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A New Facility

Posted on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 10:13pm by RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven
Edited on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 10:15pm

Gabriel stepped back from the large hologram display on the table. “Not sure if I'm that comfortable with the size of the living quarters, Just a bit crammed into the rest of the plant.”

The conference room was close to maximum compasity. The entire engineering team was trying to work some issues with the boss, and Gabriel was tuned into perfection with the project.

One engineer stepped forward. “This may open that area up a bit.” The hologram faded and switched to a much larger complex. “ This adds quite a bit of room for the families. It Offers individual housing for each resident family. However it comes at a much higher cost.” Gabriel approached the model again. It was three times the size of the one first proposed.

“ Yes, much better, so how many can we house?”

“Their are three thousand units sir. That includes to educational facilities and a good sized medical building. All these homes can absorb three to four members in comfort.” Gabriel nodded, “Good idea, if we are planning on a long term workforce I see the need to keep them as safe and happy as possible.”

The next issue of the meeting was the assembly plant. It was huge and stretched for almost a kilometer. Large buildings hidden on one side By a large grass berm. The other side opening up to a enormous concrete landing area.

Gabriel watched closely. “Irene, your our chief engineer on this. Perhaps you could give us the lowdown on it.” The tall Redhead stepped forward and began.

“The assembly facility has taken us several months to design at this site. It is similar to our plant on Argos, and just a bit bigger on production due to lighter gravity. The Large grass berm provides a excellent green area and hides the structure from three directions on the ground.”

The Hologram rotated and began an animation of operations. “As you see our ground team shall be using industrial replicators and assembling hull sections. They are rolled out to the pad and lifted by tractor beams to the orbital assembly station.” The Hologram displayed the process for all to observe.

The lights in the room dimmed considerably. High above the ground Hologram appeared the orbital facility. It was massive. The executives watched as the animation continued. They could see several hull sections departing the ground plant and arriving at the orbital station.

“The orbital station maintains six assembly yards in a low orbit. As you can see they surround a large pod which will house corporate offices and design and development structures. We will be able to build six T-seven hundreds at one time which is our production goal.” She returned to her seat as the lights returned to the room.

“Thank you Irene. You and your team have certainly out did yourselves once again. Doctor Holman, lets here about the environmental impact.” Gabriel looked at a much older man with wavy unkempt grey hair.

“ Sir, my team has been here for several months as part of the advance team. At first we had many housing issues and fragile support. Upon reviewing the plant size and area the ground plant shall encompass we prepared a written study that shows less than one percent of impact to the surface infrastructure.” He smiled. “We learned a lot for the Argos plant and applied those improved methods of construction here.” The large hologram appeared again, this time far above Rigel Five.

“As you see the orbital platform sections are built buy our main factory on Rigel Twelve and towed in to low orbit here. Once a stable platform is completed the orbital station shall assemble the actual ground factory sections and lower them to the surface. The residential areas shall be completed first. Then our training centers will be lowered. The rest of the the main assembly plant last.”
Gabriel was aware of the process, however didn't realize how well planned out it truly was. He started clapping his hands and the room full of executives and engineers joined in.

Gabriel stood. “ A remarkable feat indeed. Building a orbital construction vehicle that will build it's own ground factory, to receive the vessel parts needed to expand our fleet.” It was a historical feat for Danmora. Ariel Seven stepped behind Gabriel and whispered in his ear.

“Oh, please enjoy a small reception we have prepared for you today.” Gabriel turned as a large wall section was being slide back revealing a large dinning room. “Please enjoy your lunch. I will need the training and finance team to meet in two hours in my conference room.”

The Seven's greeted many people they knew as people found their seats and began to eat. The entire corporate staff seldom met as they were scattered all over space. So Ariel thought it a good opportunity to spoil them a bit while they were there on Rigel Five. Ariel made it a point to know most of them personally, that included the families. She had spared little expense for gifts for every one of them. She smiled at her husband as he talked with the engineers and architects. This would be a big deal if it worked.


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