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MAR-Sergeant Major Rarraka Natail

Name Rarraka "Diablo" t' Natail

Position Sergeant Major

Rank MAR-Sergeant Major

Character Information

Face Claim Natalie Dormer
Gender Female
Species Human/Romulan
Sexuality Aggressive / Somewhat Bonded
Date of Birth (Age) 2312,100 (78)
Birthplace Romulus

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Wide shouldered and processes three times the strength of a standard male marine. As she is half Romulan her spine bears the patterns of thirteen the Distinct "V" commonly found on the forehead. She is quite blonde, one of her several human traits. Tall by most standards at 6'0 her weight at a trim 165 lbs. As a Sergeant major in the marines she walks with confidence without swagger. Long legs can propel her to great speed.


Family & Friends Rarraka's story is tragic as most of the race. Death came to her clan on the day of destruction. The entire house of Dhar was destroyed in the Hobus incident. She is the only sole survivor.


General Overview Rarraka has suffered the loss of her entire House. It crippled her mind for several months following the destruction of her home planet. She refuses to speak of it and how deeply it effects her on a daily basis. She is personally known by very few as she leads an isolated and very private exsistance. She is reserved and at all times very direct with others. She wears a mantle of personal honor like a suit of armor. In her new professional life she has embraced the fleet marine corps as her reason for existing and as a warrior excepts it's tenets with a fierce demeanor. She shares many years of combat and leadership skills with marines freely and at times with brutal results.
Languages & Vernacular Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, understands Breen.

Education, Employment & Service Record -Former Commander in the Romulan Star Navy
Medical & Psychiatric Records -Extremely logical
-In a combat situation subject can quickly range from organized to unstable killing machine...