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COL-Civilian Suwarin Vro

Name Suwarin ir'Ki Baratan e-Saehhe tr' Vro

Position Colonist

Rank COL-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim None
Gender Male
Species Romulan
Sexuality Heterosexual
Date of Birth (Age) August 16th, 2312 (78)
Birthplace Ki Baratan, Romulus

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Wears his grey hair in a complicated, lengthy braid down his back. Dresses formally and in dark colors. Always keeps a customized, clan-inscribed vrelnec shortsword and poison-tipped kailune concealed at all times, despite the Federation's prohibition on weaponry in the camp's general zones.


Family & Friends All perished, has currently taken the clustered group of homeless Romulans living outside of Pretorious in a tent city under his tutelage. Includes Tareil Shaethan and Emni Kaijune.


General Overview Distrustful, bitter and haughty. Highly dislikes the Federation despite his Unificationist leanings. Suwarin is in line to become the de facto political leader of Pretorious and is the most vocal about his opinions on the status of the RZ.

This character is available to be played by anyone.
Languages & Vernacular Rom'lesta, Rihannsu.

Personal History A former Riov in the Galae commanding the IRW D'deridex, has decades of military experience and holds himself with expected uniform deportment. While he holds a deep suspicion toward Starfleet and the Federation unlike many of the splinter-cell Romulans who fled the area, he is willing to speak to Federation leadership and able to compromise on certain concepts.