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SCI-Commander Kes Narae

Name Kes (Naraezajiharen) Narae M.D.

Position Medical Officer

Rank SCI-Commander

Character Information

Face Claim Charlie Hunnam
Gender Male
Species Talarian
Sexuality Questioning
Date of Birth (Age) September 30th, 2357 (33)
Birthplace Vehrae, Talar

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 6'8"
Weight 370 lbs
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown

As a Talarian, Kes is afforded an extreme degree of height and bulk that has him towering over most humanoids. While not overly expressive, Kes is quiet and gentle and works to dispel the immediate impression that he is dangerous and intimidating. He has a full head of short, cropped blond hair and a small ridge bisects his forehead. His eyes are a deep reddish-brown with a solid black ring around the iris.


Family & Friends Parents Aren Kes (Naraezajihkes) (unk.), Minala Imankal (Tijranzajarimankal) (dec.)

Siblings Kaithrae Aren (Naraezajiharen) (unk.)
Karene Aren (Naraezajiharen) (unk.)
Kassajiv Aren (Naraezajiharen) (unk.)

Extended Daniel Aletzko (foster father)
Julienne Aletzko (foster mother)
Eden Aletzko (foster sister)
Sufjan Aletzko (foster brother)


General Overview Kes is compassionate and professional, with a strong sense of ethics and duty developed consciously after his integration into the Federation and subsequent granting of asylum. He lacks charm and wit, but makes up for it with sincerity and genuineness, holding a strong desire to affect change in other people's lives for the better. Talarians emphasize diligence and action, and are highly competitive-games and challenges are inherent to their culture and this is represented in Kes's personality. When Kes is distressed, he will emit an involuntary sound called the B'Nar which is rather grating. Additionally Kes wears a pair of thin nitrile gloves at all times, as touching others with the bare hands is a sign of intimacy and abiding respect.

Talarian culture is a rigid, xenophobic patriarchy and despite Kes's conscious efforts to shed his unknowingly "specist" and misogynistic behavior, he can come across as ignorant when he encounters something he's never seen before, and is prone to overcompensating via apologetics. He is wary of telepathy, but nonetheless maintains a tolerant and amicable nature regardless of the individual. He is a strong, hardy specimen with proficiencies in a variety of sports, and keeps himself fit and healthy. He's affable and friendly, and enjoys listening to people talk about their lives.

Desires to become a chief medical officer, and to have a family. Interests include composing, musical theory, stories, rock climbing, track and field, football, hockey, springball, Velocity, ballet, tea, meditation. Kes likes using the holodeck and is fond in particular of one that represents the small village in which he grew up breeding t'stayens.
Languages & Vernacular Talarian, Federation Standard. Kes is quiet and firm. He can be pedantic at times, and possesses a silly, quirky sense of humor, mostly in the form of dad jokes.

Personal History Kes grew up under the harsh dictatorship of his father over his mother and brothers, as well as himself. During the Age of Decision, the maturity ritual that all Talarians undergo at age fourteen, he elected to turn away from his father's intended path for him to run their large property farmland and was subsequently disowned.

He left the planet in a small, broken-down shuttlecraft that crashed midway through Romulan space deep in the Beta quadrant. The Romulans detained him and put him through the mind-sifter, but finding him innocuous, deposited him on the Federation's doorstep where he was granted a provisional visa and placed into foster care. He bonded with the Aletzko family that took him and settled in Quetzaltenango.

It was decided the best course of action would be for Kes to attend an officer's preparatory institute due to his highly militant and aggressive nature. He tested far behind his peers in language and math, having only received a cursory homeschooled education prior, but his natural intelligence saw him catching up by the time he was in his second year of high school. Being on his highschool's (and then Berkeley's) Velocity teams helped even him out, along with a rigorous clinical staff devoted to integrating him into Terran culture.

Fortunately, Kes adapted and by the time he finished his post-secondary degree he blended the two-as up until then, being guarded by two physicians and consistently seeing therapists at the clinic during his formative years, his primary exposure to the successful career of an adult was within the medical profession and it ingrained in him early-on-and pursued an EM residency within Starfleet.
Education, Employment & Service Record He has a bachelor's degree of music from Berkeley, and received accolades for his final thesis incorporating elements of non-traditional Talarian Alba Ra with Terran harmonics by using an instrument he created called a psilogen. Kes is an emergency medicine doctor, and obtained his license from Starfleet Academy's four-year post-secondary program, graduating as a junior lieutenant and quickly making the ranks. He has been practicing medicine for eleven years aboard a couple of different vessels before his promotion to commander and installment at Altinak Medical Center.
Medical & Psychiatric Records Talarians absorb energy directly from sunlight, and in a contained environment Kes requires therapeutic ultraviolet radiation. Due to this he is also highly susceptible to radiation burns and respiratory distress. The structure of the Talarian spine makes it difficult for them to sleep on flat surfaces, thus Kes has installed a hammock in his quarters. Talar is an M2 planet, meaning it is two gravity differentials above Earth, making him twice as strong and dense as the average human, but not as strong as a Vulcan or an Animan.