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OPS-Lieutenant Nathaniel Jacoby

Name Nathaniel Jacoby

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Second Position Encryption Specialist

Rank OPS-Lieutenant

Character Information

Face Claim Jaimie Alexander
Gender Female
Species Human
Sexuality Bisexual, prefers men
Date of Birth (Age) 2355:104 (April 14) (35)
Birthplace Deneva Prime

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 5'9"
Weight 60kg
Hair Dark chocolate brown
Eyes Green

Nate has bionic legs that she has opted out of getting skin-grafted so they are very obviously bionic/synthetic and do not look like regular human legs.


Family & Friends Mother Johnna Jacoby, deceased
Father Unknown


General Overview Hobbies include painting, computers, tinkering/working on old motor-bikes and cars.
Languages & Vernacular Federation Standard: fluent, prime language
Klingon, fluent

Personal History Nate had the misfortune to have been born to an addict mother whom had simply slapped the name of her attending nurse -who happened to be a twenty-something male named Nathaniel- on Nate's birth certificate.

For the most part Nate was born a healthy baby, however due to her mother's heavy use of drugs while she was pregnant, Nate's vocal chords and larynx never fully developed properly and would make Nate a mute for the whole of her life. They would also eventually discover that Nate was also born with a very rare mental disorder called Low Latent Inhibition(LLI), however this disorder was unrelated to her mother's additions and would go completely undiagnosed for the majority of her childhood.

In general, while regarding the world at large and life around them most people are able to ignore the constant stream of incoming stimuli they face and thus prevent their brains from overloading themselves. This capability, however, is drastically reduced in those with low latent inhibition; which basically means that Nate was born with a hyper awareness that forces her to notice everything around her; she can't not.

In many noted cases, those with LLI are at a high risk of developing major forms of schizophrenia or socially crippling ADHD. However, LLI combined with an extremely high IQ has been documented with the ability to turn an individual into a creative and intellectual genius. Fortunately for Nate, her IQ was substantial and the latter scenario would end up becoming the case with her; though the threat of schizophrenia and such never seemed to be far away.

A majority of Nate’s infant through childhood days were spent locked away in closets, cupboards, dark rooms, anywhere her addict mother could stick her daughter while she and her 'friends' did all sorts of nefarious things. As such, because she was usually stuck in the dark alone, Nate's mind would force her to find and discover whatever there was that could possibly help her. Left to her own devices in such scenarios, Nate became a genius problem solver and quite the skilled tinkerer and escape artist.

Nate learned to take care of and fend for herself at an early age; being able to prepare her own meals and do some basic grocery shopping by the age of eight. She learned to read and write on her own; often taking small trips to the local library and spending hours there on end. The librarians seemed to adore the young girl who was so quiet and so polite and seemed to love literature. It did not take long before Nate had read nearly every book in the library and began scouring and devouring the intranet. Seeing as her mother was passed out drunk more often than not, their roles seemed to be reversed as Nate, even as a small child, usually ended up having to take care of her mother.

When she was around twelve years old, one of her mother's ‘friends’ decided to go after Nate when he found her mother to be so blitzed she was all but useless. By some force or spiritual prompting or something, Nate's mother happened to go check on her daughter and once she came upon the scene, Sarah grew enraged and violent. Even in her inebriated stupor she ferociously went after her daughter's attacker, but unfortunately she was no match for the man, who proceeded to beat her viciously.

Even though she was delirious, traumatized and in shock, the sight of that man beating her mother filled Nate with a deep sense of anger and rage and seemed to open a well of strength inside her. Fueled by adrenaline and the desire to protect her mother, Nate went to the kitchen, grabbed a cutting knife, returned to her room where she promptly leaped onto the man's back and stabbed the knife down into his throat where his shoulder met his neck. For a small child, fueled by anger, protectiveness and terror this seemed to have given her strength enough to bury the blade deep, almost to the hilt.

The man threw her off into a wall where Nate felt something crack before she fell like a rag doll to the floor. The man seemed like he would go after her again until the realization set in that she had stabbed him. His hand went to his throat and a moment later his eyes widened before he collapsed to his knees and fell lifelessly to the ground. With their attacker dead and the adrenaline wearing off, Nate managed to summon up enough strength to go to her mother and the two held onto each other before they both passed out.

