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dannoso turbare il sonno delle persone/cavie immerse nel torpare da loro voluto

Posted on Thu Aug 29th, 2019 @ 10:18pm by SCI-Crewman Arev Ritri & RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven

Location: Promenade
Timeline: March 21 2390

While Seven was on the station, he went mostly undisturbed save for several shop owners accosting him to buy their jewels and baubles, most of which were fakes from around the galaxy, sorry to say.

Amidst all of this, however, he was approached in the Promenade during a rare time that he wasn't flanked by his lackeys, from a person dressed in a Starfleet NCO's crewman sciences uniform. The man was easily identifiable as Rigelian, his wrist adorned by a psi-bracelet that had become common amongst members of the Rigelian species serving offworld that Seven knew indicated their bonds to their mates and family.

"Good morning, Mr. Seven," Arev murmurs, offering him a smile. "My name is Crewman Ritri, I'm of the Heart Clan on Rigel V. May I speak with you for a moment?" his eyebrows raise hopefully.

Gabriel wasn't alarmed that the man knew his name, even if he wasn't out in public much. "Why yes, please continue."

"I've heard that you're opening up a construction facility in New Jaylel," Arev says, clasping his hands behind his back as he falls into step beside Seven. His posture is formal, but relaxed, a combination making him appear diplomatic and at-ease with himself but without the smug confidence of, say, a Vulcan. He produces a small isolinear rod and holds it out. "I would be honored if you would consider my brother for a position," he cuts right to the chase.

"Well I'm not familiar with your brother, however barring any past criminal history I really don't have any reason to not consider him for a position. It is indeed true that I'm considering opening up a large plant on Rigel V but the matter will depend on how we strong our future would be with the local government. I have yet to meet with any representative yet."

Arev's eyes widen. "Really? I can help with that, you know." Not just for brownie-points or anything, but Arev's appointment to Starfleet as the first Southern Rigelian meant that he did indeed possess political contacts, one of whom was associated with Prometheus as well as Detachment 36. "Are you familiar with Ambassador Seshanshaya? He's a representative of Viltan, a city in Kenshar."

"No I'm not familiar with him I would certainly be open to talk with anyone involving the establishment of the new plant. That being said I fear they may be some greatly misplaced trust from the Starfleet side of things in this system."

"I can establish a meeting between you both, if you'd like. Kijja is not Starfleet, so I do not believe he would have a problem with you. In fact, what you're doing sounds very good to me. I am at least one Starfleet officer who thinks so." He taps his own crewman rank badge. "Kenshar is poor, but we're hard workers. We'll give you the effort and manpower you need if you give us a chance, sir."

Gabriel let his thoughts pass over him, he smiled at this young officers foresight. " Yes please set that up, if a meeting would help I'm all for it." He handed the officer his business card. If you would just contact me when he is available."

"I will, sir," Arev bows. "Have a wonderful day."


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