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The Clock is Ticking

Posted on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 10:38pm by RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven
Edited on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 10:39pm

The comm link was established within seconds. Gabriel watched as Ship Master Irene Dunn appeared on the screen. One of Danmora's premier Captains. She was attired in a solid black Jumpsuit her Blonde hair down at the shoulders. Irene was a hard taskmaster to her crew of nine, in fact she did more with nine crew than most could accomplish with twenty or more. As soon as she made the connection she did not hesitate to get right to the point.

"Greetings Gabriel Seven. I've been expecting your call." She said with a determined voice.

"Greeting's to you and your crew Irene. Unfortunately I have not heard a peep from Starfleet or their station commander. So your still on the bubble yet. I shall wait a bit longer just to keep up my ten hour request. I know this is difficult for you and your crew. Please inform them bonus compensation will be issued for their delay." Gabriel was aware that after the scheduled deliver they vessel was headed back to Rigel 12 for a two week break as the ship had scheduled maintenance.

"Yes Gabriel this has been most upsetting in the highest form. This was not supposed to happen." Irene was indeed frustrated. Gabriel would be respectful and hear her out.

"I've delivered to this sector so many shipments these fleeter traffic monkeys all know me buy name. Now I'm being held on a ridiculous customs inspection. I'm two days over on my schedule and it's ruined our on time record for this year. My crew has worked very hard to get that bonus. It's just not fair." She ended with a heavy sigh.

" Irene, you and the crew will get your bonus and your record will be adjusted. I'm very sorry about it and will get this issue straight with you and the crew. Besides I just won't have one of our best vessels sidelined like this." Gabriel's calm voice settled the captain. Things would be set right.

"Thank you boss. that eases the pain a lot. But when are we going to be able to offload this cargo?"

"Irene, you will be the second one to know. Just give me a few more hours." The captain didn't know about the ten hour deadline. And time was running short.

The com channel closed. Gabriel looked at the time...


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