Nate came to in a hospital room several days later. While Nate's physical injuries had been easy enough to heal without any visible scars, the mental and emotional scars would run deep and be something that Nate would carry with her for the rest of her life. Her mother on the other hand, had sustained severe internal injuries and had suffered cranial hemorrhaging due to the blunt force trauma from the attack and she had not survived her injuries.

After the funeral, Nate became a ward of the state and was given an educational equivalency and evaluation exam which she passed well beyond her age with an extremely high IQ score. The state put her through some advanced tests and screenings where her placement would be decided. She was psychologically evaluated as well where her Low Latent Inhibition was officially diagnosed along with some other issues resulting from her attack; like a slight case of promiscuity that would develop in her late teens as well as an unhealthy attraction to older men, which also did not develop until some many years later.

Nate spent several years in a federation sponsored boarding school for gifted children where she was groomed for computer sciences and mechanics. While there Nate eventually crafted her own personal data and tactical pad that had all the luxuries of a regular PADD or PDA, only it was smaller and was conveniently fitted to a charging band she could wear on her wrist which extended battery life. The most notable features of her wristpad however would be its waterproofing features and text-to-speech program both of which Nate created herself; managing to program the voice to sound as naturally human as possible; actually being able to express some minor vocal and emotional inflections based upon the context in which a sentence was written or the mood selected in which to say it.

Other than her personal accomplishments, which she shared with very few others, Nate also helped develop several defensive programs that, without her knowledge or credit, were adapted into many Starfleet systems that are still used to this day.

After several years in these programs, Nate eventually found out her work was basically being used as a guinea pig of sorts which eventually lead her into successfully hacking the system, stealing back her files, wiping their data banks and then she corrupted their back up files so the data would prove unrecoverable. From there, Nate went on to create a temporary alternate identity which she used to make a run for it... But once an APB had been put out for her, Nate didn't get far before she was eventually caught by authorities. A young mute girl with a few distinguishing features and an almost maternal like attachment to her personal computer device... Yeah, she kind of stood out.

Nate was only seventeen but she still feared she would be sent to prison for what she did... Or some sort of detention center or something... Neither prospect was acceptable... Much to her surprise though, Nate would never see a jail cell. Instead, she was approached by one Captain Alexander Harris. The man actually apologized for using Nate's programs without her knowledge or permission, but the surprises did not stop there. Alex went on to offer Nathaniel the chance to attend Starfleet academy where she could learn and work with some of the top minds in her field.

Nate had never really been comfortable with authority, and considering what happened the last time she trusted her superiors and teachers, Nathaniel's problem with trusting others had only been accentuated ten fold. Alex told her about Section 31 and promised he would make sure she would get the best doctors to get her her voice back, and well... he had made a pleasing case... Nate supposed anything would be better than prison, so she accepted the offer, enrolled in Starfleet double tracking in Engineering and Intelligence, the latter in part due to Harris's suggestion.

Nate did well enough in her academics and even in the physical demands she proved to be quite adaptable and quick to learn. Combat... Stealth... Tactics... Stealth... Yeah. Harris and her instructors quickly learned how gifted Nate was in stealth ops. Whether it was due to her inability to speak they never knew, but Nate was a damn sneaky little thing. Her adaptability to her surroundings and ability to work around problems and find an outcome to even impossible seeming scenarios was uncanny. In field, survival and captive situations Nate's LLI seemed to give her an advantage because she could see every scenario, every outcome, every useful or non-useful thing around her. If the puzzle was missing pieces, she would just put together a new one.

Harris and her instructors praised her often for her talents and Nate found herself accepting of the praise and even going so far as seeking out things she could do to continuously challenge herself and earn Harris's approval. She'd grown close to the man, sort of seeing him as a father figure she never had.

After graduating the academy, Harris had requested Nate assigned to his crew wherein Nate was shortly thereafter initiated into Harris's personal team at Section 31. With his grips into Nate, Harris gave her assignments and tests to challenge her abilities of infiltration and espionage... Placing her undercover in different situations, sometimes even within their own government or ships to see just how good she was at maintaining a cover and completing her goals. How well she was at adapting and thinking on her feet.

