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CMD-Lieutenant Jaime Chevalier

Name Jaime Berlius Chevalier

Position Flight Control Officer

Rank CMD-Lieutenant

Character Information

Face Claim Nicholas Hoult
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Pansexual
Date of Birth (Age) December 7, 2359 (30)
Birthplace Marseilles, France, Earth
Station Prometheus

Physical Appearance


Family & Friends Father: Jean-Pierre Chevalier
Mother: Mercedes Delancre-Chevalier
  • Antoinette
  • Brienne
  • Corrine
  • Dorcas
  • Elena
  • Francesca
  • Genevieve
  • Henrietta
  • Iradessa
  • Kamille


Languages & Vernacular Jaime is naturally multilingual. His auditory and aural aptitude scores are some of the highest recorded since Nyota Uhura.

He is fluent in quite a few Earth languages, i.e. French, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and a few others.
He is also fluent in Vulcan, Andorian, and Klingon.