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FED-Civilian Alan Ganna

Name Alan Sonne Ganna Ph.D.

Position Professor of Economics

Rank FED-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Angel Bonanni
Gender Male
Species Human/½ Ornaran
Sexuality Bisexual
Date of Birth (Age) January 17th, 2342 (48)
Birthplace Landstuhl, Germany

Physical Appearance

Physical Description He's a bit of a bean-pole, with long arms and legs suitable for running, an activity of which he engages frequently. Alan's fashion sense is fairly casual, plaid shirts over worn jeans and a tote bag over his shoulder just-about do it. Alan has a full head of wavy, medium-hued hair and indeterminate hazel-brown eyes, and most-often appears with several-days' old stubble lining his jaw. His nose, somewhat aquiline, is crooked due to a break that never-quite healed correctly. He refuses to have it fixed. Despite his continual exercise in excessive casualness, Alan holds himself with due formality of someone befitting his stature.


Family & Friends Parents Dafna Sonne (deceased), Neer Ganna
Spouse River Emarian (ex-fiance)


General Overview Stop, danger, go back, No Exit-Alan's a stereotypical asshole. He's unapologetically himself and he expects everyone else to meet his exacting, rigorous standards or else he simply doesn't have the time to spare for you. He's not rude, mind-you, but he is blunt and quite tactless. He has strongly-held philosophical, political and ethical beliefs and he lives his life according to them (nor is he shy telling you them, at length). Alan's whip-smart, but his real genius tends to be hidden behind a hard, crusty shell. As a Terran/Ornaran hybrid, Alan possesses the unique ability of his second half to channel electrical fields, capable of producing jolts ranging from small zaps to large, shooting arcs able to kill-though Alan considers himself a pragmatic pacifist, he doesn't use this ability for anything other than the mundane unless he's provoked.
Languages & Vernacular (In order of learning) German, French, Federation Standard, Hebrew, Ornaran, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Polish. A natural polyglot, Alan speaks clearly and correctly, with a voice ranging in mid-tenor; not too deep and not too bright, but enough to be powerfully evocative and immediately grasping if he so chooses to employ the full range of his vocal capacity. Growing up going to services with his mother, he learned to manipulate tropes and intuit musical theory at an early age-meaning he can sing, relatively well, not that anyone in his general proximity would ever have reason to know it.

Personal History Blessed as רינת-איחוד לוית דפנה (Rinat-ichud L'Veit Dafna) eight days after his eventful and highly dramatic birth, the combination of both his rather unusual name and the circumstances resulting in his entrance into this world, set the stage for Alan's upbringing by his eccentric single mother (the aforementioned Dafna Sonne, hailing from Nantes, France).

Alan's father Neer does make periodic occurrences over the years, but only enough to cement his own role as a deadbeat, drug-addled wino whose only hobbies include betting on ridiculously named horses (War Admiral, seriously? You're going to go with War Admiral? OK, wise-guy) and cheating on his wife. Alan never could understand what his mother saw in him, but she got googly-eyed whenever he came around, so from a young age Alan learned to put himself in-between them and stand up for his mother when she couldn't.

You could say he was a mama's boy. They grew up poor in Landstuhl, near the Starfleet military base, which roared to life in the '50s when Sol incursions from Zelekeizei hit full-swing. Dafna's parents were both officers and eventually they moved in to their lean-to, upon realizing it was the only way little Alan was going to get a chance at a life other than busking and vending Dafna's fruit cart. This mitigated things until they were both called to active duty on the frontier. It was a crippling blow when the USS Agamemnon was destroyed, killing them both and leaving Dafna entirely dependent upon herself, raising a boy set to graduate high school at age 14.

Notwithstanding the interplay of Ornaran history made self-evident in Alan's life, he applied himself and began to covet achievements and accomplishments as a way to set himself apart from his Ornaran heritage, and to ameliorate the inevitable teasing of his classmates (discover you're bi early on, get yanked out of a class-wide exam for a religious holiday no-one else celebrates by your dreadlock-sporting, shawl-wearing, Howard-Zinn spouting patchouli-smelling mother-who you love beyond all reason-oh and hail ancestrally from a planet where everyfuckingone is addicted to dope, that'll show 'em).

The mismatched duo moved to Berlin when he finally did enter secondary education and the adjustment from a 9,000-person community into a full-blown, intergalactic hub of sights and sounds fascinated young Alan, who dove into his lessons and extracurricular activities with renewed vigor. When he did graduate, he was offered a scholarship to Columbia University in the States, which he took, promising to call his mother every week in order to ward off the empty nests. When he did leave it was with hesitation-without anyone to stand in her way, Neer could easily swoop back in and take advantage, but Dafna insisted he go.