Nate grew even more fond of her commanding officer, her infatuation with him bordering on unhealthy. Her feelings were never acted upon because she valued his leadership and guidance too much, but her feelings would make her the perfect puppet as she would do almost anything he ever asked her to do. Except when he asked her to help him develop some seriously heavy, larg-scale war type weapons and programs. Nate might be willing to do things she normally wouldn't for this man, but making something that could potentially be respondisble for the deaths of thousands if not millions... Did Alex want to start another war? That was something that Nate definitely couldn't get on board with.

Shortly after her decline to join his lethal weapons development program, Nate was offered what Alex had called a 'mission of a lifetime that would forever alter the landscape of the federation.' Which included volunteering for a very dangerous infiltration mission the likes of which had never seriously been attempted by Starfleet: Harris wanted an insider in Klingon space. Nate had been reluctant at first, but Alex definitely had a way with words and might have used her feelings for him against her as he convinced her that she was the only one he trusted with this task. Nate eventually accepted.

Extensive physical, language and cultural training were underwent in addition to subjecting Nate to several experimental scientific and mental conditioning programs; such as a sort of Klingon hormone replacement therapy which would help Nate fool most biological scans, at least enough to convince them of her back story. She also underwent several cosmetic augmentations such as skin pigmentation and grafting cranial ridges to her skull. A little scarification was added as a finishing touch to corroborate some of her background story, most notably the one across her throat which would explain her inability to speak.

After almost five years of this intense physical and mental conditioning, which many later would call brainwashing, in the end Nate had become the perfect pawn for Harris to sacrifice and move about the board. The true test had come when Harris had corroborated a bogus mission which would put Nate up against some of her peers as a Klingon prisoner. Nate wasn't recognized and she carried out her orders perfectly. She escaped her cell, overrode the ship's computers and hi-jacked a shuttle to her rendezvous point; incapacitating several of her 'captors' along the way.

Harris knew then that she was ready.

Nate was loaded up in an old but refurbished Klingon transport. The plan had been to enter Klingon space and make it appear as if the ship were dead in space... a ghost ship... Derelict... Once in Klingon space Nate had jettisoned all of the escape pods and mucked up the core enough to make it look like the ship was flying without containment but not enough to frag her, and she set off a few explosives in key parts of the ship; all so it would look like the vessel had been attacked and left for dead.

Nate had then to just bide her time.

It had taken almost three weeks before a Klingon Warbird would find the ship and Nate inside. Nate did not have to pretend as much as she thought she would that she had gone mad during her isolation aboard the crippled ship, as she had very nearly done that actual thing. The records on board had been expertly faked, thanks mostly in part to her and Harris;s team. The logs had reflected that the ship had engaged and been attacked by a Starfleet ship some months ago and most all of the crew, the majority of which were her family, had either died in the battle, later by their wounds, or as Nate's story would go, by her hand as they had begun to go mad and turn against one another like rabid dogs so she'd had to put them down. This had almost immediately impressed the ship's captain.

The Klingon leader seemed to believe the story and was more than intrigued by the lone surviving female of what was undoubtedly a "Glorious Battle". For a half-breed slave it was almost unheard of.

After that Nate's primary goal had been to be accepted into her new crew and become close with their leader. This was more easily done than Nate had anticipated. Nate seemed to quickly earn a place in Torek's graces, which she would later find out was partly due to how badly Captain Torek wanted to mate with her.

Nate communicated these concerns to Harris, who would only tell her to be strong and fulfill her mission. That she was too important, what they were doing was too important for them and for the federation. Sacrifice was a part of all of their lives and their work. Harris glorified her role and her mission at every chance he could and like a brainwashed fool, Nate believed him and followed her orders... Even when they went so far as encouraging her to do whatever she had to to keep her place... They all had to make sacrifices and what she was doing was for the safety and betterment of Starfleet and the Federation. When the gravity of his request set in and Nate began to fully comprehend what it was that Harris was asking/ordering her to do, though... Nate began to lose faith and hope in the man she thought she loved and whom she thought cared about her as well...

