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MAR-Captain Cameron Koch

Name Cameron Koch

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank MAR-Captain

Character Information

Face Claim David Paetkau
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Homosexual
Date of Birth (Age) 35
Birthplace New Seattle Colony

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 1.83m
Weight 85kg
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue


Family & Friends Parents
Colonel Augustus Koch, Retired (Chief Executive, Koch Security Solutions)
Senator Alena Koch, Minority Leader - New Seattle Senate

Major Liam Koch - Squadron Leader, 95th Marine Attack Squadron
Elizabeth Koch, Chief Administrative Officer - Koch Security Solutions


General Overview A juxtaposition of an introverted private life and extroverted public life leads Cam to making fiends easily, but often not letting them get too close. His career has seen him develop impressive skills in desert and urban combat, but has also been involved in colony set up, and post-natural disaster humanitarian work. He's adept at close quarters combat and held the range record for longest confirmed sniper 'kill' on the range at Marine Station Vulcan. Generally weak in the technical fields he barely passed his basic engineering course at the academy. Part of Cam wants to focus on his career the idea of earning his General stars holds an allure to him. He also wants to have a family someday, something he's only recently begun to see as a possibility for himself as his parents view that people like him could never have "real families" had been deeply ingrained.
Languages & Vernacular Federation standard, some phrases, usually not to be used amongst polite company in Klingon and Bajoran.

Personal History Cameron was the youngest of three children born to Augustus and Alena Koch. The pair had meet when Augustus was assigned as the Logistics Officer of the marine base on the colony. Alena came from a prominent family that had been part of the upper elechon of society for three generations.

The pair married and soon had a son named Liam and a daughter named Elizabeth in quick succession. Several years later Cameron was born, his father having risen to Colonel and commander of the base before retiring to allow him to stay on the colony. When Cameron was a child his mother entered the family business, politics, serving as a city councilor and later Mayor of the capital.

Several years younger than his older siblings Cam spent his childhood chasing after his older brother and sister trying to be involved. His father had started a private security firm and worked long hours, as did his mother who was elected to the senate as he entered his preteen years. As such Cam spent a lot of his time alone, reading, or with the staff that took care of the large family estate especially Madeline the au pair.

Cam lacked his sister's stellar academic prowess, and while he was quite good at sports he lacked his brother's aptitudes. Their father incredibly proud when Liam turned down fourteen different sports scholarships to join the marines. Several years later when Cam joined the marines his father had remarked that he didn't really have any other options.

Despite his parents lackluster support Cam was incredibly happy he was able to leave the colony. It was also during this time at the academy that he came to terms with who he was, coming out to his classmate and finding acceptance he doubted he would find from his very conservative family. Even now his mother refuses to speak of it, and his father ignores it completely.
Starfleet History Cam graduated from the Academy in 2377 with a solid middle of the pack final grade. Commissioned a Second Lieutenant he was made a Platoon Leader in Charlie Company 9 Battalion of the 47th Marines. The 47th Regiment was garrisoned on Vicarna III along the Cardassian border. The post war years saw the regiment deployed to assist humanitarian and rebuilding efforts as often as she saw combat. After 5 years leading the platoon, including a promotion to First Lieutenant, he was assigned as a trainer at the Marine Station Vulcan, heavily involved in the desert warfare course.

His performance here earned him the respect of his colleagues and notice of his commanders. He was promoted to Captain and put incharge of the reinforced Platoon attached to the USS Cambridge. The Nebula class ship was part of Starfleet forward forces in the Beta Quadrant, and the his experience in humanitarian efforts proved beneficial as the Cambridge often found itself supporting the developing colonial efforts in the area.

In 2386 during a period of increased tension with the Cardassian Union Captain Koch was posted to SB 477 as an Intelligence Officer, part of the Federation Joint Intelligence Integration Cell (JIIC) for the Union.

In late 2388 his tour with the JIIC ended, he requested a shipboard posting as he had enjoyed the more varied mission assignment that came with ite. He was posted as marine XO aboard the USS Triton.

In 2390 he was reassigned as the Marine Detachment Executive Officer to the contingent posted to RZ17.
Education, Employment & Service Record Cadet
2373-2377 : Starfleet Academy, Marine Studies

2nd Lieutenant
2377-2379 : Platoon Leader, 2 Platoon, C Co 9 Bat - 47th Marine Regiment

1st Lieutenant
2379-2382 : Platoon Leader, 2 Platoon, C Co 9 Bat - 47th Marine Regiment
2382-2384 : Training Officer, Marine Station Vulcan

2384-2386 : Detachment Commander, USS Cambridge
2386-2388 : Intelligence Officer, Starbase 477
2388-2390 : Detachment Executive Officer, USS Triton
2390-Pres : Detachment Executive Officer, RZ17
Medical & Psychiatric Records Mister Koch is in excellent health, he has suffered the usually gauntlet of mild and moderate injuries of those in the Corps and in combat service. Most serious of which have been a broken leg and a twice broken arm, however adequate medical attention at the time have prevented any lingering problems.