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RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven

Name Gabriel Seven

Position Civilian

Rank RIG-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Keanu Reeves
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Private
Date of Birth (Age) June 2357
Birthplace Rigel XII

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Tall and thin for a human. Will be seen in dark formal business attire at all times. His hair is shoulder length and straight, seldom worn tied back. He appears physically fit and alert to his surroundings. Gabriel will seldom use hand movements or become overly animated in any way. He is quite reserved. Posture is near perfect. Gabriel will seldom display facial emotion in public. Outer garments will have a small Templar lapel pin.


Family & Friends Gabriel is the seventh of his name. Both parents remain at the family estate on Rigel XII. He has Three Brothers who also reside on his home planet and are considered vested citizens of the Templar Order.


General Overview Gabriel Seven is a accomplished businessman and comes from a well known and respected family. His absolute kindness is remarkable, his manners perfectly aligned in any situation be it public or private. Armed with a vast amount of common sense. Most noted would be his calm demeanor in business negotiations which he has perfected to an art form. It is clear from his clean cut dress and professional appearance he is a member of the Templar Order.

Gabriel will engage in conversation freely with anyone, however he shall avoid gossip or harsh opinions in any manner while in public. He disdains those who are loud or disruptive at all times. He has never been observed in argument. Gabriel's private life is closely guarded, as with all members of the Order. He is often seen with a small staff that will accompany him to meetings. These trusted advisers are also dedicated members of the Order.
Languages & Vernacular Old Latin, Federation Standard, Ferengi, Romulan and several dialects of Orion slang. Although not fluent Gabriel understands Klingon.

Personal History Born on Rigel XII in the family medical suite. He was a very healthy child, his birth was celebrated in the traditional Templar fashion will all family and friends. Gabriel's childhood home was in the countryside, with abundant and valuable crops. His older siblings embraced him in the family culture of farming and equestrian skills from a very early age. His education began in his forth year. The primary academy for the Templar order focused on behaviors and responsibilities to the family and the order. Even from a young age chapel was a requirement for all Templar children. The family was very secure and their holdings expanded greatly during the Dominion wars as the Planet and the growing faction of the Templar Order expanded ten fold. Lucrative contracts supplying Federation and allied nations with Dillithium and food supplies was indeed highly profitable. As the order had declared it's neutrality along with the planet in general it's population exploded over the next few years. Mining camps evolved into large scale industrial centers funded solely by the Templar order.

The family was thriving as was many on Rigel XII. At Seventeen Gabriel was ready to move on to secondary education. However the path was not guaranteed, even to the most wealthy of young men.

To be excepted and enrolled to the Templar Institute, one had to become a Citizen of the Order. All females born to Templar families became Templar citizens at birth, the Male however did not. During the spring months young men of Templar families would gather and attend social functions in the capital. They ranged from academic competitions to physical displays of strength and agility. Templar females would judge these events and all eligible females between the ages of Twenty and Thirty years old were encouraged to make a selection.

Gabriel was quickly selected and removed to the family compound of Ariel. She was a stunning redhead who was in her twenty second year. She matched him in height and came from a good family.
The first ten days the couple courted and were chaperoned. The next two weeks they attended a marriage resort sponsored by the order and given counseling on their soon to be relationship.

The final week of the courtship The couple were allowed to be completely alone. They announced they had paired and the ceremonial Marriage occurred within a week.

As a new citizen Gabriel and his new wife Ariel relocated to the Truth Institute. A nice cottage house was provided on campus. Gabriel was in the first year creach, It was a lot of Templar culture and religious theology. Ariel was also enrolled in school and always close by. These years were busy and productive as the small family grew quickly. During Gabriel's sixth year they were expecting their forth child. He had received his knighthood in the order and was soon to complete his first mission. He had several choices to pick from, Templar Military Academy, Industrial engineering school or advanced executive training. The executive branch was certainly the best decision as he could take his family with him on the mission and it was very close to where Ariel's family lived.

His first assignment in the branch as it was called was an account manager position for the largest shipping corporation in the quadrant. Danmora Enterprises contracted out to over six hundred systems. With two hundred large vessels it was quite a effort to keep up with demand. Danmora's largest customer was Star Fleet. After their child was born he began to travel, he made short trips meeting customers and clients. He was able to become a very successful sales manager on top of his logistic skills. It drew the attention of the executive committee and he was rapidly promoted to Prior and then Abbot in the order. These promotions provided enormous benefits for himself and his family. As senior vice president of the company. Ariel was helping the children trough school and now the family had grown yet again to six children. They relocated to The new capital of Rigel XII, Rochelle. It was a beautiful city with parks and cultural facilities. The Templar Order had their main headquarters in the city so Gabriel was close to home, which was now a large estate with plenty of room for the entire family. Ariel now traveled with Gabriel as on of his assistants. His standing in the Order was very high for a man his age.

He has been given a new mission. The Order, at the request of the Federation was asked to consider constructing a new heavy industry complex on Rigel 5. This was part of an overall plan to improve the economy and infrastructure in a very poor place. And with the Federation footing the bill it would be a very good deal for the Order indeed.
Starfleet History Senor Civilian advisor for Federation of Planets economic development counsel.
Education, Employment & Service Record President of Danmora Enterprises.
CEO of Excel Heavy Industries
Appointed Vice Chancellor Of the Templar Order
Medical & Psychiatric Records Private