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COL-Civilian Jacran

Name Jacran Toreel

Position Architect

Rank COL-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Goran Višnjić
Gender Male
Species Tandaran
Sexuality Bisexual
Date of Birth (Age) May 10th 2242 (48)
Birthplace Tīmay

Physical Appearance

Physical Description On the shorter end of tall, with a broad, stocky build, Jack is a casual dresser, appearing mostly in jeans, button-down shirts and a worn leather jacket he's owned for over a decade. Jack's demeanor is dour, features marred by frown lines and furrowed brows. His most defining attribute are his sharp yellow eyes, a product of his Tandaran heritage, along with the crease in the center of his forehead. Possesses a large, stylized silver-bird tattoo on his right arm, the sigil of caj Rayyah.


Family & Friends Tallah Toreel (Aurelian, unofficial guardian)
Ghaven Toreel (foster brother, deceased)


General Overview While Jack can come across as surly and terse, he's level-headed and slow to act, assessing the situations before him with reason rather than impulse. He prefers to say a little when a lot will do, and favors nonlinearity. Over the years Jack has learned to put the curt in courteous. He values professionalism and will go along to get along if it isn't a significant hardship to do so. Jack is a mathematical prodigy, and a talented artist. Less savory skills include proficiency with firearms, lockpicking, cyber analysis, pharmaceuticals, stunt driving, and self-defense. Most people find Jack to be abrupt, borderline rude, or just plain uninteresting. He very rarely drives conversations and when he does, it's in short, simple terms. Likes painting and sketching, mixed martial arts, website design, knitting, coffee, poetry.
Languages & Vernacular Tandaran, Yrevish Creole, Yrevish, Federation Standard, Lesser Seas Rihannsu.

Personal History We can do anything. It’s not because our hearts are large, they’re not, it’s what we struggle with.

No one would ever call Tīmay spectacular. Jack grew up in an unremarkable slum on an unremarkable planet, and when he was fourteen he signed on as a deckhand for a passing freighter to get the fuck out of there. The Horizon was better. Eventually, Earth was better.

So how would you catalog it? Dawn in the fields? Snow and dirty rain? Light brought in buckets? I was trying to describe the kingdom: the hunter’s heart, the hunter’s mouth, the trees and the trees and the space between the trees, swimming in gold.

MIT changed things. Jack was not a helper by any means, and shut the fuck up, but it felt better than the alternative. He threw himself into a four-year engineering/warp theory program and managed to come out of it with honors. When he was finished, a contract with Vica on Rigel VII looked better and better.

At the end of the day, we are the same as we were.

Eventually, there is always something better.

This is the Moon. This is the Sun. Let me take you there. We are all going forward. None of us are going back.
Education, Employment & Service Record Accepted to MIT (warp theory).
Graduated from MIT (warp theory).
Deckhand, SS Laile.
Deckhand, SS Horizon.
Starship Schematics Specialist (Vica).
Engineer, OSS Faerren.
Engineer, OSS Tazrik.
Research & Development (Eclipse).
Starship Schematics Specialist (Yvrrih).
Refugee Zone 17 (architect)
Medical & Psychiatric Records Although he has never been diagnosed, Jack has severe social anxiety disorder.