Phase One Completed

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2019 @ 3:23pm by RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven

The Runabout glided passed the large structure. Gabriel Seven intensely watched out the large window as the freighter towed the first section of the non orbital station within the glowing beacons. Behind him stood three Engineers of Excel Heavy Industries, a company own entirely by Gabriel. The first section was truly emence and would house the station staff and engineering departments. Other similar oval structures would be connected for support and assembly. The final assembly array would be delivered in ten sections and hold five of the larger Freighters in final construction. The goal was the construction of one completed freighter every twenty days once production was completed.

The team was watching as one by one all of the fifty beacons came on line and turned a bright blue meaning the first section was locked in place and stationary in space. The alignment of the first section was critical. But these teams had experience from the building of the first station off Argos Prime. And as they held their collective breaths the task was completed within minutes. Gabriel turned and shook the hand of Hiram Turner his chief engineer of Excel. “A fine job Hiram. Your team has truly outdone themselves once again.” The red face man smiled and nodded in agreement. A steward in white offered beverages to all as Gabriel toasted their successes.

The location was set for the station, it was only point zero nanoseconds off the exact location that was designated. This location was selected in open space, far from any corridors of travel and quite a distance from any planetary jurisdictions. Gabriel could see several of his newest freighters in the distance. Each towing connecting tunnels and additional sections to be added.

“Where are we on our timeline for station assembly?” Connie Mendel stepped forward looking down at her padd, “Right now the crew on the station are pressuring up all egress areas and preparing for a core start. That will enable all the shields and power arrays. The tractor beam arrays will be next so our outer ring and connecting tunnels can be put in place. We are currently ten minutes a head of optimum schedule sir.” Gabriel and the rest of the team were pleased. Considering the expense and the travel time things were moving alone very nicely. Gabriel had allowed for some downtime in the project for safety reviews and crew breaks. He had Ariel plan a large celebration for all the workers and their families. That included large bonus disbursements.

The return trip to the Danmora building was swift. Gabriel had several more meetings to attend in the afternoon and a formal dinner he was hosting for visitors from Argos Prime. It was basically a informal board meeting and awards dinner recognizing several valued employees. He looked forward to it every year. His wife Ariel enjoyed setting the whole affair up and it was quite lavish. Things were moving along very well indeed.