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COL-Lieutenant Katarina O'Hara

Name Katarina Lwirrayi O'Hara

Position Biophysicist

Rank COL-Lieutenant

Character Information

Face Claim Katee Sackhoff
Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Human
Sexuality Heterosexual
Date of Birth (Age) 2355:350 (Dec 16) (34)
Birthplace Savannah, GA, Earth

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 5'6"
Weight 56kg
Hair Champagne blonde
Eyes Black


Family & Friends Parents William O'Hara, Katiyanna Furrel-O'Hara
Grandparents Hannah O'Hara(Grandmother on her father's side. The two are very close), Lwoxanna Furrel (grandmother on her mother's side. They are estranged)
Extended A couple aunts and Uncles and cousins in Georgia


General Overview Enjoys ballet and botany.

Personal History Kat's father was a Captain aboard the USS Belaraphon II, and even though Betazed was and is still not part of the United Federation, during Captain O'Hara's travels he met and fell in love with a Betazoid Ambassador. The two were eventually married in both human and Betazed custom, though the latter was reserved the presence of Katiyanna's family.

A year or so later, after a very difficult pregnancy and an even more troublesome labor, Katarina was born. However, due to unforeseen complications, Katiyanna died shortly after; but at least she was able to hold and say good bye to her little girl before the end. This was Katarina's very first memory and heavily influenced the rest of her life.

Will took an assignment training cadets at the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, which granted him the ability to raise his daughter; though not without help from his mother, Kat's grandmother. Due to the unfortunate death of his wife, the Betazoid influence in Kat's life was practically non-existent, which left her to learn to adapt and control her empathic abilities on her own; so much so in fact that she didn't even tell her father about her gifts until she was in her teenage years.

From infancy, it was obvious to Kat's father and doctors that she was a gifted child. By three years old she was speaking in complete, understandable sentences and was reading at a kindergarten level. Kat was a highly inquisitive child and was always curious about the world and everything around her; how things worked. Kat had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning. Anything she could see or get her hands on, she wanted to know about it. From how a toy worked, to computers, to dancing.

During her early childhood, around the age of seven, Kat spent a Summer on Betazed and while there developed a strong dislike of her Betazoid relatives. They tended to look down on her for being a half breed and every time she tried to talk about or ask about her mother they would steal the thoughts from her mind before she could say them. They may be her family, but only by blood. After that summer, Kat never wanted to go back again, instead choosing to cherish the subtle and lingering memories she had of her mother from the womb and after Kat was born.

By the age of ten Kat was playing with advanced chemistry sets and taking high school courses. At nearly the same time, Captain O'Hara was offered a Captaincy aboard his old ship, the USS Beleraphon. Being a military vessel, it did not permit families or non-Starfleet personnel. With Katarina's promptings, Will enrolled Katarina at Ivy Preparatory Academy; an ivy league pre-college boarding school that Katarina had actually been researching for several years.

As amazing as the academy, its curriculum and teachers were, however, what Kat had not been accounting for was the teasing and taunting she would receive from other children. Being a child prodigy was hard enough on a young girl. Being a child prodigy surrounded by children who were at least 4-8 years older than her, whom she was usually smarter than, was worse. Add to the mix that someone had found out she was a half-breed and well... Let's just say that Kat had been somewhat lacking in the friends department through her prep academy years. Save for one boy who seemed to take up the mantle of Kat's protector right out the gate and would prove to be one of Kat's best friends for the bulk of her life. Lincoln seemed to be one of the few and only people able to get under Kat's defenses; even when she claimed she wanted to be alone.

In addition to her scientific studies, Katarina eventually enrolled in ballet instruction and seemed to pick up dancing as easily as she did her academic pursuits; there was a surprising amount of mathematics involved in dancing after all; it was a lot of angles, aerodynamics and probabilities. There was even a time where her love and skill for ballet and dance even had her contemplating changing her life's path from a career in science to a career in dance... That was until the attack.

Kat knew intimately about feelings of jealousy and contempt; she faced these and emotions like them on a daily basis. However, Kat never thought a mere case of jealousy would lead one of her peers to hurt her. After rehearsal one fateful day, a fellow dancer took some sort of heavy blunt instrument to the back of Kat's right knee... The resulting damage would not only lay Kat up in hospital for a while, but it also successfully ended any future she might have had in a career of dance. In fact, the nerve damage had been so extensive that for a couple years afterward she could not walk without support or aid, and would need to seek continuous physical therapy. (To this day Kat still occasionally walks with a slight limp and sees a physical therapist at least once a year.) The offender was expelled from the academy, put on probation and sentenced to 300 hours of community service.

