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DIP-Civilian Layil

Name Layil cha'Shezran maat'Kaithra

Position Ambassador-at-Large

Rank DIP-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Rodolfo Sancho
Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Sexuality Homosexual
Date of Birth (Age) 30 Tasmeen, 2332 (58)
Birthplace Alinvi, Eiatza Province, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 6'4"
Weight 300 lbs (skeletal)
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark hazel

Despite his massive weight, he is fairly skinny due to the fact that Vulcans are a great deal denser than Terrans. Layil carries himself formally, often walking with his hands behind his back or clasped neutrally in front of him, the tactical at-ease posture typical of an ex-V'Shar officer. His hair is neat, not unkempt, but definitely lengthier than Vulcan average enough to curl around his ears and neck. On Layil's upper right bicep he has an unusual tattoo composed of thick, black ink in geometric shapes with catches of gold filament throughout. While Layil is in his late 50s, his species' renowned longevity grants him the youthful countenance of a 30-year-old and this is unlikely to change within the next quarter-century.


Family & Friends Spouse Jaeih (deceased)
Children Kalel (deceased)
Parents Shezran maat'Kaithra, Teyeda maat'Kaithra
Siblings Sikar maat'Kaithra

The Kaithra clan is exceptionally prominent in the province from which Layil hails. On Vulcan, provinces are equivalent to countries. Eiatza, like much of Vulcan-of-old, is based on an oligarchical governing system, formed by a Council of clan-members of the ruling body since its inception nearly 7,000 years ago. Layil, as the first-born heir is set to become the head of this council once his father passes on. Layil's best friend is the woman he was betrothed to as a child, Sareih.


General Overview Taciturn, monosyllabic and terse may not be the best terms to describe a diplomat, but when said diplomat is a Vulcan, it's not all that uncommon. Layil is unusual in that he comes from an isolated area of Vulcan that did not see much in the way of diversity; up until now this is the first extended period of time he's spent amongst non-Vulcans other than in a warzone. He was not taught Federation Standard until much later in life, and was not exposed to the habits and differences of other races. As such, he can come across haughty and xenophobic (again, not uncommon with Vulcans).

Like all Vulcans Layil will tell you his greatest strength is his rational mind, but he possesses a genuine logicality about him that allows for the acceptance of things most of his kind might look down upon. He values kindness and compassion, believing both to be the pillars of an enlightened and peaceful society, and seeks to broaden his perspectives before settling into his expected future at home. In addition, Layil is a proximity telempath with a PFT score of 146, ranking him well above average in psionic abilities. And on the flip side, his insular upbringing brings with it a natural otherness, an alienness that most modern Vulcans have learned to sublimate through careful vocal and expressive modulation-a facet of interaction he has yet to master. Layil can come across as haughty, snobbish and prejudiced without intending to, and can fall prey to the Vulcan tendency of demeaning what are deemed lesser emotional experiences.

The Kaithra clan has long occupied the upper echelons of Vulcan's political landscape and are long-standing members of the Vulcan High Council. As such, Layil's clan matriarch Teyeda held a place on the ruling committee of the VSA that rejected Ambassador Spock's petition to use the Red Matter Device on Romulus prior to the Hobus supernova. Layil, bonded to a Romulan man and the father of a half-Romulan child, argued strenuously in favor of Spock's plan. His family were lost in the ensuing explosion, attempting to rescue stragglers from the planet's surface. In the aftermath, he joined the DDT, Vulcan's foreign service, and was assigned as as the Ambassador to Rigel V posted on Prometheus station. In part, it is his hope to institute programs that allow Kalailah, the Romulan settlement on v'Geln, to prosper and flourish.

Layil is extremely active and enjoys running, hiking, a variety of martial arts (kheil'a, ke-ta-yatar and D'Alik'tal) ingrained into him from youth, and games of strategy.
Languages & Vernacular Modern Golic Vulcan, Eizansu, Rihannsu, Zami Rigelian, Federation Standard. Layil speaks with a calm, firm, deep voice that can command a room instantly without raising above a murmur. His Standard is Eizansu-accented-the closest approximation is a less guttural variant of the Terran Czech language.

