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FED-Civilian Sajen Granis

Name Sajen Alynne Granis

Position CO/CERT Leader

Rank FED-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Dominic West
Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Sexuality Bisexual
Date of Birth (Age) Pel'nagrat tah'reel filcus (16/9) 2353 (37)
Birthplace Hendrikspool Province, Bajor

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Granis is of average height and stocky build, with bright green eyes and dark wiry curls cut around his ears. While he grew up in a religious household, his divorce from his family at a young age and subsequent falling out of the Bajoran sphere lead him to becoming relatively secular, thus he lacks the distinctive d'ja pagh or ceremonial earring that most traditionally observant Bajorans wear. He has five prominent, angled je'shii across the bridge of his nose and possesses the genetic variant crease around his eyebrows, lending him to a perpetually furrowed expression.


Family & Friends Spouse Tamil Navaeza (ex-wife, horticulturalist)
Parents Sajen Amor (deceased), Sajen Diell (deceased)
Siblings Sajen Maelik (deceased)


General Overview A hard worker, loyal and dependable, Granis is a typical "duty fulfiller" personality type. He has a quiet, rumpled dignity about him, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. He's not very imaginative or theoretical, and relies more upon his wits than any real book learned smarts. He struggles with a fondness for liquor, and an inability to maintain a stable relationship for longer than six months. He's known for betting money he doesn't necessarily have and his memory isn't the greatest. Sometimes he puts socks in the freezer and tries to microwave the PADD, but he tries. Granis would like to have a family someday. Enjoys vintage shuttles (he owns a couple and spends a lot of time fixing them up), springball, Velocity, antiques, cigars, The West Wing, anything sweet (he can't cook worth much, but he's a fine connoisseur of jelly beans), stellar cartography, starship modeling.
Languages & Vernacular Bajoran (native), Kardasi (conversational), Yrevish (fluent), Federation Standard (fluent). Understands enough Dominion Standard to get around and follow orders, but can't read or write. Can pick out bits and pieces of Yreakriol.

Personal History Granis was born to the caste Te'nari to a poor farming family in Hendrikspool province. Under the Cardassians, Amor provided most of his income as a form of property tax and barely came up even, which resulted in many hungry nights. Granis lived and worked on the farm, homeschooled by his mother for the first thirteen years of his life until their family was subjected to a round of deportations primarily to clear out space in the area for a Cardassian outpost. Encouraged to lie about his age during selection, he spent two years working in a special unit that disposed of those who died in the mines of Azenrei.

In 2368, the Cardassians felt pressure to evacuate the planet and began the process of dismantling and destroying all of their military operations and labor camps, during which time the prisoners at Azenrei were relocated on foot over a ten mile trek to a secondary facility pending an inspection by the Obsidian Order for legitimacy (while Azenrei could not be 'dressed up' for appearances, Myzah was specifically created for this purpose). Having already lost both of his parents and his sister, by the time Bajor was free, Granis had little to tie him there.

At the age of sixteen, he left the planet and pursued an education in law enforcement on Khavarra, a Betazoid colony in the sector. While he wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, he was an exceptionally hard worker and had an incomparable work ethic. A reliable, dependent and compassionate individual, he easily rose through the ranks at Jarkana, which held a reputation as being one of the Alpha Quadrant's most peaceful correctional centers. During the Dominion War, when Jem'Hadar forces took over Betazoid territories, Vorta overseers were installed in all major penal settlements including Jarkana and drastically revamped the operational protocols, forcing the COs to engage in brutal practices against inmates on even harsher penalties.

Following Betazed's liberation, at age 21, Granis joined the company responsible for the correctional oversight of Heilo, a non-Federation penal colony on an L-class moon housing violent inmates in its H2/H3 blocks (medium and maximum security, respectively). After nine years, he made CERT Leader and cultivated a reputation as someone fair, but willing to do what was necessary to ensure order and justice. During his time at Heilo Granis was paired up with a forensic psychologist and the two became close friends. While Granis was a relatively private person, Scott was there for him when he met and eventually divorced his ex-wife, a relationship that crashed and burned due to Granis's unaddressed alcoholism.

When Prometheus station was commissioned, the company reassigned Granis to head up its CERT as an exemplary officer and highly qualified civilian consultant, and although Granis was accustomed to his life on Heilo, and would miss his only real friend, his sense of duty compelled him to go where he was bid.
Education, Employment & Service Record Khavarra University (criminology).
Camp Irran Peacekeeper Academy (corrections).
Academic internship, Jarkana Correctional Center, Darona, Veldonna-system.
Jarkana Correctional Center (Correctional Officer).
Correctional Officer at Heilo (CO-1).
Correctional Officer at Heilo (CO-2).
Site Supervisor at Heilo (CO-3).
Correctional Emergency Response Team Officer (H2, CO-4).
Correctional Officer (H2, CO-4)/CERT Leader (H2, CO-4).
CERT Leader (Prometheus).
Medical & Psychiatric Records Medications: Haderolol, Epi-Pen, Pre-EP, Risug.
Allergies & Contraindications: Species-wide intolerance to esters, latex (repl. latex w/ nitrile), insect venom.
Evaluation: Pt has presented and passed all psychological and physiological evaluations. Pt prescribed haderolol for chronic insomnia.

Post-exposure protocols, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for multiple rib fractures & abdominal puncture wound, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Post-exposure protocols, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for concussion, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for collapsed lung, chest tube inserted, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for post-operative infection, antibiotics administered.
Post-exposure protocols, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for fractured tibia, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for fractured humerus, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Post-exposure protocols, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for anti-coag blast R-shoulder, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Treatment for multiple shrapnel injuries, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Surgical repair of R-hand successful, fitted with prosthetic fibrin mesh net.
Surgical repair of L-hand successful, duranium plating inserted.
Physical therapy regimen completed, pt cleared for duty.
Treatment for projectile blast injury L-shoulder, OH&S/WBC report filed.
Post-exposure protocols, OH&S/WBC report filed.