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CMD-Crewman Recruit Raphaëlle Carlin

Name Raphaëlle Eliska "Rafi" Harazi Carlin

Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank CMD-Crewman Recruit

Character Information

Face Claim Kat Graham
Gender Zhen
Species Human/½ Andorian
Sexuality Bisexual
Date of Birth (Age) October 31st, 2373 (17)
Birthplace Suraya Bay, Enzat, Risa

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 5'11"
Weight 200 lbs

At seventeen, Rafi is already tall and lithe, her athletic runner's frame brimming with the thinly coiled strength of her dominant Andorian genes. Two whip-like antennae sit atop her head, and her complexion for being half is a great deal darker and more robust. She carries herself a little like a spider still growing into its limbs, gangly and uncomfortable, alternating with her best oafish impression of a bull in a China shop.


Family & Friends Parents Shimon Harazi (Full Terran)
Yona Carlin (1/4 Andorian)
Shayit El-Baz Carlin (1/2 Andorian)
Khaijeraa zh'Rannah (Full Andorian)

Siblings Aayan El-Baz Carlin (11, 1/2 Andorian)
Timna sh'Szaraheia-Carlin (7, 1/2 Andorian)
Raydah zh'Rannah-Harazi (5, 1/2 Andorian)

Extended Belongs to keth Emjin.


General Overview Unlike her mother, Rafi is bristling with outward aggression and eager to prove herself, but growing up on Risa there's little outlet for it, so she's become muscular and toned from qu'eel quin and kickboxing. Rafi gives off the impression of someone who will eventually be confident, but as a senior in Starfleet's Foxview Preparatory Academy, she's already pulling up her bootstraps.

With Starfleet officers, a scentist and a private investigator for parents, Rafi is more or less destined for something, but all she'll tell you is let her be a kid, for once. She's not one to spit in the face of that evil eye, so she keeps her goals pretty close to the chest; she does see herself applying to Starfleet's enlisted school at some point, but at the moment what she's really keen on is traveling. She's got a wanderer's spirit and longs to see more of Earth and Andor.

Hobbies include mixed martial arts, binge-watching soap operas on Netflix, eating microwaved ravioli, skateboarding, ice hockey, psychotropic drugs (don't tell her qav-Federation law's fairly lax these days, and most are harmless, but she'll still be murdered), attending raves, and flying. From an early age Rafi was bit by the bug to soar, so she was a natural fit for the Foxview Flight clerkship, a full year aboard a starship operating one of the worker bees that transport large cargo containers. She's at her most cocky blaring incomprehensible hardstyle through the enclosed speakers of her Brunel, yo.
Languages & Vernacular Risan, Andorii, Federation Standard. Rafi is a consummate wanderer-a few nick-knacks and odds-and-ends from around the galaxy and calling a place home one might find a little odd (in Rafi's case, Suraya Bay will always be her yellow brick road). Much to her mother's chagrin, she only learned enough Hebrew muddle through her Bat Mitzvah, although she plans on doing the trip to Revivim's sister-city Vered shel'Kerach on Andor when she turns 18, a common gap-year experience for Jewish-Andorian youths, she couldn't tell a kaf from a tav these days.

Education, Employment & Service Record Foxview Preparatory Academy, crewman recruit
Prometheus Station, Brunel workpod operator