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This sim is set three years after the Hobus event. The Romulan Empire is currently in fractured pieces. The Romulans who are left are either: highly traumatized, or have joined loose coalitions and alliances to try and gather ships and find supplies. The remaining Romulans have fallen under Federation care, as Ambassador Spock's role in its destruction and the Vulcan Science Academy's initial lack of cooperation has made the Federation feel somewhat responsible for the survivors of the incident. As latent telepaths, the surviving Romulans experienced a telepathic shockwave crippling a significant minority of the population.

The Federation produced academic research that addressed the consequences of telepathic trauma & were on the front-lines to help get refugees to approved refugee zones. These Romulans are still in those refugee zones and it is a current crisis that continues to impact our political climate in-game. DS12 is the frontline and will be dealing with the ramifications of resettlement as a station built in the Rigelian sector, where many of these refugee zones are located. The closest one to DS12 is Refugee Zone 37 or RZ17.

The current climate aboard DS12 is that this is a station that's just been built in orbit around Rigel V. Rigel V has been in a fluctuating state of Federation membership since the Federation's inception due to some of their less-tolerated practices such as child marriage, major lack of infrastructure in certain areas, and xenophobic tendencies. Right now, Rigel V is in one of those flux-periods and DS12 was constructed as a diplomatic base of operations to help get Rigel V in shape.

Half the station is still being constructed (the Hub/Ops, Science, Medical, Engineering, Operations). The only actually fully functional areas of the station at the moment are the Habitat rings, where families and crewmembers live. Part of our pre-deployment endgame will be to get these facilities up and running before Starfleet officially considers the starbase active.

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The AU section is available for anybody to write anything. You can write your characters as alternate versions of themselves, in different settings/genres/fandoms, you can write canon characters, you can write in different eras (i.e. Enterprise, TOS, Discovery, etc), or explore your characters in a scenario that wouldn't be feasible on Prometheus. You cannot create accounts for AU characters, so if you're writing for somebody different (i.e. Kirk or Spock), you must use your regular account and simply write for the character you want. Posts in the AU section are NOT canon to the game.


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