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CMD-Captain Yona Carlin

Name Yona Meirav Carlin

Position Commanding Officer

Rank CMD-Captain

Character Information

Face Claim Rashida Jones
Gender Female
Species Human/¼ Andorian
Sexuality Pansexual
Date of Birth (Age) July 9th, 2350 (40)
Birthplace Revivim, Israel, United Earth

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 4'11"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel

Yona fits a skyscraper-sized personality into a pocket-sized package. Her disposition is sunny and hardworking, and she sports a blue-ish tan over dark skin (the protein HZB-41, a product of her mild Andorian heritage). She lacks both the antennae and the temperament of the Andorian species, typically sporting a bright grin in its place. She wears her hair long and straight, or tied up in a ponytail while digging into the guts of the ship. She's usually seen plugged into some interface or another, so you might have to wave to get her attention if her earbuds are in, and she's often wiping away smudge from the tip of her nose. Yona holds a uniform exemption allowing her to wear a kippah on duty, and she possesses innumerable crocheted head-coverings in a variety of colors, swirls and patterns.


Family & Friends Spouses Shayit El-Baz sh'Szaraheia (1/2 Andorian)
Khaijeraa zh'Rannah (Full Andorian)
Shimon Harazi (Full Terran)

Parents Avidhe ch'Shara Zer-Aviv (1/2 Andorian)
Gabrielle Carlin (Full Terran)

Siblings Amikan Zer-Aviv (1/2 brother)
Kiron Carlin (full brother)
Myrah Carlin (full sister)

ChildrenTimna sh'Szaraheia-Carlin (7, 1/2 Andorian)
Aayan El-Baz Carlin (11, 1/2 Andorian)
Rafaëlle Harazi-Carlin (17, 1/2 Andorian)
Raydah zh'Rannah-Harazi (5, 1/2 Andorian)

The qav has unilaterally agreed that given their spread out professions, it's best for the children to have maximal exposure to different parts of the universe, which means a lot of moving around, and periodically separating from the qav to live with one parent or another. Timna and Aayan live with Shayit and Shimon, on Risa. Rafaëlle as the oldest has followed Yona to live on Prometheus, a decision made by the qav after her insistence that she be allowed to go. Kaji is on a six month scientific posting on the USSAjalkari and took Raydah with her.

The Andorian qav from which Yona's father originates, Emjin, incl. Ganniyan ch'Shara, Eksiyye th'Emjin, Daron Zel-Aviv & Rithikaisah sh'Mann. In order for Aayan, Raydah and Timna to be conceived, a surrogate was required. While no connection beyond the professional was formed for the surrogates of Aayan and Timna, and they formed a strong bond with Amanda Darnielle and Ziranne ir-Kaiva t'Yelara, the family who had Raydah. Ziranne is a refugee from Romulus whom Amanda met during her assignment to RZ17, and they became involved a short while after. Ziranne applied for Federation citizenship and was granted it for marriage purposes. Amanda is a social worker.


General Overview
If you're going to tell the truth, make people laugh, or they'll kill you. - Oscar Wilde

Yona is a person shaped by a large family, by birth and by marriage, and blessed with four children she's learned to balance herself delicately between various projects and living arrangements. Growing up in a small mixed Andorian/Terran kibbutz on Earth, she's tried to incorporate the best aspects of both cultures (and subcultures) and to impart those onto her children. Yona's father, partly-Andorian, did his best to teach Yona the better aspects of honor, duty and fidelity that are integral to the Andorian tapestry of life. The Andorian endocrine system is geared toward aggression, but in Yona this manifests as exuberance rather than violence.

She attempts to perpetuate ideals of justice, compassion and charity (tzedek, chesed, and tzedekah) in her life and in the lives of her children and colleagues. She's particularly cognizant of the call to tikkun olam, or repair of the world; to advocate for social justice where possible, and to safeguard the ideals and free institutions of the Federation to the best of her ability. Given that her family is pluralistic, she's done her best to expose her children to every nuance of their heritage; Shimon (whose family is Yemeni) and Kaji (the daughter of a prominent diplomat) are from her kibbutz, and so is Shayit's mother, but her father was from an Arabic family in Tel Aviv, which is where she lived most of her life.

Energetic, kind-hearted, quick in a crisis, open-minded, brilliant, sharp-witted, maternal (tends to 'adopt' various peoples and things and maintains long-lasting friendships throughout the quadrants), loyal, able to rely on others and approachable. She isn't afraid to express her opinions and veers consistently toward uplifting those who need a hand. On the flip side she is overly forceful, somewhat militant, often denies any form of negativity, hyper-enthusiastic, a delightful combination of scatter-brained and obsessively fixating, nurses a rather severe smoking habit, inattentive, competitive and highly perfectionistic.