Because of this attack, Katarina became even more reclusive and distrusting of others, however she did find a new devotion to her studies and a new passion arose; martial and combative arts. Again, Lincoln seemed to play a crucial role as he too was combat oriented for his future. As part of her physical training Katarina took up tai chi, karate and kickboxing in her spare time. Lincoln and her became occasional sparring partners in addition to their existing friendship. This training also had the added benefit of giving Kat a sense of confidence she had lacked before, by giving her the ability and the knowledge to protect and defend herself without having to rely on others. These lessons were encouraged by her father who thought Lincoln was a great kid and just the sort of friend Kat needed. Especially since Bill could not always be there because of his career.

Kat's father may not have always been around in the physical sense, but Katarina always felt connected to him in the spiritual sense. The day she graduated from Ivy Prep, Bill surprised Kat by coming home several months early and showing up at her graduation, which to Kat was the best graduation present she could have ever asked for.

After graduation, Lincoln and Kat would part ways as they went to different colleges, but they remained in touch through video chat and e-mail.

Kat had been accepted to MIT and put her well-earned scholarship funds towards her education, costing her and her father almost nothing to enroll in the university. Without Lincoln around, Kat's circle of friends had been reduced to a mere dot, as Lincoln had been her only friend. As such, Kat happily took on a severely heavy work load with a double Major and double Minors in several scientific courses.

Because of this, most of Kat's university life was also spent as a social hermit. She had multitudes of acquaintances and peers, but not very many real friends. Somewhere along the line, without her knowledge Kat had blossomed into a woman and everyone but herself had seemed to take notice. It was like, she just woke up one day and suddenly had boys and girls vying for her affections... But for the life of her, Kat did not know how to react or respond to such situations. Academics and textbooks had been her shields for so long, she felt naked and vulnerable without them.

Kat tried though. She tried making friends, attending campus soirees and get togethers. But there were only so many social mishaps and failures a girl could stand before she just realized there were some things she was just not cut out for. Kat was an introvert by nature, but when one was still a pubescent fifteen year old lost in a sea of sex-starved and crazed college coeds, was it so unusual to feel out of place? She didn't think so.

Katarina seemed to be perfectly content to be stuck with the labels anyone tried giving her; bookworm, prude, nerd. Now, to be called a Nerd as if it were a bad thing by a majority of students at MIT, a college comprised of pretty much nothing but nerds... well you might get the idea of how bad it really was.

If something didn't happen soon, Katarina might forever be lost to the land of social outcasts and potential sociopaths.

Enter Lilith McIverson. Self-proclaimed techno Goth and Kat's second year roommate. Lilly was the type of girl who did not take no for an answer and when Lilly decided to make Kat her little pet project, Kat had been helpless to say no. Lilly taught Kat how to dress to accentuate her god given talents, how to do her hair, her make-up; how to let loose and unwind. Lilly introduced Kat to the joys of Mary Jane, or tried to at least. The most that ever happened was Lilly teasingly blowing smoke in Kat's face. Lilly also opened the book to Kat's road to self-pleasure. She sparked the idea at any rate, but Kat was just not comfortable with that entire subject.

Lilly had been declared a child prodigy like Kat herself, however unlike Kat, Lilly had managed to escape the trap of her intelligence and discovered life beyond the textbooks and equations. She had warned Kat that the path she was on would make her a raving lunatic before she was 30, and thinking about it Kat was inclined to agree. There were many notorious psychopaths and sociopaths who had lived lives similar to what Kat's had been before Lilly, or B.L. as Kat would often call her younger years.

Thanks to Lilly's 'intervention' though, Kat was able to open up to people a little easier and found herself with a nice handful of friends that saw her all the way through her eighth year at MIT and beyond. After graduation, Lilly and Kat were both accepted into Starfleet Academy, still remaining attached at the hip.

Upon entering SFA, Kat was reunited with childhood best friend Lincoln Forrest and her two best friends finally met in person instead of over video waves and could get to know each other. Seeing as they were the two most important people in Kat's life, she was extremely grateful that they got along.

Initially, at SFA Kat had tried her hand at a command track like her dad and as such saw that her and Link had quite a few courses together, but after the first semester Kat just didn't think command was for her and she focused on sciences instead. With Lincoln's help Kat had passed through basic military training with flying colors, but their friendship seemed to change somewhere during the course of their academy days.

Kat had absolutely no formal training in controlling or blocking her empathy; such a thing could be attested to severe mental problems according to many Betazoid records. For Kat to be a functioning person in society and life and not have some sort of split-personality could almost be called a miracle. Unable to control her power of empathy, Kat knew that Lincoln's feelings about her had shifted and while her own feelings might have shifted along with them, because of her inability to control or sometimes even distinguish another's feelings from her own, Kat was very distrustful of any and all emotions in general. It was because of her fear of her own feelings that caused their friendship to end.

