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SCI-Commander Brandt Grayson

Name Brandt Wyatt Grayson M.D., Ph.D.

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank SCI-Commander

Character Information

Face Claim Timothy Olyphant
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Bisexual
Date of Birth (Age) 46
Birthplace Huston, Texas, Earth

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 6'3
Weight 85kg
Hair Brown, with a few patches of gray on his sideburns and around his beard.
Eyes Hazel

At first glance, Brandt is tall of stature, and lean of body. His hair is a chocolate brown, and usually carries the pleasant smell of Coconut as he uses coconut oil to style it. When out of uniform his dress is very cowboy casual, as in one can almost always find him rocking a pair of wranglers, a simple Henley, or flannel shirt, leather cowboy boots, and occasionally a cowboy hat. He is a sort of personification of Southern sophistication, hospitality, and manners. WHile he never wears tight or form-fitting clothes, it is easy to tell that he has a nice body. Undeer the clothes, Brandt is very physically fit and muscular, and not overly hairy. He has a smattering of dark brown chest hair, that leads a trail down the center of his abs. Thanks to his augmentations, his metabolism is incredibly high, which make his body run very hot, like a walking space-heater, as he burns carbs and calories about five times faster than the average human, which is why he can easily pack away a ridiculous amount of food an dnot seem to gain an ounce. It really is unfair as most humans would have to work insanely hard to maintain such a physique.


Family & Friends Spouse Scarlett, deceased
Parents Jedediah Grayson, Martha Grayson

Children Wyatt, serving aboard the Enterprise
Avery, student at SFA

Siblings Sebastian Grayson (Meteorologist)
Alex Grayson (Intelligence Officer, Javik)
Sariah Grayson
Elaina Grayson

Extended Bunch of aunts, uncles, cousins.


General Overview Brandt has often been described as charming, kind, polite, and just all around caring and nice, even to strangers. Sometimes this can make him appear flirtatious, and he is often labeled as a shameless flirt, but that is kind of just his nature. He is very witty and sarcastic, though a lot of his humour can definitely be considered 'dad' humour. He definitely exudes a lot of that Southern Charm he was born into. Brandt has flaws just like any human. His ambition is to see Prometheus and their efforts succeed and make his family proud. Hobbies and interests include swimming, horse-back riding, wood-carving, cooking and baking.
Languages & Vernacular Federation Standard: Fluent; speak, read, write
Vulcan: Fluent; speak, read, write
Spanish: Fluent, though his accent is super Gringo

Personal History Brandt was born a sickly child. He had heart and lung complications from the womb and the doctors even encouraged his parents to abort him at one point, but Marth Grayson would not hear of such a thing. As such, Brandt spent the first several years of his life in and out of hospitals, going through one procedure or cure after another, only to have more complications, or new ailments come up because of it. He wasn't expected to survive past ten years old because of the strain. His little body could only withstand so much.

Enter Dr. Danilo Manasan. The man had promised an untested, experimental procedure that would cure Brandt of all his ailments. Marth and Jed had tried everything and were afraid for their son's life, especially as they had another baby on the way. They were told the specifics of the procedure were proprietary and confidential but that their son would be cared for and monitored closely every step of the way. They were even told death was a possibility, but as their son had already been on death's door more times than they could count, and the boy himself was tired and afraid and had even confided in them that he wished it all would just stop, they figured they had nothing else to lose. This was their final hope. So they agreed.

Brandt was left in Dr. Manasan's care and over the course of two years, Brandt's entire genomic structure was completely rewritten. He went through several series of biological augmentations until his entire DNA had been completely re-sequenced. When Starfleet eventually found out that Dr. Manasan was continuing Dr. Soong's works, and creating augmented humans, they immediately put a stop to it. Brandt was released, but the work had been done. He was Dr. Manasan's greatest success. The boy was heavily monitored by Federation psychologists, where they found that just maybe Dr. Manasan's work had fixed what Dr. Soong could not. The boy had always been bright, intelligent, and empathetic towards his fellow man. Even as sick as he was, he'd had a lot of friends and family, and he was such a caring, happy little boy despite his ailments. His personality when they got him back had not been changed. He was still the bright, caring little boy, only he was no longer sick. Could no longer get sick. It was the miracle they'd been praying for...

