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SCI-Commander Callum Ryan

Name Callum James Ryan Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank SCI-Commander

Character Information

Face Claim Matt Dallas
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Homosexual
Date of Birth (Age) 10/06/2353 (37)
Birthplace Kent, Ohio, Earth

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Callum stands slightly taller than average with black hair and green eyes. He likes to keep himself in shape and maintains an active lifestyle.


Family & Friends PARENTS
Peter Ryan, PhD (60)
Catherine Ryan, M.D. (61)

Callum is the eldest son of Peter and Catherine Ryan. Both spent their whole lives as civilians, Peter as a researcher and lecturer at Purdue University while Catherine was a civilian Doctor in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lieutenant Michael Ryan (30)

Michael Ryan is the youngest child of Peter and Catherine. Always close to his older brother, he followed in Callum's footsteps and entered Starfleet Academy. Unlike his brother, Michael became a Security/Tactical Officer and is currently the Strategic Operations Officer on Starbase 323.

Alexander Chabert-Ryan (17)

Alexander is the result of an agreement between Alexander and his childhood friend, Eloise Chabert. When Callum was twenty, Eloise approached him and asked if he would be a sperm donor for her. She was eager to be a mother and was unwilling to wait for 'Mr Right' to come along. Unfortunately Eloise didn't live long enough to fulfil her dream; she died in childbirth. The task of raising their son fell to Callum.


General Overview Callum Ryan is generally an easy going, friendly individual, though he can be quite stubborn and grumpy, particularly early in the morning; Callum is not a morning person. However, Callum does not suffer fools gladly and will give as good as he takes when someone uses a tone that he has a problem with.

He graduated from the Academy with a major in Planetary Sciences and a minor in History. During the course of his career he has continued his education, earning a masters and a PhD in Planetary Sciences through distance learning programs.

Callum is a music lover. As a child he learned how to play the piano and violin and continues to maintain those skills in adult life. He also enjoys swimming, running and hiking. Callum also enjoys settling down with a good book or the latest research papers and spending time with his son.
Languages & Vernacular Callum is fluent in Federation Standard, Klingon and has a working understanding of Vulcan.

Education, Employment & Service Record 2371 – 2372
Cadet Freshman Grade – Science Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2372 – 2373
Cadet Sophomore Grade – Science Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2373 – 2374
Cadet Junior Grade – Science Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus, Earth

2374 – 2374
Cadet Senor Grade – Science Officer
U.S.S. Hood (Excelsior-class Starship)

2374 – 2375
Ensign (Field Promotion) – Science Officer
U.S.S. Hood (Excelsior-class Starship)

2375 – 2376
Ensign – Science Officer
U.S.S. Thunderchild (Akira-class Starship)

2376 – 2378
Lieutenant j.g. – Planetary Sciences Section Head
U.S.S. Thunderchild (Akira-class Starship)

2378 – 2379
Lieutenant j.g. – Planetary Sciences Section Head
U.S.S. Venture (Galaxy-class Starship)

2379 – 2381
Lieutenant – Planetary Sciences Section Head
U.S.S Venture (Galaxy-class Starship)

2381 – 2384
Lieutenant – Assistant Chief Science Officer
U.S.S. Venture (Galaxy-class Starship)

2384 – 2385
Lieutenant Commander – Assistant Chief Science Officer
U.S.S. Venture (Galaxy-class Starship)

2385 – 2390
Lieutenant Commander – Chief Science Officer
U.S.S. John Young (Sovereign-class Starship)

2390 – Present
Commander – Chief Science Officer
Deep Space Twelve (Frontier-class Station)