For Alan, mathematics spoke to him and he took his undergraduate degree in a generalized major, before condensing specifically to economics for his Masters and then the beginnings of what would be his Ph.D. dissertation on sentient-capital formation of youth in Federation-jurisdiction Non-Federation-Aligned colonies and the role of migrant remittances in economic trends around NFA border zones; a dissertation that required him to travel to many of these worlds to observe the confluence of sensitive political turbulence and armed conflict.

During this time as a young student still bright-eyed and in need of a mentor, Alan met River Emarian, a quarter-Klingon academic adviser who would help shape him into the man he is today. They became intimate early-on, and River culled and hacked away the parts of Alan's thesis (funny word, that-thesis, from tithenai, to place and River's doing just-that, making a place for him) that flowed-over into too-much: too-eager, too-idealistic, too backwater. Their partnership is electric, the talk of dinners and social events, with River grooming him for a permanent position on the faculty.

Alan was so besotted by River that in his eternal devotion (spun accordingly like the finest thread-gold from Rumpelstilzchen's wheel of condemned contracts), he bailed on a planned visit back to Berlin. It'd been a few years by that point, but surely they had all the time in the world? Until they didn't. Until he learns that Dafna's dead, and he's three thousand miles away, suffocating under the weight of that boot pressed to his back, pressing him down, leaving him numb and tasting ash.

It's nine years later when he finally receives his doctorate and whispers of the Dominion are just beginning to reach Earth, and by the time Jem'Hadar vessels pound through the wormhole the entire Alpha and Beta quadrants are in economic upheaval, so Alan packs up his bags and heads for the frontier himself, studying financial ups and downs as they happen right before his eyes in order to feed the data back to the Federation's civilian government.

River is a blip long in the past, but Alan carries him all the way to Oxford in the '80s after the War passes and the quadrants begin to settle into a long peace. In 2382, he meets a student named Jaime in his advanced Interstellar Economics class, one of seven students selected for the program and incredibly forward, to put a polite spin on it. Having been there before, Alan firmly rejects Jaime's advances, instead settling into something of a real mentor to him instead. Until one day Jaime doesn't show up, but that's just life for you.

Enter now, eight years later and on the frontier once-more, Alan would never join a military institution on principle but the station does serve 600,000 people and they need a place to get educated, not to mention the fascinating interplay of markets on a newly-emergent, self-contained city at the far-reaches of the quadrant.

He just didn't expect the past to meet up with him there.
Starfleet History SS Gilgamesh (2373-2375, civilian contractor)
Education, Employment & Service Record It became apparent at a young age that Alan was smart and he won a scholarship at age fourteen-around the time he should've been in eighth grade but was in reality finishing up with his high school's graduating class-to Columbia, where he studied mathematics in depth and attained a doctorate before pursuing a teaching career in economics.
Medical & Psychiatric Records 2359 Scapular fracture C-II (Coracoid process fracture, fracture distal to the coracoclavicular ligament)
Scapular fracture A-III (Acromion fracture, displacement compromising the subacromial space)
Scapular fracture I-Vc (Fracture through glenoid exiting scapula laterally, superiorly, medially)
Pulmonary contusion, clavicle fracture (acromioclavicular joint separation)
Pt requires extensive surgical rehabilitation and physical therapy
Campus security contacted (no complaint filed)

2360 Schatzker type IV medial tibial plateau fracture, req. buttress plating w/ bone grafting
Fracture of R-second metacarpal bone, third metacarpal bone, fourth metacarpal bone and fifth metacarpal bone
Volkmann's contracture (brachioradial crush injury/resolved)

2362 Nasal fracture (closed reduction)

2368 Evidence of poorly healed inverted lateral anterior talofibular ligament sprain, treated on-scene
Evidence of prior inter-articular avulsion fracture of distal phalax
Spiral fracture of humerus (open reduction/surgical)

2370 D-III burn scarring of L-arm, resolv. laser removal and physical therapy
Campus security contacted (no complaint filed)

2373 Facial lacerations treated, hematoma of L-side treated, bruised spleen treated
Campus security contacted (no complaint filed)

2383 Physical therapy sought for prior injuries, pt-stated goal "to run again"
After six months of aggressive therapeutic assistance pt has stated he is able to "go for a jog" not exceeding 30.2 minutes