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Everybody hurts sometimes

Posted on Sat Aug 31st, 2019 @ 5:12pm by SCI-Commander Brandt Grayson M.D., Ph.D. & SCI-Commander Callum Ryan Ph.D.

Location: Medical | DS12
Timeline: February 2390

Callum limped through the doorway of the Altinak facility.. He'd been enjoying a run through the Habitat Ring, no need for Holodeck running on this station, when he felt something snap and a shooting pain in the back of his thigh and the lower portion of his glutes. Guessing at a pulled muscle, his first thought was to go home and rest it but the intensity of the pain told him this was something worse. 'A hamstring strain,' he'd mused, 'or worse still; I might have torn something.' He needed to visit the nearest medical facility..

He approached the reception and was directed to a set of chairs and handed a PADD to fill out. 'I think I prefer a starships Sickbay.' He groused silently as he began filling out the PADD. Altinak was a state of the art facility but waiting times in a Sickbay, even the average Starbase's Sickbay, was never particularly long. Prometheus Station was something completely different.

Just as there was no need to use a Holodeck for running on a station this big, neither would a run of the mill starship or station sickbay suffice to tend the stations population of over 30,000. Altinak was a huge hospital that had doctors who treated everything from the common cold, to cancer. Other than several first aid kiosks spersed here or there throughout each arm of the station, Altinak was the primary spot for medical care, and that was where Callum would have ended up. It wasn't an emergency, and the non-emergency clinic was rather full for the day and without an appointment Callum had been forced to wait about 45 minutes before he was wheeled back to an examination room.

Brandt didn't always work in the clinic, but he did try to devote one or two hours of his day to clinic hours. Today they seemed busier than normal, so Brandt had been called in early to assist. He'd ended up with Commander Ryan's chart mainly because most of the other attendings did not like to treat other doctors, because typically their fellow doctors could make the worst patients. Brandt didn't seem to care, though as he read over the admittance summary.

A moment later he was knocking on the exam room door and poking his head in. "Doctor Ryan," Brandt said as he entered the room fully and shut the door behind him. "Doctor Grayson," Brandt extended his hand for the man to shake. Once introductions were over he pulled a tricorder from his uniform coat pocket and began to examine the man. "The pain is localized to your calf did you say?"

Callum nodded. He shifted a little and felt a twinge of pain, which caused him to wince. "Calf and the lower part of my glutes." Callum clarified and added, "I was out for a run and felt something snap."

Beandt nodded and finished his bioscan, and logged his findings as well as the vitals recorded from the bed. "Well, it definitely appears you pulled a hamstring. Luckily, that seems to be all you've done so should be an easy fix. Just a little time under the bio-mender and an analgesic and you'll be right as rain... Though, I would avoid any runs or strenuous activities for at least a week, and you may need a little PT to strengthen the muscle back up."

Callum dropped his head against the pillow and let out a sigh. "Great. This assignment's getting off to a great start." He grumbled. "First I get to meet the galaxy's biggest asshole and now this. I wonder what fun this assignment has in store for me next." Callum instantly felt embarrassed for his outburst in front of the station's CMO and XO. "Sorry, sir. I'm not usually this negative. This assignment's just gotten off to a bumpy start."

"No need to apologize, Dr. Ryan, though I hope the world's biggest asshole isn't referring to myself?" Brandt teased with a playful smirk.

Wincing in pain, Callum. sat up and swung his legs over the bed's edge. "No, sir." He managed a smile in return. "I was referring to a civilian I had a run in with a few days ago." Callum sighed again. "I'm just accustomed to the transfer from one billet to another going more smoothly than this. I guess the civilian population on a station like this adds a little more unpredictability to the mix, a little more chaos." Another twinge of pain caused him to wince again. "Think once this is all mended, I'm going to take up swimming again. Less chance of this happening."