Lincoln had wanted more than friendship and, while deep down Kat wanted the same thing, she just didn't know if it was really her own feelings she was feeling or if she was just feeling by osmosis, as she liked to say. In reality, she was just a big damn coward and falling back on O'Hara tradition by trying to push the ones they love away.

It wasn't until their friendship ended on a very sour note and Lincoln was gone from her life, possibly forever, that Kat was able to really take the next step in her life. With Lincoln departed from her life, and Lilly having a life of her own and Kat not wanting to intrude upon that, this all triggered a severe emotional breakdown the likes of which Kat had never felt before or since. If not for an intervention from beyond the grave from her own Mother, Kat would have ended up emotionally catatonic and maybe even institutionalized. Her salvation had come in the form of a journal and a letter that her mother Alanna had written specifically for Kat and given to her father with the express intent that it should only be given to her in the event that Kat ever found herself this lost. These writings had been given to Kat's father, Bill with the instructions 'You'll know when she needs this.' It was Kat's belief, after reading her mother's words, that she had obviously thought Kat would have had this breakdown much sooner.

Because of her mother, Kat was able to compartmentalize her thoughts and feelings and regain some of her control but she would never be the same. Afterward, she went on a little emotional journey where she discovered Tao and began to really focus and train on controlling and shielding her empathic powers. This in essence helped Kat open up easier to others and gave her the ability to be more emotionally available with herself. If she had only learned these things sooner, perhaps Lincoln and her would still be friends? Perhaps she would have realized sooner what and who Lincoln was to her. If she had embraced her Betazoid half more, and not been so stubbornly against her Drexel relatives, perhaps she would not have fucked everything up so bad... But at the same time, if Lincoln hadn't left, Kat wasn't sure she would have ever discovered any of this on her own if left to her own devices. She was an O'Hara. They were notoriously emotionally closed off, even to those they loved.

Kat had graduated from the Academy in First Class, one of the tops in her field, and after her little emotional journey and exploring some companies in China and Europe, Kat decided that none of the Earth-based agencies held enough promise, adventure or intrigue that Starfleet boasted. Therefore, Kat inevitably decided to return to Starfleet and take an offer that would see her serving aboard the top secret research facility, Regula I.

Most of her work aboard Regula was off record and deemed top secret and classified. Whilst there she quickly became an invaluable member of their science team and eventually earned a promotion to Lieutenant and the Assistant Chief Science Officer. While aboard the Regula, Kat accomplished a great many things and helped further discoveries in xenobiology, quantum and biophysics and biological chemistry.

After a five year service contract was up, Kat reassessed her career and her goals and decided that life and work aboard Regula had not been entirely what she had been expecting. Kat wanted to be out exploring, not just sitting behind a desk. Regula was a lonesome place and a little droll, which made Kat hungry for excitement and adventure. When she was offered a prominant posting in deep space to help terraforming efforts on a new colony, well she jumped at the chance.

Kat's father, now a retired Admiral living the quiet life teaching new cadets at Starfleet Academy, could not be more supportive or proud of his daughter to be serving aboard the flagship of Starfleet.
Education, Employment & Service Record May, 2369: Graduated from Ivy Preparatory Academy.
August, 2369: Accepted with a full scholarship to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Double Majoring in Biological Chemistry and Physics, with minors in Computer Sciences and Astronautics.
May 2377: Graduated as Valedictorian with honors from MIT; with publications in MIT Technology Review, Wired magazine and Physics World. Also carries qualifications in peer counseling, fencing and classical dance/ballet.
July 18, 2377: Enters Starfleet Academy, scientific research division.
May 18, 2380: Graduates from Starfleet with qualifications in military combat, xenobiology, biphysics and certification to be able to travel in any vessel that travels at warp speed.
2390: Accepted into masters and doctorate program through Berkeley, and their studying abroad program.
2377-2380: Student at SFA.
2380: Accepts military service contract aboard the Federation Scientific Research Station, Regula I. Security status upgraded to Top Secret.
2384: Promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Science officer on Regula I
2387-Present: Biophysicist on Rigel Colony near Promethetus
Medical & Psychiatric Records Kat's empathic powers have always been difficult for her to master, and as such she most often chooses to supporess them as she's never really taken the extra time to actually learn how to use them effectively. She has instead focused on learning to control or block them.

She has an old knee injury that flares up or can be aggravated from time to time. occasionally may need PT.

Has a STarfleet issued borth control implant in her arm.