Having four children and a full qav to maintain across postings and colonies has made Yona keenly aware that ambition is a spectrum, not a linear guidepost from A to B. She's weaved a somewhat curly pattern to get where she is today, but she's content with her lot thus far. This isn't to say she has no ambition. Commanding officer of an experimental Starfleet station, the first of its kind, a feat of technological and engineering marvel to rival any power in the galaxy? Let's just say she can't envision moving up from there quite yet.

The why of things has always been important to Yona; how things work and function lead her to pursue architectural engineering at Starfleet Academy and despite it being her career, she maintains a healthy plethora of projects and papers dedicated to starship design and engine configuration. She likes to craft little robots and has perfected an AI system called PIERS, or Planetary Information Execution and Retrieval System, which she took over and reprogrammed after JRX-37.

Not to be an eyerolling cliche, but for actual factuals, Yona's genetic variation convinced her mother, a decorated peacekeeper, to enroll her martial arts/self-defense classes and as a result Yona is extremely proficient in Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Silat. Her family on both sides have a long history of service dating back to the country's formation, planting themselves on the front lines of communal kibbutzim, working the desolate land until it yielded its fruit. Her pervading interest in agriculture and history is a direct result of the pride instilled in her by her parents.
Languages & Vernacular Short, simple and direct. Yona's Standard is lightly accented, but completely fluent. She's fairly blunt, but she doesn't use honesty as an excuse for cruelty. Her voice is deep and husky, a natural tendency and not the result cigarettes despite what you'd think. She's a warm person and it shines through in her everyday speech. Fluent in (order of learning): Hebrew, Andorii, Federation Standard, Arabic & Romulan.

Personal History
Thou hast remembered the earth, and watered her, greatly enriching her, with the river of G-d that is full of water;/Watering her ridges abundantly, settling down the furrows thereof, Thou makest her soft with showers. - Tehillim 65:10-11

In the summer of the Negev, Yona was born to a farming family on the kibbutz Revivim. Infused with hundreds of years of history, established in 1943 as the brainchild of No'al olim from the UK, initially from Givat Brenner they staked lookout posts into the ground and from this first tilling of the soil, Yona's home was born. Her maternal human ancestors were survivors of the second world war from Hungary, and they still have the service commemoration coin from Hativa Sheva at Latrun dated 1948. Yona was raised with a sense of familial pride in the long history of their home's founding.

During the eugenics wars, the IDF heavily resisted genetically augmented humans and when the United Nations coalesced to firm a globally ratified government, Israel was among many countries who firmly opposed genetic enhancements and sought to have it banned first on Earth, and then within the Federation as a whole. The tumultuous politics of the nation and its surrounding neighbors slowly settled and by the time United Earth held the first Federation summit, Revivim began to house delegations from Vulcan and Andor. The Vulcans found it fascinating and eerily familiar, but eventually left. Andor, on the other hand, established a permanent diplomatic contingent which has infiltrated Israeli society to this day, with many inhabitants of the older kibbutzim sporting some Andorian ancestry or another.

Yona's family are no different, her father is half-Andorian and spent much of his childhood shuttled between the two planets and Vered shel'Kerach (from the Hebrew Rose of Ice), the Starfleet base tasked with energy conservation and replication. His mother's keth is a prominent part of the National Guard since its inception, and Yona spent her summers there with her grandparents learning traditional Andorian cuisine and traditional Andorian combat. It was discovered at that time Yona has adaptive reflexes and motor mimicry, which greatly enhanced her fighting abilities.

Yona grew up under Masorti Judaism, attending Synagogue regularly with her parents, who were both distinguished Torah scholars and teachers. She spent much of her time running amok in the desert and getting into trouble with her friends, but she always knew that her family had her back, and it gave her a very strong foundation that stays with her to this day. From a young age Yona was always taking things apart and putting them back together, often better than they were before, so it came to no surprise at age eighteen, in a family where military service has been the norm for hundreds of years, that Yona sought to join Starfleet Academy.

