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Lima Company

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 9:35am by MAR-Major Michael Redmond & MAR-Captain Cameron Koch

Location: RZ 17
Timeline: March 5 2390

Redmond was sitting at his desk. The coffee was still shit, but his mind was far away. His orderly walked through the office door. "Sir the Captain just passed through outer security. Says he'll be here in a few."

Mike glanced back from the window. "Thank you." Mike returned to his daydreaming...

Cameron walked in, and nodded to the Major. "Morning Sir." He said accepting a report from a Sergeant and reviewing it.

"Morning, Did you happen to see our new arrivals?" Mike stood and walked over to the window. Not far from the building the marines of Lima company could be observed setting up their camp amid clouds of brown dust. "Thats your company out there Captain and I hope another may be on it's way." Mike smiled.

"I noticed them on the way in, looks like you managed to get us some reinforcements. Thank you sir." Cameron replied.

"No Problem at all. And we have at my request a new Sergeant Major. You may have heard a bit about her. She is quite capable to achieve any task we may ask of her, but results may vary somewhat. She's half Romulan and I'm hoping will prove very useful. The new company is pretty green with many new marines. I leave their assessment and training to you Cameron." Mike took a drink from his cold coffee and winced.

"I will be trying to send some of the old group out for R and R, or allow them a new assignment. Many of them have been here far too long. I'd suggest we get our new troops out and acclimated as soon as possible, But keep them in small groups as to not attract any attention. If you have any issues with any of them just let me know so they had a smooth transition."

"Copy that sir, I've also been making arrangements with the station to rotate groups up there and do some larger unit training on the holodeck. There's only so much we can do with what we have to work with and while I hope it never happens we need the unit to be prepared for possible civil unrest situations and I rather not be training for that right in front of the civilians that would potentially be at unrest." Cameron replied.

" I completely agree. We have a situation that could get out of hand very quickly. Our profile here is support and assistance. As long as we subscribe to those mission tenets we're doing what we need to be doing. The weather here is somewhat harsh to some of our Marines. I shall certainly leave the training of you people up to you. But would suggest breaking some of them in easy to this climate to avoid casualties."

"Yeah I already have the Sergeant Major doing extra drill with them to get them started. No one has passed out yet." Cameron replied.

"Another wise decision there."

"I have my moments." Cam replied with a grin, "I'd also like to post a pair on guard duty to the medical centre that is being set up, it isn't staffed yet but their loading in equipment and supplies, it has the potential to be a target for raiding as the locals may think they can get their hands on medication or things to barter."

"I'm sure a presence would be needed there. I just don't think these poor people will panic just yet. Things will settle down as they see support mechanisms being put into place for them."

"Understood sir." He replied, "Any new word form the station about things we should be prepared for?"

"From what I can gather a very large supply vessel should be released from customs any day. That will certainly take care of food and water issues here. Other than that really nothing of note."

Cam nodded, so far the assignment had proved a balanced enough rotation of actual work and training time for the marine detachment. People were rested enough to get hard training done, but busy enough that people weren't going stir crazy. "Is there anything else you need me to prep for?" He asked the Major as he accepted another padd from a staff sergeant and read through the report before signing it and returning it.

"Well there is one other issue, Perhaps you might look at developing a plan for rationing food to the base. Just as a precaution. Our regular supply shipment is several days overdue. Not sure why as they have been on time since the first unit arrived here. Of course we have it shipped by Danmora Transport, just like everyone else in this sector. But all shipments have completely stopped since that one vessel was detained.

"That's not a good sign." Cameron said, "I'll draw up the plans today."

"Thanks." Redmond turned and grabbed a set of googles. He would need them for a quick trek to his quarters as the sand was really whipping about.


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