Nate learned quickly that fighting Torek's advances only seemed to encourage him more. It was a very dangerous and traumatizing game. If she ever outright spurned his desires she would most likely lose her standing with him and if he ever pressed her enough to make her need to fight back... Well, she was a strong woman, but he was a strong and virile Klingon... When she lost those battles it tended to open up entirely new levels of terrifying that Nate did not think she could face for long; the trauma from her youth still weighed heavily in her mind.

No matter how much intelligence Nate sent back to Harris, no matter how many of Harris's goals she seemed to achieve there always seemed to be another... That was when he even bothered touching base with her at all... Nate felt supremely lost and alone... A short undercover operation that was only supposed to take a few months, soon turned into years... Years where Nate had all but completely lost herself in her attempts to survive as a human female infiltrator in wartorn and violent Klingon space.

No matter what she did it never seemed to be enough... What did Harris want from her?

Unfortunately, Nate would never find out the answer... She was used to him missing a liason or two... But there were months where she hadn't heard anything from anyone... Nate had gone for long periods of time without contact before but this... There had been no warning... No orders... The worst thing about it all was that Nate had run out of the HRT vaccine she had been regularly taking to maintain her Klingonliness... And try as she might in secret she just could not replicate it... She was an engineer and a hacker... Not a chemist...

Suspicions began running rampant and Nate knew it was only time before Torek and the others realized what she was... And for the first time in a very long time Nate knew true and unadulterated fear... It was a terrifying enough prospect that it made Nate decide to carry out every mission abortion protocol she had been taught, even though she didn't have orders... Nate hacked into the ship's systems and wiped the entire memory, then implemented a virus of her own design which was a throwback to her youth that corrupted its data banks making a backup impossible, and created another worm on top of that... She disabled navigation, transporters, life support and warp drive... A hijacked shuttle later, Nate was off the dying ship, out of the clutches of its crew and 'safely' on her way back to federation space.

To conserve power for the long trip home, Nate diverted all power from the shields and unnecessary programs to boost the shuttle engines. She then set out a path to the nearest federation outpost and took a very long sleep... The missed dose of Klingon hormones after taking it for so long was making her feel infinitely ill and tired... So Nate left the shuttle to follow the course she had laid out before leaving to catch some much needed rest.

While Nate slept, the shuttle did as she asked and kept to the path Nate had laid out... What Nate hadn't counted on was the Corscin meteor crossing her oath and leaving a trail of deadly rock fragments behind her. As the shuttle passed through the stream, due to its shield power being down and rerouted to engines, a plethora of small rock fragments breached the hull, one even passing through Nate's arm like a bullet from a gun. Nate immediately awoke to red lights and klaxons going off all around her.

Immediately jumping into action, Nate strapped herself into the pilot's chair and assessed her damage. The shuttle had done something smart and chosen the closest habitable planet which seemed to be void of any apparent signs of life. A quick scan of the planet might explain why: it was an L-Class planet which showed minimal levels of oxygen, sweltering heat in the dayside, and near freezing on the night. The computer had chosen it as it was the only nearby planet that was even moderately habitable.

Whatever the planet was and ts secrets, Nate was about to get really familiar with it.

Considering she was hardly a pilot, she'd have to say as crash-landings went she hadn't done that bad. Even so the ship would still end up ruined and completely non=salvageable. Well, almost completely non-salvageable... Taking what she could, which included a first aid kit, Nate set out to explore her new surroundings where she eventually found a natural cave in the outcrop of a cliff which would serve to shelter her from the planet's harsh weather.

After doing her best to field dress the wound in her arm with the field kit she'd salvaged from the crash, Nate dosed up heavily on the Klingon version of an antibiotic hoping that it either would have the same effect on a human, or that there was still enough of the hormone in her system for it to be effective.

After a brief respite, Nate bore the outside weather to return to her crash site where she salvaged her Batleth and some parts of the ship she hoped she could use to create some sort of distress signal or beacon. It took several trips but she felt she had everything she could possibly use and so set about trying to construct a functioning beacon.

