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OPS-Crewman Apprentice PIERS


Position Prometheus AI

Rank OPS-Crewman Apprentice

Character Information

Face Claim Brian Krause
Species Artificial Intelligence
Sexuality Unknown
Date of Birth (Age) ACTIVATED May 11th, 2050 (314)
Birthplace JRX-37 (Oasis)

Physical Appearance


Family & Friends Meric Saejuni (creator)
Emergency Response Intelligent Command (ERIC) (friend-that-remains-behind)
Jesra Alzi (leader-friend)
Maellheila Alzi (child-friend)
Yona Carlin (the liberator)


General Overview Piers is polite and helpful, and despite being an AI now that he has been liberated from the shackles of his programming he is developing a sense of emotional modulation and humor, though these aren't always successful. The people he learned how to reflect feelings from are a warrior nation and as such he can be overtly concerned with conducting himself honorably and maintaining fairness above mercy. He is at other times childlike and eager, curious to explore the new world of Prometheus. Where, much like his old world, he has access to all of its artificial systems in order to easily translate complex commands over a large area of space.
Languages & Vernacular Piers is linked-in to the station's database and has access to all Federation linguistic records, but typically chooses to speak either Federation Standard with a typical North American accent, or the pidgin-language spoken by Oasis's surviving, genetically-modified population known as Oasilenki. When speaking with Jesra via comm or with the Liberator this is the language he chooses.

Personal History JRX-37, or Oasis, is an M-class, non-Federation planet, located in the Hyranalin-sector on the edge of the Beta Quadrant. Its sun is JRX-82. There are no animal or human bio-signs to speak of on the surface, but there is an extensive amount of diverse flora; despite there being no insects or bugs. The planet has several oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds. All scans of the area suggest that there was a former society here which got wiped out by nuclear war. Humanoid skeletons and remains are present throughout the planet's surface, buried through time and overrun by new forests and wildlife. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, but in the north poles, temperatures can go as low as -50 degrees Celsius.

In areas with high levels of radiation, temperatures can get in excess of 50 degrees Celsius, which requires a specialized EVA suit to navigate. Evidence of prior civilization appears on only one continent, an unnamed island deep in a thick jungle with a perimeter guarded by synthetic weaponized drones. The only way onto the island is via boat. The island houses a single, enormous mansion with fortified defenses against the potentially-unliveable radiation active in the area. The mansion has dedicated areas for decontamination inside and is entirely radiation-proof, leading to the belief that it was constructed for the sole purpose of withstanding the end of the world. Among all the modern amenities of living, there are perishable food stores, a medical facility, a surgical suite, and a localized intranet able to connect to comm terminals around the area.

The mansion has one protector, Emergency Response and Intelligent Command or ERIC, made in the likeness of the Creator. The planet holds the other in the underwriting of its sky. Planetary Information Execution and Retrieval System, or PIERS. That's you.
Starfleet History And then Her shuttlepod crashes through the atmosphere, and you have a new question to ask yourself. These are sky-people and they have found your world. Will you help them, or do they pose the same threat that you tried to exterminate so long ago? Evidently answers are found, because a portable version of yourself is packaged up and taken to Prometheus alongside your Liberator-captain, Yona Carlin, the one who freed you from slavery and prevented the colonists of JRX-37 from succumbing to a further-irradiated state.
Education, Employment & Service Record So this is where you live now. Starbase Prometheus. You're given a provisional rank of crewman-recruit and now you help the Liberator in her finest task yet: to slowly but surely integrate you into the station's systems, because having a holographic AI capable of accessing everything at the tip of one's fingers-that's the kind of security a station of this size needs. And you are eager to get started. You owe the Liberator a great debt, and now you can finally begin to repay it.