Only now Brandt was faced with an entirely new set of hurdles because of his augmentations... His friends started pulling away from him, even his ‘best friend/first crush’ Beau found an excuse to cut Brandt off and no longer be his friend. It seemed everyone was afraid of him and what he now was. The eugenics wars were not something that people had forgotten, and the fear that Brandt could potentially become the next Khan was something that earned him a lot of fear and prejudice from the very people in his town he had once known and loved. Who had once called him their favorite bot next door.

Even, Mrs. Johnson, the mercantile shop owner's wife who'd often snuck him candy from the bowl at the register for being such a good boy, now curled her daughter close to her side whenever Brandt came around, and the gaze she watched him with was hostile and no longer friendly like he'd remembered. The boys in his class no longer invited him out for pizza, or fishing, or to the arcade. He became an outcast, and it had hurt more than any procedure Brandt had ever undergone. More than the actual pain from the augmentation itself.

Scar had been the only friend of his who hadn't run away. The only one who stood up for him, and proudly called him her best friend.

"You're still Brandt," she'd said to him one afternoon when they’d swam all the way out to the island in the middle of the lake; a feat Brandt had never been able to accomplish without a power boat. “You’re still you, Brandt. You’re still the kindest, smartest, nicest boy I know, just you’re not sick anymore, so now I can do this.” She’d kissed him then. He’d only been twelve years old, but he was sure he knew he was gonna marry that girl someday.

Swimming became his favorite pastime after that. None of his schools would permit him to compete, but that didn’t stop him from practicing. He could have even been on the US olympic team, he’d tried out for it, but once his Augmentations had come to light, they felt would put him at an unfair advantage. He wasn’t a Vulcan, or other humanoid alien. He was a human augment, and that was a label and a prejudice that would follow him for the rest of his life.

So he focused on his studies. He’d always possessed a higher than average IQ, and his dream of helping people despite their prejudices against him was a great goal of his. He’d long wanted to become a doctor, so when he graduated High School, he had his pick of colleges to attend, though he chose to stay close to home to be near Scar, who still had a year of high school to go. He attended the University of Texas Medical Branch where he earned his MD, and graduated with honors, and as Valedictorian of his class.

He and Scar got married, pretty much the instant she graduated High School. It was a huge to do that both their families, namely their mothers, had been planning for years. The Grayson and the Harrington extended families were huge, so just them alone put the guest list at about 200 attendees. Scarlett’s close friend’s list had added another two dozen, and Brandt’s friend list only added like two people, cause Scar was his best friend. It was a beautiful day, and they would argue for years who was the one who started the cake fight, as Brandt would swear Scar was the one who shoved cake in his face first, while Scar argued it was Brandt.

They moved into a couples dorm and spent the next several years in wedded bliss as they worked through their medical degrees together. Scar focused on pediatrics and obstetrics, while Brandt’s focus was more on Cardiology.

When he graduated he had his pick of hospitals to work in, but Scar had long expressed a desire to explore the final frontier, so they’d long discussed joining Starfleet together. A normal SFA degree was about four years, but because of his background and his existing degree, he’d graduated with full honors and marks in half that time.

Their son Wyatt was already two years old by the time Brandt and Scar got their first assignment aboard a scientific exploratory and research vessel known as the USS Equinox. It was there that Brandt met the man who would become his second best friend; a vulcan by the name of Sajil, who would soon be known as Uncle Sajil. Sajil had spent a lot of time among humans, and the two got along very well, and the vulcan would soon earn the title Uncle Sajil, and found himself at every major event in the Grayson’s lives.

When Brandt was recruited by SFI, it was Sajil he’d entrusted to look after his family. When he’d resigned from Intelligence work and returned to civilian life, it was Sajil who helped him overcome and work through the PTSD he was trying to hide from his wife and children. When Avery was born, Sajil celebrated with him and their families. When Scar suffered her first, and second miscarriages, Sajil helped him look after Wyatt and Avery while the two parents grieved together.

When Scar developed Cancer and Brandt moved back to Earth with his family, Sajil took a posting at SFA Science academy to be closer to his best friend, as moral support and to help if and where he could. Sajil celebrated with them when Scar was declared completely cured, and Sajil was one of the very few that Brandt had told when Scar and he were expecting again. The man didn’t want to declare it openly in case of another miscarriage, but he needed someone to know how happy he was.

It was Sajil who had suggested Brandt come back with him to Vulcan after Scarlett’s death had taken an impossibly heavy toll on Brandt’s state of mind. Over the course of six months, no human or federation counselors seemed able to help him through, and his mental state only seemed to deteriorate until less and less of Brandt remained and a dark stranger took his place. It was only with Sajil’s intervention and his help on Vulcan that had managed to bring Brandt back from the edge of oblivion.

