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SCI-Ensign Lilix

Name Lilix the Whisperer

Position Nursing Student

Rank SCI-Ensign

Character Information

Face Claim Josh Holloway
Gender Male
Species Orion/Betazoid
Sexuality Pansexual
Date of Birth (Age) October 3rd, 2363 (27)
Birthplace Mavia Bay, Taith, Botchok

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Height 6'1"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Light red
Eyes Black

The Rayyah sigil is a stylized silver-bird, an animal native to Taith province. All Rayyah Estate staffworkers, slaves and employees receive a tattoo of this sigil. Prior to being freed, Lilix was given this tattoo. He is now a member of the Rayyah clan and thus no longer a slave.


Family & Friends Belongs to the iconic Rayyah clan on Botchok, in Taith province. The Rayyah Estate is a large property located in Taith province on Botchok comprised of four complexes, each with twelve wings labeled from A-Wing through to L-Wing. There is a school, a medical bay, a garage, an armory, dormitories as well as offices to conduct business. The Estate trains slaves and owns an architectural firm, Yvrrih. Ordinarily Orions do not use their clan names as not to allow their enemies any leeway, but the tahedri of Rayyah openly does, as a symbol of their influential control over Taith province.


General Overview If life were a field, Lilix would be its gardener. He is a natural caretaker and healer, creeping through life with the gentlest of footsteps and cradling everything he can find in light, delicate fingers. Suffering is not unknown to Lilix, but he takes it in stride, doing his best to find the light in everything and everyone. He cannot help but love everyone he meets, even the most vile of creatures, because he knows them as deeply as he knows himself-a line that he's not always able to draw clearly. As a hyper-empath, Lilix is non-verbal, communicating primarily via psionic contact. He is naturally open, expressive and curious, and fails to comprehend the finer points of concepts like privacy or guardedness.
Languages & Vernacular Yrevish, Yrevish Kriol, Betali, Federation Standard.

Personal History Lilix was born to a Betazoid woman on a small, backwater Rigelian colony where his mother had been captured and held by his father in his modest apartment. When he was born, his father immediately took him from her (casting her out) and focused on training him with a mental adept, looking at eventually selling him to escape poverty. His empathic abilities developed exceptionally early, at only one year of age, and it caused him to quickly become adored by those he met for his mild-mannered, people-pleasing demeanor. When those around him were happy, he felt happy, so he did his best to ensure that this was so, being a model child and essentially, slave, even while still with his father.

It was difficult for him to separate himself from other people, and he took on their pain, their loves, their hopes, dreams and ambitions as though they were his own. While telepathy focused on the more rigid, structural components of psionic contact ('speaking', 'communicating', 'visualizing'), due to his hybrid nature, Lilix's abilities were almost solely empathic, almost alarmingly so. Eventually he was sold to Nyrai for a pretty penny, where his talents were frankly wasted for the next four years. He would have been kept, but a passing tutor with the Taeix Estate offered Nyrai more money than he could make in ten years for the opportunity to train a Betazoid empath to act as a pleasure slave (in the grand sense of the word, thank-you very much, these people were professionals).

His time at Taeix was spent studying all manners of things, from dance and the arts to computers, science and philosophy. His abilities were honed by a Vulcan tutor and he was taught to structure and orient his mindscape, using those around him as touchstones. By the time he was eighteen years of age and ready for sale, he was the favorite. He was purchased by the Rayyah Estate shortly after and posed to act as an adjunct to the clan's integration leader, Jacran, due to his demeanor and ability to put people at ease.
Starfleet History Simply being in his presence was soothing, and his natural need to care for others in any way that he could, the pure joy he got from doing so, made him the number one candidate by the Rayyah Estate to eventually join Starfleet Academy's officer program, to infiltrate higher ranks with the hope of gaining intelligence on Starfleet's anti-trafficking task forces responsible for tracking Syndicate activity throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants. He applied, and was accepted to where he naturally gravitated toward: nursing, the caring profession.
Education, Employment & Service Record Property of Nyrai.
Property of Taeix Estate.
Psionic restructuring, Taeix Estate.
Private tutors, Rayyah Estate.
Integration training, Rayyah Estate.
Adoption by Rayyah Estate, continuing work.
Starbase Prometheus, nursing student.
Medical & Psychiatric Records Lilix is capable of speech when absolutely necessary, but verbalizes very infrequently.