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The Frontier-class is the largest class of station in operation by Starfleet today. It is made up of three intersecting rings, perpendicular to one another surrounding a large spherical core. The Hub, or the station's operations center, is located in the upper intersection between the two vertical rings. The Frontier-class starbase is a current test platform for the Thoron shield system.


Thoron shield is a prototype defense system designed to be completely independent from a station's standard shield grid generation matrix. It offers stronger protection against enemy attack; energy and physical, as well as the ability to dampen all subspace communications and sensor scans. As of 2385, Deep Space 9 was the only known facility equipped with this system. However, with its success, in 2390, the Thoron shielding project was expanded to Deep Space 12.


Prometheus houses 30,000 crewmembers both civilian and Starfleet, and hosts a city of about 600,000 people. These inhabitants work, sleep, play, learn and live on the station. Prometheus has a fully functional educational system called the Prometheus Board of Education or P-Bec as it's informally known by residents. This contains a primary and secondary school. Post-secondary education is available on Rigel V, as well as on the station itself. The University of Prometheus is a fledgeling academic institute still in its infancy. There are many restaurants, bars, holosuites, gymnasiums and sports facilities that one may use to occupy their free time as well.


Plotting aboard the Prometheus occurs within a much larger framework than you may be used to; while we do have site-wide missions, they are very loose, allowing players to craft their own plots using a sliding timeline. You can feel free to post backdated threads or forward-dated threads simultaneously using our format dd:mm:yy (e.g. June 6th, 2390). Posts that occur more than one year in the past should be tagged as BACKPOST.