Brandt spent the next five years working closely with Sajil and other mind healers on Vulcan to find himself again and heal the hurt that had been inflicted on him, not just by Scar’s passing, but by the damage of careless psychologists who had forced unnecessary medications and treatments down Brandt’s throat without fully understanding the effects they might have on a man like Brandt.

Brandt eventually returned to earth where he worked diligently to try to rebuild a relationship with his children, who were still bitter and angry towards him for leaving them when they needed him most. Brandt may have lost a wife and child, but for Wyatt and Avery it had been like they hadn’t just lost their mother, but their father, too.

Brandt took up a teaching position at the hospital to stay close to his kids and the ranch they now considered home. Their family would probably never be as it once was, they may never be as close as they once were, but he was here and he was trying and that was the important part. He knew the rift was his fault, and while he may never be able to repair it, he could at least work to build the bridge over it.

Wyatt eventually left home to attend SFA, and Brandt was hesitant to let him go, but the young man was determined to make a life and a name for himself, and Brandt was determined to let him. Avery had taken Wyatt’s departure worse than Brandt, and the man couldn’t blame her. In his absence, Wyatt had become the only consistency in Avery’s life, her big brother, her protector, her best friend, the only one who hadn’t left her. She had separation anxiety, which was understandable given their circumstances.

Brandt and Avery started attending family counseling after that, at Avery’s request. She wanted to trust her dad, but the fact of the matter was simply that she didn’t. The therapy helped. For Avery’s benefit more than Brandt’s but she needed that. Needed that safe space to tell him all the things she felt without fear of him reacting poorly. His time with Vulcans really had been beneficial in that case, because he never felt hurt at her words, even when they might have been intended to be slapped across his face. She had every right to be angry at him for abandoning her, and coming back different. It also helped Avery understand her father in a way she never truly comprehended before. It helped them clear the air between them and their relationship more closely began to resemble something they’d had when Avery’s mom was alive, when they were both happier. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better.

All good things weren’t meant to last though, and Avery herself seemed to have their mothers Final Frontier bug, and Avery herself wished to join Starfleet and attend SFA, to follow after her brother who was now serving on the Enterprise. Brandt was even more hesitant to let Avery go, but she wanted it, and he couldn’t deny her her wish. She was so much like her mother that way.

Empty nest life did not sit well with Brandt and after only a few short months, he was dying for something better, something important to do. That was when the Prometheus project was dropped in his lap, once more a tiny little nudge from his friend Sajil. They were looking for a CMO with leadership and Starfleet experience, both of which Brandt had in spades… He’d run the idea past both of his children and they had both encouraged him to take the opportunity.

So, Brandt had reinstated his Starfleet Commission, packed his bags, and set out to deep, deep space. He didn’t know exactly what would be in store but for the first time in a long time, he was excited for something. He actually felt more alive than he had in years.
Education, Employment & Service Record Brandt has over 15 years of accumulative university education and several degrees to show for it. He has an MD he earned from the University of Texas Medical Branch, as well as a degree from Starfleet Medical Academy, and his PhD he earned while studying abroad on Vulcan.

USS Equinox: 5 years
SFI [REDACTED]: 5 years

Medical & Psychiatric Records Brandt is an augmented human being. Meaning, he underwent a complete DNA re-sequencing and augmentation when he was 10 years old. As an augment he is remarkably agile, roughly five times stronger and more durable than an average Human. Brandt is resistant to most illnesses and diseasees. All of his senses are enhanced, and he possesses heart muscles twice as strong as a normal human. His metabolic rate is vastly accelerated rendering him resistant to most weight gain, illness, injury, and accelerating his healing speed. This also means he consumes energy at an accelerated rate and thus must consume vast quantities of food to accommodate how quickly he burns calories. His diet is very protein and carbohydrate heavy. Because of his advanced metabolism, this means Brandt runs very hot, kind of like a walking space heater. His lung efficiency is fifty percent better than an average human. Brandt’s lifespan is predicted to be twice that of an average human lifespan, thus why he is nearly 50 years old but still looks to be in his early to mid thirties.

Brandt suffers from PTSD but he has undergone extensive psychological treatment and Vulcan healing to help him overcome most symptoms and triggers.