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SCI-Crewman Arev Ritri

Name Arev ir'Amsetrei esh kar' Ritri

Position Sociologist

Rank SCI-Crewman

Character Information

Face Claim Lucas Till
Gender Male
Species Rigelian
Sexuality Pansexual
Date of Birth (Age) 20
Birthplace Amsetrei, Viltan, Rigel V

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Arev is a boyishly handsome, clean-shaven vulcanoid with lengthy blond hair that sits near his shoulders and expressive grey eyes. He wears his uniform neatly, ensuring it is ironed and properly taken care of at all times, and holds himself in a formal, but relaxed posture. He's quick to smile and laugh, and just as quick to scowl and explode, too.


Family & Friends kar'Ritri is of the Heart clan. Arev is related to Kijja and Matriarch Amina. He is betrothed to Serevan kar'Emanah of the Forgiveness clan. Arev does not know who his biological family is.


General Overview Arev is upbeat, quick-witted and sharp-tongued, and possesses a keen academic mind. He's gregarious and outgoing, and enjoys a large group of friends and acquaintances, able to easily fit in wherever he goes. His name is pronounced -'air-,iv -'ree-tree.
Languages & Vernacular Rigelian, Federation Standard, Modern Golic, Klingon, Rom'lesta, Rihannsu, Yrevish, Yrevish Creole, Trader's sign language.

Personal History Arev is a war orphan, adopted into kar'Ritri after he was found feral in the Tir'Aresh desert by Rivsitan warriors. From ages nine until fourteen he lived in a hospital on Rigel's largest continent Han'shir, and as he grew older he impressed his elders with his progress and was selected by his clan matriarch to represent Viltan, Rigel's largest concentration of dissenters, in a cultural exchange with Starfleet in the hopes of helping to repair the rift between their two people. Arev has grown into an upstanding young man who is loyal to his people and seeks peaceable integration with the Federation. He believes in Starfleet's mission and wishes to do his part in its realization.
Starfleet History As the first Southern Rigelian in Starfleet-one of the few Rigelians in Starfleet at all-Arev holds a great deal of expectation on his shoulders and does his very best to present a stable, functional face of the Rigelian people to the Federation. Starfleet has adjusted its regulations to accommodate the few Rigelians who enter and permit them to engage in equal and inferior/superior spars as a method of conflict resolution (lack of emotional catharsis causes Rigelians a great deal of physiological and psychological stress). Rigelians tend to become more unstable the further away from their family they get. To combat this, Arev keeps his vasai bracelet on at all times.
Education, Employment & Service Record Viltan University (bachelor of xenoanthropology)
Starfleet Enlisted Academy at Mars
Starbase Prometheus - Sociologist

Finished post-secondary education at age 15. It was becoming clear that Viltan needed to send a representative to Starfleet, and of several choices, Arev was deemed the most psychologically stable and assimilated to modern Federation culture; in addition his instruction in sociology and interest in space travel made him the ideal candidate.
Medical & Psychiatric Records Arev was feral when he was first discovered and spent many years under the tutelage of mental Adepts at Viltan's largest medical center in Kenshar. He formed a connection to another patient named Serevan and the two elected to join in the betrothal ceremony as household-leaders once they branched out into the world on their own. The telepathic bond helps keep Arev stable, and he wears a silver bracelet around his wrist containing vasai stones, or psionic vessels that permit him to access his familial bonds over great distances.