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COL-Commander Lucas Teghtmeyer

Name Lucas Teghtmeyer M.D., Ph.D.

Position Medical Director

Rank COL-Commander

Character Information

Face Claim Nick Youngquest
Gender Male
Species Human
Sexuality Homosexual
Date of Birth (Age) 2345 (45)
Birthplace Alpha Centauri VII

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 1.94 m
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue


Family & Friends Father
Victor J Teghtmeyer, Director of Cardiology, McCoy Health Campus, Alpha Centauri VII

Rear Admiral (Ret) Miranda Teghtmeyer, Resident Alpha Centauri VII

Amelia Teghtmeyer - Freighter Captain, Star Alliance Freight


Personal History Born in 2345 on Alpha Centauri VII Teghtmeyer’s parents were Starfleet officers, his father resigned his commission to raise Lucas and his twin sister Amelia while his mother returned to duty as the XO of a starship. His father had been a medical officer and continued to practice as a civilian. The Teghtmeyer twins grew up in an affluent area of the Capital, their father working at the McCoy Health Campus part of the large university on the planet. A highly respected cardiologist he eventually rose to be the head of the Cardiology Department. Their mother, rose to the rank of Rear Admiral before putting in for a transfer and serving out the last years of her carerr as the Starfleet Liaison to the Alpha Centauri government.

The twins were both bright and studious, in Lucas’ case by choice, in Amelia’s by their father’s stern insistence. After graduating high school Lucas enrolled in Starfleet Academy, Amelia took a job as a pilot of a small cargo freighter, a choice their parents very much disapproved of. At the Academy Lucas quickly elected pre-med as his course, his father’s reputation and his own grades along with his mother’s connections made it an easy deal.

During his first year at the Academy Lucas came out as gay, his family was mostly accepting, his sister didn’t care, his mother was okay with it and in the words of his father ‘I don’t get it but you’re still my son.’ The distance from his parents and the freedoms that came with post secondary education allowed Lucas to enjoy the historic tradition of college experimentation.

After his academy years the completed a general surgery internship on Earth, at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Berlin. Excelling in his surgical qualifications he was assigned to the Sovereign-class USS Agamemnon following his Internship at the rank of Lieutenant JG. The Agamemnon was assigned to Starfleet’s presence along the Romulan boarder, however in 2373 with the outbreak of the Dominion war she was reassigned as the flagship of the Eighth Fleet. Teghtmeyer was made a full time Surgeon aboard the ship, a position which kept him very busy during the war. The Agamemnon was built with enhanced medical facilities meaning it often took on patients from other ships damaged or destroyed during the war. Teghtmeyer logged more than 2500 surgeries during the war and was commended for his service on more than one occasion.

The Agamemnon was one of the lucky ships to make it through the war, damaged heavily during the final months of the war she was absent from the Battle for Cardassia Prime, her nacelles badly damaged she served as a hospital ship attached to the allied forces in the Betazed sector for the final weeks of the war.

Following the peace treaty she was decommissioned, for her service the name passed onto a Galaxy-class under construction. Promoted to Lieutenant, he was accepted into an Infectious Disease Fellowship, at McCoy Health Campus, marking the first time he had returned home since leaving for the Academy, his name was well known, and he still suspects his father’s prominence was a contributing factor to his being accepted into the program. Completing a PhD in Immunology and Infectious Disease during the fellowship the two years he spent in his hometown gave him the chance to reconnect with his parents.

During his time at the MHC he also met Neam Hysin a Betazoid and also a fellow in the program, the two began a romantic relationship in the second year of the program. When they completed the fellowship they both put in for positions at the Federation Centre for Disease Control at the office on Betazed, Hysin wanting to return to his homeward. The pairs relationship continued for another a year and a half, but living and working together all day everyday strained their relationship and in late 2378 they separated, Neam being promoted to the head of the CDC on Betazed, Teghtmeyer also promoted requesting reassignment back to the Fleet.

Now a Lieutenant Commander he was posted as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer aboard the Spector, and Akira Class carrier operating out of Deep Space 14, a newly opened outpost deep in the Beta Quadrant. The Spector was part of a Task Force assigned to chart and explore new regions, as Starfleet finally began to refocus on exploration as the wounds of war healed. The Spector often assigned with scientific assets proved a much slower paced assigned than his last tour aboard a ship. In three years aboard the ship he completed more research than surgeries and in 2381 was accepted for a prestigious research fellowship at the Erosna Medical Academy on Denonbula.

Despite the slightly cramped quarters of the planet Lucas enjoyed his time hear, learning a lot and again, perusing a relationship with a colleague, where Teghtmeyer was an Infectious Disease specialist, Aidan McTaggart.

When he completed his research tour he was assigned to the Intrepid Class Bellerophon as it’s Chief Medical Officer, the ship assigned to Starbase 220. Eighteen months after his assignment to the Bellerophon Teghtmeyer decided to attempt the Bridge Officers Course, completing it he was promoted to Commander and took on additional responsibilities of second officer. In 2385 when an Olympic Class hospital ship was assigned to 220 and Teghtmeyer made it’s Chief Medical Officer.

Given the glowing recommendation of his Captain, despite her persistent attempts to get him to stay, his request was granted. Given his years of experience and background in public health and infectious disease prevention he was assigned as the Director of Emergency Preparedness at the New Vancouver Colony.

New Vancouver was a busseling class M planet in the Gariman Sector. The temperate oceanic climate and relatively peaceful region, despite proximately to the Klingon board had made it one of the Federation’s fastest growing colonies. The population had boomed from 250,000 to almost 2 million in just under 50 years. A rapidly growing tourism sector and developed agricultural sector meant that Starfleet was making it a priority and a Starbase slated to begin construction.

Three years after arriving the Colonial Government asked Teghtymeyer to take over the main hospital on the colony, Granville Medical Complex was the paramouth health centre staffed by both Starfleet and civilian medical professionals. In 2390 Lucas left the comfortable life on New Vancouver and headed to v'Geln in the Rigel system taking over as Hospital Administrator of the small medical complex providing aid to Romulan refugees.
Starfleet History 2363-2367 Cadet Pre-Medical Studies Starfleet Academy

2367-2369 General Surgery Internship University Hospital Heidelberg

2369-2373 Medical Officer USS Agamemnon (Sovereign class)
2373-2375 Surgeon USS Agamemnon (Sovereign class)
2375-2377 Lieutenant Infectious Disease Fellowship McCoy Health Campus, Alpha Centauri VII
2377-2378 Lieutenant Infectious Disease Specialist Federation Centres for Disease Control (Betazed)
2378-2381 Lt Commander Deputy Chief Medical Officer USS Spector (Akira Class)
2381-2383 Lt Commander Research Fellow Erosna Medical Academy, Denonbula
2383-2384 Lt Commander Chief Medical Officer USS Bellerophon (Intrepid Class)
2384-2385 Commander Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer USS Bellerophon (Intrepid Class)
2385-2386 Commander Chief Medical Officer USS McKinnon (Olympic Class)
2386-2387 Commander Executive Officer USS McKinnon (Olympic Class)
2387-2390 Commander Director of Emergency Preparedness New Vancouver Colony
2390-2390 Commander Administrator Granville Medical Complex, New Vancouver Colony
2390-Present Commander Administrator
2390-Pres : Commander, Hospital Administrator, RZ17 (v'Geln)