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OPS-Lieutenant Commander Winborn Rikon

Name Winborn Rikon

Position Security Investigations Officer

Second Position Master-at-Arms

Rank OPS-Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Face Claim Frank Grillo
Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Sexuality Omnisexual
Date of Birth (Age) June 8, 2340 (50)
Birthplace Hendrikspool, Bajor

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 6'2"
Weight 78kg
Hair Black
Eyes Amber

Rik is fairly large in stature and in presence. As a walking wall of solid and well-toned muscle, Rik can be more-than-a-little intimidating by his appearance alone. Add in the several-days-old stubble he typically sports, and the serious look in his gaze and he can definitely make even some of the strongest of beings think twice before crossing him. Simply the way in which he carries himself screams to any knowing person that he definitely knows how to kick ass, and well... Let’s just say no one short of a Klingon or someone with a death wish would have the gall to piss him off.

Rik has managed to maintain peak physical condition even outside the Bajoran Military. His career and daily routine have served to keep his body very fit and agile. He is very well-toned and muscular, mainly from the daily demands of his job, but he also tries to maintain a strict exercise and nutrition regimen.

Rik was born with some of those GQ-esque good looks. He hails from Bajor so he has those prominent ridges on his nose, and that sexy caste ear-piece adding to his appeal. His hairstyle is typically shaved up the sides, but he let's the top grow out a bit, giving him a bit of a coif. His hair very well may be the only thing Rik tends to spend any amount of time or concern on and he always seems to be perfectly coiffed. It may surprise others to find that the only styling product he has ever been known to use outside of shampoo and conditioner, however, is a little coconut oil.

The hardest aspect of his appearance to describe would have to be his eyes. They’re not quite brown, but their not hazel either. In proper lighting they look more amber or honey gold than anything. His irises are rimmed by a dark circle, and the inside is like a honey brown which make his eyes really stand out, easily turning a normal look into a penetrating, intimidating, or enticing gaze.

When not in uniform, Rik’s casual dress style tends to verge on relaxed or casual a majority of the time. Outside of work it’s usually jeans and t-shirts, usually tight enough to show off his physique, but loose enough to where it’s obvious he’s not doing it on purpose or to show off. He never leaves home without his leather cuff watch which had been a gift from his late wife, and it definitely sports some wear and tear as it has seen some action in its day.

Underneath the clothes Rik is covered with beautiful tribal tattoos which decorate over 60 percent of his body: He has a half sleeve with a tribal designs on his right bicep that goes from his shoulder to just above his elbow. The design has left room for more to be added on later should he ever want to EXAMPLE: Right bicep).

Rik also has a full tribal sleeve on his left arm from his wrist to his shoulder, however unlike his right arm, the design does not stop on his bicep. Instead it continues over to cover his collar and left pectoral. Just above his heart there is a face with closed eyes and somewhat of a frown. The face represents the sadness in his heart over the death of his late wife, but that symbolism is only known to him, his daughter and his family. Chest/Left arm, left arm detail.

There's more tribal work that expands over the top half of his back upper back), and he also has a large piece that starts on his right side beneath his armpit and expands down his side, over his hip, and further still to cover his right thigh (NSFW: right side/thigh). Another large piece adorns the left side of his lower back, extends down over his left buttock, his hip, and thigh and joins the plate on his left calf and shin (NSFW: left buttock/thigh, left shin plate).

(Note: All images used are for reference purposes only to give you an idea of what his tattoos may look like.)

Hidden amongst the tribal art, Rik has more scars than can be counted really; a knife wound on his upper right chest; another knife wound in his middle chest; a dozen or so sporadic bullet wounds that decorate his arms, torso and legs; he also has a few surgical scars on his hip and his spine. He’s also broken his nose at least twice, dislocated his shoulder half a dozen times or more (can now do such at will at this point, though not without physical pain). All of the visible wounds, however, don’t even come close to accounting for as many injuries he’s actually suffered. They especially don’t show the mental and emotional ones.


Family & Friends Spouse Philippa "Pippa" Hendrickson, divorced
Children Winborn Annick ("Annie")
Parents Winborn Amiry, father unknown
Siblings Five younger sisters


General Overview Rik practically epitomizes the strong, silent type. He usually keeps a very stoic countenance and it takes a lot to get him to really open up. He keeps everything close to the vest, it seems, including his feelings and emotions, and especially his past. Since his wife’s murder Rik has built up walls, upon walls, upon walls around his heart and it would take a very special person to penetrate his emotional defenses. Rik does not trust easily, though he does give everyone a chance to earn his trust. The only exception to all of this really would be his daughter, Annie; she is one of the select few who gets to see a side of Rik that no one else ever really does. He also trusts her implicitly and loves her more than life itself. Rik would do anything to make his daughter happy.

Rik can be both fire and ice at the same time. At first, he can come off as cold and harsh on the outside, but inside it's like he's always running hot, wild, and explosive at his core. Rik’s icy exterior is nigh infallible and has only been known to crack when facing the pressure of his temper or rage. He can be quick to anger around worthless and stupid people, especially criminals, but he can be just as quick to playfulness and joking around those he cares about and seems loved ones or friend.

While Rik may come off as cold and callous on the outside, inside burns the soul of a very passionate man, it's simply that no one has managed to reawaken true passion within him since his wife's death. In fact, it's only amongst close family and friends that a lighter side of Rik can ever really be seen and in those rare moments it is easy to catch a glimpse of the type of man he might have been once upon a time.

Rik is a man of very few words, however that does not mean he lacks intelligence. Quite the contrary, actually, Rik has a very bright and intellectual mind, especially when it comes to problem solving and strategy. He simply does not like longwinded conversations. He is very direct and to the point, always speaks his mind, always tells it like it is, and very rarely ever lies. Rik is typically very cool, calm and calculated, even when under pressure. He is known to be able to keep a level-head even in the direst of straits. This is what makes him such a good leader.

Rik is a recovering alcoholic and though he will drink whenever the chance presents itself, the care and well-being of his daughter and/or his team takes precedence over any personal BS he may or may not have going on. He does attend regular AA meetings and keeps a sponsor on retainer.

Rik absolutely abhors therapists and most doctors in general. However, what he really despises most are the memories and things they make him hash up for no reason other than to poke and prod at him, looking for any excuse that would give them a reason to take his badge. One may or may not find it coincidental how often Rik’s department-mandated visits to the head shrink tend to coincide with an increase in his drinking habits.

There is nothing Rik values more than loyalty and honesty; in himself and in others. These are two of his strongest qualities, and traits he looks for and values in others. Whereas he may not be so easy to trust a newbie on the job, he would have said newbie's back in a heartbeat, simply for the fact that they are on the same team. Rik views betrayal as the most grievous crime or sin on this plane. To betray his trust and loyalty is almost a death sentence with him, whether that be figuratively or literally depends on the circumstance of the betrayal. The officers in his line of work can be a pretty close band of brothers, though, which is one of the reasons he enjoys working with them so much.

Hobbies include gymnastics, MMA/Boxing, fire-spinning/fire-dancing. Dance in general. Rik has some really smooth moves and he is educated in several styles of dancing, including but not limited to, ballroom, Latin, hip-hop, and exotic, though his dance skills are a very well-kept secret

Languages & Vernacular Bajoran: First language; can speak, read, and write fluently
Federation Standard: Second language; can speak, read, and write fluently
Cardassian: can speak and understand fluently, but does not know written language