Crew Manifest

Site Manifests — Prometheus Station · USS Echo · Rigel V · Refugee Zone 17

Every department head aboard the Prometheus serves the same additional function on the Echo, our complete Intrepid-class starship available to do survey and discovery missions. The Echo is staffed by an NPC group of officers and you are free to utilize it in your mission posts at will. This manifest also serves as our sim's official listed Chain of Command (denoted by {*}), which is why you may see positions listed here that are not specifically department heads, nor specifically stationed on the Echo itself.

Captain Yona Carlin {*}
Commanding Officer

Commander Brandt Grayson {*}
Executive Officer

Commander Levi Forbes
Chief Operations Officer

Commander Callum Ryan
Chief Science Officer

Commander Noah Reed
Chief Engineer

Major Michael Redmond
Marine Commanding Officer

Commander Nathan Braddock {*}
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer

Lieutenant Commander Mrol {*}
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer