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FED-Civilian Prescott Wells

Name Prescott Tegan Wells

Position Forensic Psychologist

Rank FED-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Ian Bohen
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Homosexual
Date of Birth (Age) September 24, 2347 (42)
Birthplace Phoenix, AZ, Earth

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 5'10"
Weight 70kg
Hair Brown
Eyes Sea blue

Scott stands at an average height of 5'10", and weighs in around 69kg. He has striking, deep sea blue eyes, and chocolate brown hair he keeps cropped short. He tends to keep a clean shaven face but may occasionally sport a few days old stubble or even a full, short beard.

His style is very college professor-esque, meaning he wears a lot of sweaters, cardigans, sweater vests, things of that nature, but he pulls the look off very well.

He has glasses for reading, but doesn't need them to see.

His body us very fit but not overly muscled. His physique is maintained through a regular exercise regimen and a healthy diet.


Family & Friends Spouse John, deceased
Parents Stuart Wells, Cassandra Wells
Siblings Dallas, Chandler, Sydney, London
Extended Lots of cousins and extended family.


General Overview Scott is a nerd, for lack of a better word. He is very book smart and intelligent with a sort of dry, sarcastic wit. He is equally street smart, don't get him wrong, but his humor is definitely more high brow than most people may be accustomed to. Enjoys painting, sculpting and baking.
Languages & Vernacular Federation Standard: fluent
Bajoran: beginner, still learning.

Personal History Scott was a happy and gifted child. Severely intuitive and empathetic, he had a real ability to connect with people. This served him well through his childhood well into manhood. He thrived in student council in high school and college. He had a great number of clubs and extracurriculars on his resume and was highly sought after by many universities.

After uni, he quickly made a name for himself in his field. His ability in profiling criminals and investigative techniques were unique and well known throughout the world of criminal justice and he did great work.

He eventually met and fell in love with a man who also had an interest in his work. John Mathory was himself a criminal profiler and worked well on Scott's team. Their romance was wild and passionate and John brought out a side in Scott that he found thrilling and exciting. They had a whirlwind romance and were eventually married.

It was on their honeymoon however when everything changed. John just up and disappeared, seemingly without a trace. Over the next year or so Scott and his team were obsessively stalked and harassed by a serial killer who seemed to know Scott's every thought, his every move and always remained a step ahead of them. They chased this murderer across space itself to stop him, only to end up falling into a very intricate trap.

It was to Scott's utter surprise and betrayal that the very man they tracked, the very man who'd managed to ensnare them in his web, was his very own husband.

He was psychologically and physically tortured for months before John tipped off the authorities and then attempted to kill them both. Scott had sustained a gunshot wound to the head but surprisingly it did not kill him. Maybe John had done it on purpose, maybe at the last minute Scott's pleas had touched whatever part of John had actually lived him and he'd deliberately bunged the shot.

Whatever the reason, Scott survived. If one could call it that.

His injuries and trauma caused him to develop severe epilepsy, a condition that would see him retiring from Starfleet and drifting for a while in his own self pity, running from his memories and his past. He'd eventually somehow ended up on Scorch Station where he was reunited with a pair of twins he had intimate dealings with, as he'd been the one that prosecuted Barney for drug trafficking.

The Trotter twins seemed to take pity on him, despite the fact that Scott had been one to testify against them, they knew he'd just been doing his job and had fought for leniency on their behalf. They helped sober him up even and Cliff gave Scott the best gift of all. Mercy. No not mercy a sin compassion, but Mercy as in MERR-C. Medical Emergency Response Robot - Canine. It was a program Cliff had been developing for some time but there was no market for it in Scorch so he had scrapped the idea as non-profitable. However, the canine companion made a great parting gift to their old friend.

Scott had a new lease on life and a fresh start. He spent the next couple years recovering and rehabilitating himself physically and mentally. He eventually applied for and was accepted as a criminal psychologist on Heilo penal colony which was where he met Granis. They've been through some serious shit together and come out the other side closer and more deeply connected for it. Including, but not limited to, the attack on Heilo that almost cost Granis his life, he was the best man at Granis's wedding, and his truest support during the messy divorce.

Granis is Scott's best and truest friend, and he doubted he could live without the man any more than Granis could live without his apple dumplings. So when his best friend informed him he had been offered a transfer, well... It wasn't difficult for Scott to find a reason to shoot off his immediate resignation from Heilo and meet him at the docks with all his essentials packed into a lone duffle. Gran would never have asked Scott to come with him, but then with Scott he didn't have to.
Education, Employment & Service Record Graduated from Polaris Charter School - age 14
Graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy w/Honors, Salutatorian - Age 17
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Harvard w/Honors
Dual degrees. Obtained a Juris Doctor/Master of Sciences in Justice, Law, and Criminology. - age 25
Graduated Starfleet Academy w/Honors - Sciences Track – Psychology, Subtrack - Security - age 27
CIB Investigator – Starfleet Headquarters and SFPD - ages 27 through 31
Senior CIB Investigator and Profier - Starbase 9 - ages 31 through 35
Criminal Psychologist - Heilo - ages 39 through 42
Forensic Psychologist - DS12 - ages 42 to Present
Medical & Psychiatric Records Suffers from Epilepsy. Takes medication, and has a service canine. "Mercy" alternatively classified as MERR-C which stands for Medical Emergency Response Robot - Canine. Resembles a Fawnequin great dane, and behaves so lifelike a real dog it is impossible to tell she isn't unless one knows otherwise.