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MAR-Major Michael Redmond

Name Michael Redmond

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank MAR-Major

Character Information

Face Claim Clint Eastwood
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Heterosexual
Birthplace Sol

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 6'3"
Weight 225
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue

Mike Redmond is tall and on the thin side. He is clearly well muscled and fit. At six three he is hard to miss in a crowd. Most notable feature would be his face, Burned by the sun of several systems his skin is dark brown. Deep crows feet and brow wrinkles surround deep blue eye's. Mike keeps his silver hair short at all times. Close observation will reveal Redmond has two fingers missing from his left hand and a thin scar running along his jawline from the tip of his jaw to his left ear. Mike can be seen smiling on occasion displaying a full set of perfectly reconstructed teeth.


Family & Friends Spouse Rebecca Redmond (nee Danner), divorced
Parents Isaac Redmond (deceased), Mya Redmond (deceased)
Siblings Gannet Redmond (42), Annette Parker (40)
Extended Parker Redmond (52, cousin). Harold Redmond (49, cousin)


General Overview At this stage of his life Mike is a man of few words, however there are exceptions to this when he is training. Redmond has been known to be quite colorful with his language. Generally Redmond is open to others and displays remarkable manners and military bearing at all times. He can hold his own in most complex conversations and withholds strong personal opinions in casual conversations. His deep voice and dictation are clear, paced and direct. His tone is always polite and respectful, it seldom changes unless he needs a command voice, that has been described by marines as terrifying.

Redmond's commitment to details is legendary. In his own words, “Any marine who isn't prepared for challenges will end up dead.” As a lifelong leader of marines Mike has the complete confidence of those around him. His past accomplishments speak of his character. Hardheaded and strong willed. Stubborn and driven. Mike never would display disrespect, however he lives by the personal code of protecting his marines at all times. This places all blame for their misconduct squarely on his shoulders and has caused him several promotions and opportunities early in his career. This weakness is not likely to change one bit.

Redmond has had many ambitions over the years. He never had the desire to find a safe place and settle down. His ambition to continue to lead marines, his only goal in life at this time. He refuses to knowledge the end of his career as it is. Few actual hobbies other than a lifetime commitment in martial arts and close quarters combat. He enjoys opera and stage entertainment of all sorts. Redmond is a skilled ballroom dancer.
Languages & Vernacular Federation Standard, Fluent Klingon.

Personal History Mike Redmond was born on Sol on 2344-254, in the city of Jericho Springs South Dakota. It was a rural area of few landowners who maintained small hybrid farms. He was raised by both parents on the farm and was the oldest of three children. Mike was a solid and larger than life child, his size he inherited from his father Issac who was one of the tallest men in the Jericho Springs area at six feet seven inches. As a young boy Redmond was seldom very far from his mother, living in a somewhat remote location with unpredictable weather, safety was always a concern. Mike was home schooled until he was Nine years old. He was a good and attentive student. He entered primary school as soon as one was built and staffed. His demeanor was always respectful towards his instructors and peers.

Mike spent his youth on the family farm. His days were long, school in town, and plenty of chores to complete when he returned home. He also keep a close eye on his two younger siblings while his parents were busy. His family were devout members of the Templar Church and the values of strict personal discipline and supporting those in need were strong values in his life. He excelled in his schoolwork and was clear minded. Mike was loyal to his friends and fearless in their defense when needed. The Redmond boys took after their father in size and as Mike began his teenage years he had a growth spurt that put him well over six feet tall.

Mike Redmond had always been keen to join star fleet as far back as he could remember. Mike read and studied all he possibly could and at seventeen years old determined to get an academy slot with good success. He arrived in San Francisco as a first year cadet on 2361-001.

Mike was prepared well for a completely different life in the city and on a huge campus. As he was quite noticeable due to his size he maintained a stellar attitude and made many close friends. Mikes evaluations from staff were always good and he became the example for his peers. Redmond excelled in physical activities and was known as a good sport but a tremendous competitor. During a summer break at the completion of his first cadet year Redmond applied to attend the star fleet marine artificer course. It was a grueling four weeks on Mars but worth every minute of it to Mike. Mostly he enjoyed the camaraderie of the marines.

