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COL-Civilian Tareil Shaethan

Name Tareil ir'Imanhae e-Kaijune tr' Shaethan

Position Colonist

Rank COL-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Alexander Gould
Gender Male
Species Romulan
Sexuality Bisexual
Date of Birth (Age) June 17th, 2373 (17)
Birthplace Aevam Port, Imanhae, Romulus

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Tareil is tall and thin, with a runner's frame and a light dusting of freckles over his nose. His skin is tanned from years of outdoor labor. His hair is dark and straight, but often messy and swept into his face. He lost everything after Hobus, and so his clothes seem at odds with his personality, often featuring bizarre Terran logos, musical artists and worn, ratty holes. He's rarely seen without his backpack.


Family & Friends Parents Havraha e-Shaethan tr'Kaijune (deceased), S'anra t'Kaijune (stepmother, deceased)

Siblings Emni ir'Ki Baratan t'Kaijune (stepsister, 15) - Emni is pregnant with an illegitimate child, the product of an encounter between herself and an engineer stationed aboard the Syndicate vessel that rescued their escape pod after it flew off course from Romulus's surface.

Extended Jaeih ir'Imanhae e-Kaijune tr'Shaethan (brother, deceased).

Tareil lives along Pretorious's outskirts in a tent city with a loose gathering of adults and children who do their best to protect one another from the elements and from bandits and raiders that roam the nearby hills. The de facto leader is grizzled ex-GalaeRiov Suwarin e-Saehhe ir'Ki Baratan tr'Vro.


General Overview Tareil is a mild-mannered teenager devoted to protecting what remains of his fractured house. Prior to the disaster, Tareil was on target to enter the Tal Shiar, a course he was not particularly pleased to be on. These days, he is just putting one foot in front of the other.
Languages & Vernacular Rom'lesta (Lesser Seas Romulan), Imperial Rihannsu. Tareil speaks stilted, spare and formal Federation Standard.

Personal History Born in the port of Imanhae, a coastal town in rural Saehai. His mother died when he was young, and his father remarried into a prominent house with significant ties to the Tal Shiar, which drastically altered the dynamics between Tareil and his friends. Up until then his entire way of life was blue collar. His house wasn't notorious or legendary, but they held a reputation in their small sphere as hard workers who kept their mhnei'sahe. He switched schools to a military preparatory academy populated by the children of reputable government officials with an emphasis on comportment, etiquette and Galae structure. This is the only reason that Tareil was able to make it off of the planet's surface during the supernova, as rich areas like Akhitha Academy were prioritized in the evacuation.
Medical & Psychiatric Records 2390 Tareil was infected with a strain of epidemic typhus transmitted by body louse indigenous to the vulcanoid population of RZ17.