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FED-Civilian Tayeh

Name Bedami Tayeh M.D.

Position Internist

Rank FED-Civilian

Character Information

Face Claim Marie Avgeropoulos
Gender Female
Species Trill
Sexuality Homosexual
Birthplace Miniasa, Evri, Trill

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Black, worn in twisting, tight braids
Eyes Brown

Tayeh has light grey taerora or spots that span her temples and sweep down her neck and shoulders. She possesses a genetic variant that clusters several spots at once in the shape of a triangle at the edge of her eyebrows. These spots range from head to toe, in swirling, tightly-compacted designs. For a woman, Tayeh is well-built, tall and muscular and packs a punch.



General Overview Tayeh's name is pronounced tie-,yuh.
Her specialties include infectious diseases and xenobiology.
There are rumors to suggest that Tayeh's time at Longview was due to medical experimentation.
Tayeh is an exiled Trill, meaning that she is barred from the planet and her symbiont will no longer pass on.
She does not have a first name. Her name has been legally altered to represent that of the symbiont.
Tayeh is a mysterious person, and most don't know a thing about her, other than that she always has a vase of freshly-cut flowers, a different kind each day, by her desk.