Personal History Grew up with a proverbial spoon in his mouth, not many people would be hard-pressed to say Layil's had a rough go of it, not when he's destined to be the crown sovereign of a decent chunk of land when all's said and done. But he's a hearts-and-minds man, bred from a long line of politicos and diplomats, he was taught from a young age to dig his fingers into the soil firsthand.

As the firstborn heir, he was subjected to rigorous academic and physical conditioning, under the stern (and periodically violent) tutelage of his father and various private teachers, often standing in the way between Shezran and Sikar, his younger brother whom did not remotely appreciate the efforts (nor comprehend the extent and range to which Layil protected him).

He was betrothed to a young woman from Alinvi's sister city Amei'kahr at the age of seven in an elaborate pi'telsu (little-Bond) ceremony, and while he and Sareih got along amicably, as Layil grew older, it became evident that his preference leaned toward the masculine. As an adolescent experiencing the first hormonal surges preceding pon farr, he gravitated toward his male peers rather than his Intended, and they convinced their respective parents to dissolve the Bond rather than subject one another to a life of dissatisfaction.
Education, Employment & Service Record Tu-lan (meditation, 3)
Kheile'a (fluid, form-based martial art)
Kahs-wan (desert-walk, 7)
Than-tha (first mind-meld, 7, Shezran)
Enok-kal fi-lar (process of definition)
Dwemish ni-an (process of identity)
Kan-Telan/koon-ut-la (childhood betrothal to Sareih)
Mok farr (mind-meld with animal, wild sehlat)
Tow-kath (healing trance)
T'san s'at (intellectual deconstruction of emotional patterns)
D'Alik'tal (combat-based martial art featuring a staff)
An'pre'le (pyllora adept, lobe segregation, Essays in Discipline by Surak)
Kah-ka shaya (bond w/ Sareih broken)
Kai'tan (pain repression)/Vedrah prah (pain negation/acceptance)
Klar'sha'meth (war drums)
Sele-an-T'lee (subdominant brain organization, adv. philosophy, logic, biofeedback)
Surah/Khavora (neuropressure)
Runes of T'Vish/katric isolation
Katra-khynna (melding w/ katric ark [grandfather])
Ke-ta-yatar (combat-based aggressive self-defense)
Norn-La-Hal (superior meditation/neural organization/dignity, tradition, infinity)
Velinahr (individual discretion, mystagogues of Surak, Scorus, T'Enne, T'Vish, Prisu, Seltar)
Kal'i'farr (marriage to Jaeih ir'Imanhae e-Kaijune tr'Shaethan)
VSA (undergraduate degree economics, masters degree of game theory)
Basic Combat Training - V'Shar
Tal'oth (10-day desert survival w/ only a knife)
Advanced Individualized Training - V'Shar

At the age of 18, he joined the V'Shar under the military occupational specialty of accounting, and participated in the tal'oth ritual as part of his basic combat training. When the Dominion War kicked into high gear, he was assigned to the VTC Ameinetha, and underwent a short series of advanced individualized training sessions in how to operate tactical systems and personal firearms. He was involved in several conflicts and received a medal on behalf of the Federation along with the other survivors of the crew.
Medical & Psychiatric Records 2342

Rate: 98 | Processing: 20 | Stability: 92 | Memory: 81
291-100 (191/15) = 100-12 = 87.3
Identification: 60 | Integration: 99 | Distance: 99 | Perception: 79
337-100 (237/15) = 100-15.8 = 84.2

87.3 + 84.2 = 91.5 (+54.5 disparity) = 146

2387 Layil was in a coma for two months after the destruction of Romulus after enduring the telepathic backlash of seven billion souls perishing simultaneously, along with the broken bonds of his husband and son.

2390 Infected with a strain of epidemic typhus transmitted by body louse indigenous to the vulcanoid population of RZ17.