Nate worked tirelessly and a glimpse of her old self came flooding to the surface as she completely absorbed and lost herself in the work she was doing... Her trained in Klingon senses were never too far away though, and soon alerted her to danger... The gruff sound of a beastly animal would throw her into full alert. Nate grabbed her batleth and faced her foe... An almost bearlike mammal that very much wanted to eat her by the looks of him. It was skinny from possible starvation and lapping at its maw... Nate mentally prepared herself and held her ground, hoping that she might just cast an intimidating enough presence but the beast was too wildly driven by hunger and it came charging at her. Instead of turning and running like some might be wont to do, Nate held her ground, crouching and waiting... Waiting... Waiting for just the right... The bear lunged for her, Nate fell back, bracing one point of her Batleth on the ground and successfully used the bear's own momentum to skewer it on the other end of her weapon. It growled and fought feebly for a few moments, getting in a good swipe or two with its claws, but inevitably it succumbed to such a fatal wound and died.

Nate had a few more wounds to clean and dress before she set about the arduous and messy task of skinning the animal and chopping off the bits of meat the animal had in hopes they would be edible. Just like Nate had thought, the creature must have been starving because there was barely a few scraps of meat on it. Still... It hopefully would see her through her self-induced marooning until she was either killed by the dangers of the planet or rescued.

Nate had eventually managed to power up a working beacon. It wasn't much, and in fact was very reminiscent to something one might expect from the Professor on Gilligan's island, but still it would serve its purpose and serve it well if she actually managed to catch a ship in her 'net'. It was a fairly archaic or basic virus, but it was also smart at the same time. Sometimes Nate could even impress herself. The signal wouldn't do much more than muck up the navigation of any passing ship which would force them to stop until they could weed out her signal. Nate only hoped that when or if that happened, a) she was still alive, and b) it was friendly. The shuttle had successfully left Klingon space but still... she didn't really know how far she was.

Nate would try not to let her feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, fear and betrayal get to her but when she was left with nothing but her thoughts it was kind of hard to think of anything else. Nate hoped she was rescued if for no other reason than to ask why. She would face a dozen court martials and even possible jail time if it meant she could face Alexander and just ask him why he had abandoned her...

Her "snare" had eventually worked and she'd ended up saving the lives of the crew who had come down to investigate when another giant ice ebar had attacked. She was brought back to their ship where she discovered that Admiral Harris had been court martialed and imprisoned when it was discovered he was operating outside of Federation policies and committing war crimes. He and his team were killed in the attempted escape that followed. Nate was cleared of all wrong doing and was eventually reinstated with her real identity and the cosmetics that turned her into a hybrid had been undone and she was back to being plain old Nate. She was placed on a ship with counselors orders, but released from Harris's grasp she thrived.

She lost her legs on an away mission when the shuttle had been hit by some sort of planetary interference and they had crashed on a panet. She had been pinned under wreckage for who knows how long and by the time they were rescued, her legs were crushed beyond salvation. Nate had always loved electronics and robotics probably more than actual people so when she found out she was going to nee dto be fitted for bionics, she declined the cosmetic package to make them look like real legs. She kind of liked the idea that she was now almost 50% machine, what with her bionic voicebox and now her legs.

Shortly after that, she accepted an assignment to help build a new station in deep Space where she paired up with her old friend Yona, and she has been on the Prometheus team ever since.
Starfleet History 2270 - 2274: Attended SFA. Graduated with honors.
2274 - 2282: Section 31 file redacted.
2382 - 2387: Served aboard the USS Widow.
2387 - Present: Joined build team, serving at Prometheus Station.
Education, Employment & Service Record Did not attend a formal educational institution until high school.
Graduated high school
Attended SFA.
Graduated SFA.
Medical & Psychiatric Records Nate has a synthetic/bionic voicebox which is why her natural voice sounds a little raspy and monotone occasionally.
She also has bionic legs which she does not disguise with the natural ski-grafting so they are very obviously prosthetic. Nate is weirdly proud of her part-bionic self.
Suffers from PTSD due to childhood trauma/assault as well as several near-death-experiences during her Starfleet career.
Has a standard Starfleet issued birth control implant in her arm.