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My head knocks against the stars.

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 3:46pm by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin & OPS-Crewman Apprentice PIERS
Edited on on Mon Aug 19th, 2019 @ 12:25pm

Location: Shuttlecraft Vizar
Timeline: May 30th, 2375
Tags: Backpost

Sometimes, when you won a bet, you really won it. It's just following the heels of the Dominion War and everyone's limping home, and somehow Ensign Yona Carlin's wound up in the dredges of space, a backwater colony station named Relar where the Xanthe had to unload the rest of its crew before it made a spectacular crash-landing into a near-by sun.

So she's made her living there, for now, finally earning her commission through the distance learning she can achieve on what passes for a terminal around here holed up in her quarters, a knife strapped to her boot at all time to ward off any particularly handsy Orions looking at a four foot tall out-of-her-depth little Federati in a torn Academy Senior Grade uniform (she's waiting on a new one, OK, but it's not like the replicators out here have a code for Starfleet ensign's uniform).

But Avidhe taught her well, on Earth and on Andor. Never strike first, but always strike last. Watch the enemy, learn their weaknesses and follow the movement. Motor mimicry's an adaptation that's served her well out here and now, well, now they call her Yona the Hellcat, Yona Mex'eikat and Commander of Illusion Haye'ovsaƋ. There are worse names. But she's not a commander. Yet. For the last several months she's been learning for a way off of Relar and now she's finally got it.

She damn well walked out of that poker match with a brand spanking new shuttlecraft. The alien technology inside allowed it to hit warp speeds, and it got her-and as many of her graduating class as she could stuff into the cabin-home. Now that Starfleet knew where the rest of her team was, they'd be picked up in short order. So she gets to walk across that stage and earn her commission after all.

First stop? JRX-37. On the starmaps they call it Oasis, and it just showed up one day, descending out of the veil in the Hyranalin-sector fully-formed and without a trace of civilization on the surface, despite evidence of clear terraforming. Starfleet give her a shuttle and a three-person crew and tell her to go check it out, enter orbit and relay all readings taken from the surface back to the USS Turing, her shuttle's parentship. Sounds easy enough.

As soon as the shuttle enters the star system JRX-83, its proximity sensors begin to sound. "That'll be the planet," Yona tells her copilot, shutting off the blaring alarms. "There doesn't seem to be anyone... out here. No signs of life. No colonies. It's suitable for life, but other than plants and animals, no people. No structures-" The shuttle completed the aero-capture easily and they looped around the planet for a bit, while their sensors gathered scans.

"Ensign!" the copilot, we'll call him Merrick shouts as once more alarms begin to sing, this time the loud, high-pitched wail of a system that knows it's in trouble. The gyroscope is spinning out of control and Merrick's hands are flying over the throttle and instruments, unable to get a lock as the shuttle starts to spiral out. "We're being pulled into the planet's gravity well. I can't stop it! Whatever wires we tripped the atmosphere is ripping the hull apart!" The internal dampeners began to fail, throwing shelves across the cabin and random items throughout.

Yona tried to grab the nearest thing she could, which turned out to be a translucent PADD with a large crack across it to the sound of metal twisting and groaning and a jolt of impact that tossed her against the wall before she slumped to the floor, consciousness ebbing away.

That PADD, rather shards of glass now, prodded her in the face when she finally rolled over, head splitting and blood pooling in her eyes. Everything around her was ruined, caved in, and smashed into pieces except for the small area where she was, miraculously. Her legs were pinned under a chair which had ripped out of the floor. Merrick's nowhere to be seen and she hoarsely begins to shout for him until she spots him face-down in a pool of blood, unmoving.

Dead, she realizes in a daze. It's not the first nor will it be the last dead body she's seen, but it's still-it's jarring>

Slowly, she thought she could make out sounds in the distance. Birds chirping. The canopy of the shuttle had caved in and ripped off, and when she blinked her eyes open, sunlight pierced through, obscured slightly by the jungle. A large tree trunk had punctured the area, utterly decimating the comm panel and covering her in branches and dirt. After clearing the fog from her head as best she could she attempted to sit, disturbing a branch from a nearby tree that landed next to her arm. Otherwise the area didn't disturb.

And then there's her legs, which were definitely trapped with no sign of budging (and who only knew how long they'd been pinned already), nothing seemed too out of order. That didn't mean she wasn't injured further, but due to shock and adrenaline, and possibly a minor concussion, everything just felt numb. Memories began to trickle in. The Vizar's parent ship, the Turing were parsecs away by now. The planet was uninhabited. No one would know she crashed. No one was coming for her.

It seemed like the situation was hopeless, especially as the sky began to darken and the temperature became more chill, cold wind cutting through the shuttle and causing him to shiver. Just as her eyes began to slip closed in resignation, an unearthly noise roused her out of his stupor. Metal bending and twisting, thumping and banging from the outside.

"Merr-Merrick!" Yona starts and then her mind catches up to her. Right. Not Merrick. Merrick's dead. He's dead. "Hey, I'm in here!" she tries banging on the side in answer. The side of the shuttle ripped off, and then suddenly there was air where she'd been pinned as the panel moved. Standing over her was a tall individual with cropped blond hair, blue eyes and all-black clothing. He lifted the debris like it was styrofoam and tossed it aside.

"You appear to be in trouble," the guy raised an eyebrow down at Yona.

"No kidding," she huffed back. "Can you get me out of here?"

"Yes. My name is Piers. What is your name? Once the debris was lifted off of her, Piers held out a hand for her to stand up.

She grips it and rises a bit unsteadily. "Ensign Yona Carlin. I'd say it was a pleasure to meet you, but these circumstances leave a lot to be desired."


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