent in Norse sagas legendary for swallowing whole ships out at sea. ("It stays submerged for days, then rears its head and nostrils above surface and stays that way at least until the change of tide. The lyngbakr has seen these creatures to you by means of his magic to cause the death of you and all your men.") Our station's codename, Prometheus, is taken from the Greek Titan known for the creation of man from clay ("Prometheus, who molded men out of water and earth,") and who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans, thus enabling civilization. Because of the prominence of water in the canon of Prometheus, The Kraken was born of a superstition that exists within the seas, and hearkens back to Starfleet's origins in naval tradition.

This month we saw the recruitment of several wonderful writers including our co-admin Betty as well as PD, Hawke, John and James who have each brought a wonderful slew of characters to the mix. We've begun our first mission, PRE-DEPLOYMENT just three years after the station's power grid was finally activated and inhabitants began populating our midst. Many areas of Prometheus's vast city-structures are still under construction, and our personnel are working tirelessly to get the station up to Starfleet operating standards.

The Romulan resettlement colony Kalailah (or RZ17) is undergoing geographical and environmental surveys to prepare for the creation of its first suburban habitable zone in the capital city of Pretorious (for Praetor, so named after the Romulan senate leadership). In RZ17 we've added the Terraforming Division responsible for altering the colony's landscape to become more habitable. On Rigel V, Ambassadors Kijja, Layil and Jherynn Lan are working on a water reclamation project to bring fast, reliable replicators capable of supplying water to the citizens of the harsh Viltan desert. Due to the Rigelian custom of child marriage, Rigel's Federation status has returned to provisional with many in the government opposing Federation re-integration on the grounds that assimilation will destroy their cultural heritage.

New Features

In honor of our sim's official OFFICIAL OPENING we've come equipped with a brand new default skin, Default, as well as a restructured Discord chat (with spaces for administration as well as the integration of our Prometheus AI, Tatsumaki, which allows you to create a Discord profile, earn rep, credits and play mini-games).

We've added a new manifest, Other Locations, for your characters to play around the galaxy. With this comes a revamp of the rank structure, with added prefixes to aid character creation (CMD/Red, OPS/Yellow, SCI/Teal, RIG/Blue, MAR/Green, COL/Orange, OTH/Black, FED/White, DIP/Violet). Characters stationed on Rigel V wear the Starfleet BLUE variant uniform (RIG), while characters stationed on RZ17 wear the Starfleet ORANGE variant uniform (COL), however Detachment 36C still wears the MAR uniform. Characters stationed in Other Locations wear the Starfleet BLACK variant uniform (OTH).

Additionally we've developed further the Awards system known as Accolades. We're still looking for a moderator to help out with Accolades!

As of July 28th Prometheus has six users, ten mission entries and five personal logs for a total of 15 posts, so well done everybody. This month also saw our sim's induction into 22nd Fleet under the Trek division, and I am active in a few different directories to hopefully bring you guys a few new writers to jam with in the coming months. And finally in upgrades, our wiki is chugging along at sixteen pages spanning the Federation penal system, species lore, conlangs, sim tours, and one headcanon article.


Last but not least in our visual redesign we're creating a brand new default rank set for Prometheus use only, reflective of the DS9 uniform worn circa 2390. This is still under construction but if you pop over to Site Options and toggle "ranks," under "2390" you can take a look at the completed sets. As of now there is only CMD, RIG and SCI.


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