"Ah," he said with a nod; he had only been teasing anyway. "Well, transferring to a state-of-the-art deep space station as new and magnanimous as the Prometheus is bound to come with a few unexpected quirks and ticks, but I'm sorry you've had such a rough time of it." Brandt encouraged the man to lay back down and he helped him get his leg gently situated before he activated the bio-mender band that began to rise from the side of the table to connect in an arch above Callum's waist. "This is not going to be comfortable." The device was literally going to be mending Callum's torn muscles back together. "Would you like an analgesic or something for any pain before I start it?"

Callum shook his head. "I'll be fine." He gritted his teeth and braced himself for what was to come.

Brandt nodded. Then programmed the machine to repair the torn muscle based off of Callum's scan and where the damage was. It was not excruciating or anything like that. I imagine it basically would feel like a really deep, uncomfortable tissue massage. Lots of internal muscle tightening and probably a little cramp like sensations asthe device did its job. It was probably gonna take like half an hour to an hour to finish its work. "How you feeling?" Brandt wanted to make sure it wasn't too painful or unbearable.

In truth the pain was no worse than pulling the hamstring in the first place. "No worse than it was." Callum answered honestly.

Brandt nodded and made a note on the medical PADD in his hand. "I'll come back and check on you in a little bit. Don't hesitate to ring your nurse if you need anything before I get back or if you change your mind about that painkiller." With a polite nod, Brandt turned to leave the room while the mender did its thing.

Callum settled in for however long the repairs to his leg were going to take. "Thanks."

A nurse checked on Callum a couple times to make sure the mender was functioning optimally and to check Callum's vitals. Brandt returned about half an hour later when the mender was finished with its task. "Alright, how are we holding up?" He asked as he checked the machine to make sure it was finished. It was, so he deactivated it and the arms of the machine retracted slowly back into the biobed. Brandt then took out his tricorder and gave the man and his leg another complete medical scan. "Looks like everything is healed back up nicely. Wanna try standing on it for me?"

Sitting up, Callum was relieved to be free of pain, though as he swung his legs over the side of the bed he could feel a little stiffness. That was to be expected. He slid off the bed, keeping all of his weight on his good leg. Gently, he placed his other foot on the ground and slowly applied weight to it until both legs were supporting him. "A little stiff but there's no more pain."

Brandt stepped back to give him space but stayed close enough to help support him if he needed it. Fortunately, he needed fine on his own. "Good. That's good. Wanna walk across the room for me and back?" He wanted to assess Callum's condition for any PT recommendations.

Callum walked gingerly at first but within seconds he was walking normally. The stiffness was still there and no doubt would remain for the next day or two. "Feels pretty good."

Brandt made a few notes in his chart. "Good. That's a good sign. Hopefully, PT will only take a few visits, then. I still want you in light duty for a couple weeks then we'll get you back in here for a reevaluation at that time where we can hopefully clear you for full activity."

Brandt made a few more notes on the medical PADD before tucking it under his arm. He then reached inside his coat pocket and when his hand came back out he had several rainbow colored lollipops gripped between his fingers. "Would you like a lolly?" Because who says a spike of sugar should just be for the kiddies? No one that's who!

"Thanks Doc." Callum gratefully accepted an orange coloured lolly. The wrapper was quickly removed and he popped it in his mouth. 'Orange. As I'd hoped.' He thought. "What do you mean light duty? Captain mentioned something about sending me to Talar Prime to help out with some environmental issues on one of their moons. I doubt it will be too physically intensive."

"Oh, the usual " Brandt put the lollies back in his pocket. "No heavy lifting, no strenuous physical activity, including but not limited to, sexual intercourse, running, martial arts, etcetera. Otherwise you may risk damaging the muscle again, or making it worse... I am going to prescribe you a muscle relaxer and some pain meds just in case." Brandt lifted the padd from under his arm and made another couple notes and things. "Do you have any questions for me, Mr. Ryan?"

Callum shook his head. "Nope. I think I got everything."

Brandt nodded and extended his hand for the man to shake. "I'll see you in a couple weeks then. Don't forget to check out with the nurse on your way out."

Callum nodded. "I will. Who knows, maybe this is as bad as it'll get and the mission to Talar Prime will let me start to enjoy this assignment." With that he left the Chief Medical Officer to his duties, completely unaware that the worst was yet to come.


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