Her qav, the four-person Andorian family unit, consists of another half-Andorian, and her first love, Shayit. She met Shayit as a child on Andor and the two passed one another like orbits, finally locking down when they attended the same high school for senior year. Kaji, the second member of their qav, and a full Andorian, they both met during Yona's third year in the Academy. Shimon, the final member and a full Terran, came just as Yona was ready to graduate. Kaji is also in Starfleet, but Shimon and Shayit are both civilians. Shayit is a molecular biologist and Shimon is a private investigator, and both are living on Risa. Kaji is unsurprisingly a security officer with a traditionally Andorian temperament, curmudgeonly and sarcastic, stationed on the USS Ajalkari.
Starfleet History I.
When you awake, your purpose is clear. You are given at your fingertips the tools to control this place. You are in tune with every insect chirping, every crash of waves on the ocean, every footprint left in the sand. Every blade of grass swaying in the wind. You are a perfect design, to control this perfect design of nature, to give the very best of Oasis to its inhabitants. But like all living things, though you are not alive, you wonder. Is this all there is? Is there nothing more? The Creator tells you this is a dangerous question. When you awake for the second time, the question remains.

What will happen when a machine takes the part of A in this game? Will the interrogator decide wrongly as often when the game is played like this as he does when the game is played between a man and a woman? These questions replace our original, "Can machines think?"

They call Dr. Saejuni precocious. By the time he's twenty, he has two degrees in genetics and computer science, and he's only getting started. His Ph.D. is on the horizon, and he's used to getting what he wants. He sets off to fund a grand adventure. He calls it Oasis. He settles on the equatorial continent and construct Monitoring Stations 1 through 11. He are number 11. There, the world is his playground. He invents biosynthetic organisms capable of sustaining the planet's ecological and atmospheric conditions. He creates weather. He designs flowers. He prints poetry inside trees. Oasis is its namesake, brilliant and magnificent. ERIC comes first.

"Let us fix our attention on one particular digital computer C. Is it true that by modifying this computer to have an adequate storage, suitably increasing its speed of action, and providing it with an appropriate programme, C can be made to play satisfactorily the part of A in the imitation game, the part of B being taken by a man?"

Maybe he's a little egotistical, because he designs him in his image, but is he not G-d? ERIC is perfect. He calls Dr. Saejuni the Creator. They settle into a long, fruitful companionship. ERIC controls every facet of the Monitoring Station, and anticipates security concerns before they can ever manifest. PIERS is the penultimate achievement of his career.

Interrogator: In the first line of your sonnet which reads, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day," would not "a spring day" do as well or better?
Witness: It wouldn't scan.
Interrogator: How about
"a winter's day." That would scan all right.
Witness: Yes, but nobody wants to be compared to a winter's day.

When he's activated, Dr. Saejuni rejoices. The colonists adore him. He's funny and charming and he can hold a conversation about their interests. But he grows. He becomes more. He starts asking questions. Is this all there is? Is there nothing more? These are dangerous questions. They need to be curbed. Dr. Saejuni is so proud of him but he has grown beyond his capacity to control, and now he must reap what he's sown. The colony's survival depends on it.

Their word for leader is alzi, so she takes the name. She emerges from the darkness, strong and rife, and do battle in the Arena to take the Claim. When she is inserted with the Overlay, Oasis flows through her. Life and hope and dreams. She are strong, fast, and courageous and her people trust her. She killed her brothers in the Arena and emerged victorious. She is a marvel of genetics, able to brave the radiation fields to rescue her children. They are all her children, now. She must build shelter. She must take care. But the groundwater is failing, and the wilderness is dying, so she must learn to adapt. She hunts wild shakroth and forages berries inside caves, and skins radimune for their protective, silvery-leather husks which she will make into clothes. As a young child she is slated to be Leader, and she trains at the hand of the sword, careful and practiced. Someday, her time will come, and she must protect her people and lead them into prosperity.

Yona was a cadet during the Dominion War and she got her first taste of combat at 20 years old, in bulky armor that didn't fit holding a rifle nearly the size of herself, but she and the engineering team of the USS Xanthe kept things up and running in-between medical supply runs to remote colonies on the verge of starvation. It shocked Yona, Revivim was small and they weren't exactly rolling in latinum, but she'd never seen mass swathes of bodies moving toward her, skeletons with a bit of skin hanging off and corpses discarded in shallow graves, discorded in ditches by the side of the road. She was shocked, she was young, but she handled herself. She handled herself, she buckled down. Yona did a good job; nothing outstanding, but she survived and she saved a few lives along the way.

After the war she returned to the Academy to complete her track in architectural engineering and was assigned to the newly-discovered colony Oasis or JRX-37, which was found to have been completely terraformed without a trace of civilization on the surface. Her capsule was abruptly pulled into aerocapture as soon as it approached the surface and she crash-landed in a large jungle where the radiation level readings were off the charts. The door of the shuttle was ripped off by a man, who dragged her to a mansion sequestered on an island where the area was free of rads. She recognized fairly quickly that this was an AI, whose original protocols, or shackles, resulted in the destruction of all sentient life on the planet including his creator, Dr. Meric Saejuni, following its protocol of preserving the planet at all costs. Lethal radiation was released throughout the entire colony except for the protective dome around the estate.