As a second year Cadet Redmond adapted a noted talent in political theory. His instructors assumed he would be selecting a posting after graduation as a diplomatic officer. The subject and training Mike received gave him a solid understanding of negotiation and cultural respect, however he kept his options open. His second summer break he returned home. It was a great reunion for the family. As he returned to the academy he was surprised that he was leading his class academically and setting the bar very high for his fellow cadets. He had zero demerits, perfect attendance and near perfect evaluations.
And the next two years passed very quickly. Redmond continued to excel, During his third year break he completed the basic and advanced embassy security courses with perfect scores.

The last and final year in San Francisco Redmond dived into Intelligence, he took extra courses and the academy cadre was now certain Mike would apply for a selection slot in the star fleet marines.
On 2364-01 Redmond graduated with a duel major in Political Science and Intelligence Communication. He was third in his class and maintained a fleet citation for perfect attendance. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the star fleet marine corp.

The new lieutenant reported to New Paris Island recruit training depot. It was a requirement for all fleet marines to complete the basic course. Redmond handled the rigors with ease and after ten weeks was on his way back to Mars for marine Officer training. The next twenty two weeks would be a challenge for Mike as he learned the principles of leading subordinates in combat. The enlisted instructors, many of which were combat veterans were brutal in their methods of instruction to young marine officers. However Mike survived the course and returned home for a short leave period before receiving his next assignment.

2364-140. The young second lieutenant was new platoon commander of alpha company forth marines.
Squarely located on Falin III in the middle of the Romulus Neutral Zone. The outpost called Stone breaker by the marines was a hardened position of fighting positions and solid bunkers. Three days after Redmond arrived the outpost was attacked by a strong Romulan ground force. At first it was a rapid air strike with ground support. The first platoon of A company held off the first wave without casualties. Redmond lost both corpsmen and a small ammo bunker was destroyed wounding several of the platoon as night broke. Several attempts were made to land additional support was stopped by the Romulus air cover. With several serious casualties Redmond and his platoon sergeant , August Pitche decided to attempt to break the attack with a small fire team assault of their own as they couldn't move the wounded.

The four marines moved out and within the next hour had flanked and swept several enemy positions taking two prisoners. Within minutes the rest of the company was on the ground and the wounded evacuated. The outpost was then commanded by marine captain Maria Vorhees. The camp had 77 fully supplied and well armed marines. Patrols were established and the perimeter extended. However on the night of 2364-145 the outpost was hit with an orbital attack. Any marines outside of the bunkers were destroyed immediately. Bracing for another ground attack Redmond discovered the Captain and another platoon commander were killed. Taking command Mike gathered the remaining forty marines and held off several waves of Romulan commandos until dawn. It was decided that the outpost would be abandoned the next day, taking out the remaining marines and all casualties. It was a tough loss for the company and Mike Redmond. One he would not forget.

2365-2369 Mike held several positions in the forth marines and received several promotions, the first in 2365 to first lieutenant and marine captain in 2359.

2380 Redmond was promoted to Major and assigned to Federation embassy duty at various locations, with a long year as a training instructor on Mars. He reached a promotion limit due to draw downs in the fleet marines however maintained an excellent career having fought in over thirty major engagements, several wounds and the nickname of “Red Mike”.
2382. Redmond excepts an assignment to the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow. He graduates in 2388 with a masters degree in advanced military science and planetary weapons deployment. Mike also suffers the loss of his parents and a failed marriage. The later he refuses to discuss.

Mike has heard rumors that he may soon be on the promotion list for lieutenant colonel and a new assignment could be on it's way any day now...

Education, Employment & Service Record Graduate Star Fleet Academy class of 2364
Duel Majors: Political Science/ Communications Theory.
Graduate w/Honors: Frunze Naval Academy
Master of Science: Engineering