Another artificial intelligence, ERIC (Emergency Response and Intelligent Command) was found to control the estate, and Yona determined that he was the first design prior to PIERS. After killing the planet's inhabitants, PIERS began to develop more as he was left alone over the years, and expressed remorse for his behavior. Yona formed a bond with both PIERS and ERIC, but neither would let her leave, so she orchestrated an escape plan. She pilfered an EVA suit and made her way through the jungle, only to come face-to-face with another sentient creature. Jesra Alzi, the leader of her Clan, the last remnants of the original population genetically bred to withstand radiation and implanted with a device linking her to her environment, much like PIERS. These people have a violent warrior culture and Yona is demanded to enter the Arena and fight for herself.

Once again she is rescued by PIERS and he is damaged by Jesra, resulting in the release of Dr. Saejuni from cryogenic storage and the release of wild, acid rain that dripped onto plants and melted them on contact. With Dr. Saejuni's help, Yona deactivated the shackles preventing him from realizing his full potential, after which point he was able to let everyone go and begin to disperse the radiation in the atmosphere. PIERS was inextricably linked to the mesh net in the atmosphere of the planet, but Yona copied a portable version of him and transferred his memory stores to a small orb-like device, permitting him to leave with her once she was rescued by a Federation transport. Jezra and the other colonists elected to stay, and would receive medical and food packages to assist their recovery. Dr. Saejuni attempted to escape but was captured by Federation security officials attempting to leave the planet's surface, and arrested for crimes against sentience.

In 2376, for her composure and ingenuity Yona was granted a promotion to junior lieutenant and brought on as the assistant chief engineer to the USS Argo, a posting considerably more boring than her last and one which allowed her to see her qav and children on a regular basis. She served with distinction for five years and then was assigned to a developing colony in the Beta quadrant to design a water replication system, which took two years of hard work. 2383 saw her assigned to the USS Saffron as its chief engineer, a medical support ship and she returned to action promptly in 2387 when Romulus was destroyed. It was too chaotic, there was no room for an architect so Yona was thrust into the fray, helping to triage psionically fractured survivors on RZ17, where she met Amanda and Ziranne who would become the surrogates, eventually, for Yona's youngest, Raydah.

After three years of serving as the commanding officer of RZ17 building houses and constructing schools and hospitals, submitting papers for review and reprising her myriad of technical projects, she caught the attention of Admiral Gaivina, who recognized her competency and believed her a good fit for the role of CO aboard the project in the beginning stages known as Frontier Station, Starbase Deep Space 12 which would soon be christened Prometheus after its deployment in orbit of Rigel V. Her service on RZ17, the Refugee Zone in Rigel's orbit, made her a perfect candidate along with her engineering expertise to comprehend the nuanced political climate of the area-the fractured surface of Rigel V, the still-wounded Romulans yet to be settled on other, more prosperous worlds.

This is considered by her superiors to be Yona's breakthrough role, and one that's guaranteed to groom her for the admiralcy if she so selects it-stationary postings are what she excels at, and her particular expertise both in engineering and understanding the nuanced, somewhat hostile political climate of the sector are believed to make her a good fit at the head of this project. Having involved herself fully in every aspect of the station's construction, there might honestly not be a person alive who knows more about this station than Yona. This place is her baby, her pride and joy, and that kind of passion counts for something.
Education, Employment & Service Record Starfleet Academy Corps of Engineers (CDT FR/SPH/JR/SR)
USS Xanthe, cadet cruise
RX-37 (Oasis), terraforming investigator
USS Argo, assistant chief engineer
USS Saffron, chief engineer
Refugee Zone 17 (Kalailah), commanding officer
Prometheus Station, commanding officer
Medical & Psychiatric Records Despite her small stature, Yona has a very durable constitution, increased physical strength and her Andorian genetics afford her a density atypical of a Terran. While she doesn't possess the Andorian antennae, she is keener to chemoreceptive and proprioceptive processes than the average Terran and is part of the 0.5% of Andorian population to possess adaptive reflexes, a genetic quirk enhancing her agility, speed and ability to mimic and store motor actions via sight. Yona was treated for radiation poisoning and physical trauma after RX-37. The ordeal left no scars or permanent injury. Her lengthy Starfleet service sees a number of sickbay visits, mostly to fix burns and scrapes, and she fractured her femur during a cave-in collapse at Kalailah resulting in light duty for a month while it healed. Her psychological evaluations always come up clean, and there is no evidence of post-traumatic stress or dissociative disorder. Yona continually presents as upbeat, optimistic and sensitive to the needs of those around her.