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Chance Encounter

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 1:11am by OPS-Commander Levi Forbes & SCI-Commander Brandt Grayson M.D., Ph.D.
Edited on on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 6:07am

Location: TBD
Timeline: About a week after "Just a Scratch"

It was Brandt's first day off in a couple weeks. Between the hospital, XO duties, and the outbreak on Kailailah Brandt had been working double sometimes triple duty. So this was his first actual day off where he didn't have something pressing to attend to. It was also the first day he'd actually been able to set aside some real time to hit the gym which was exactly what he was doing.

Brandt had dressed in a skin-tight, long sleeved underarmour shirt, matching leggings, and a pair of shorts over those, before he slipped on some tennis shoes. He blended a protein shake, grabbed his duffle bag and headed out the door. He took the lift down a couple floors before it stopped to pick up another passenger also headed down. When the lift doors slid opened Brandt smiled at the man on the other side. "Good morning, Mr. Forbes," he said as he waited for the man to get on. "How's your head?"

Levi was caught off guard by the appearance of Brandt in the turbolift, he had just gotten off duty and was on his way to the gym, apparently the same destination as the XO. He felt his cheeks redden slightly and swallowed before smiling back. "Good," he said. "No headaches or waking up dead so I guess you did the trick."

"Thats's good to hear," Brandt responded.

Levi stepped onto the lift and shoulder his bag a little. "Looks like we're heading the same way," the younger man observed.

"Looks that way, yes," Brandt said, smile widening pleasantly. "I'll admit I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I usually do to the routine but I hope that changes once things settle down a little... If they settle down a little." The lift doors closed and they were once again descending the building. "Are you one of those every day gym rats?"

"I try, don't always make it there," Levi said with a laugh, "Definitely harder to stay in shape than it was when I was a cadet."

Brandt didn't have that problem, sadly, though he wasn't about to go boasting about it. "I hear that, bub. Even in artificial gravity, these old bones can feel the pressure. You ever tried zero gravity therapy?"

"Once or twice, just kind of made me nauseous." Levi said with a laugh as the lift stopped and they continued to the gym. It was surprisingly empty for that time of day, which suited Levi just fine.

"Really?" Brandt asked with a disbelieving expression and a pinch to his brow. "Nauseous, huh? That's a shame. Zero Gravity and sensory deppo chambers are some of my favorite forms of relaxation." It was surprisingly empty but that just menat they had their pick of weights and machines. Brandt personally chose to start with some stretches, before he would tackle an Elliptical.

Levi began stretching, "Yeah not my thing, I never get space sick and I'm even fine in EVA, but something about intentionally floating there in zero g, doesn't sit right." He said with a laugh as he stretched out his back. It was stiff from a long shift crawling through jeffereies tubes making repairs to a damaged EPS relay that had shut down an entire wing of science labs.

He let his eyes linger on Brandt as he worked through his own stretches before Levi hopped on a treadmill, put the incline high and began a warm up.

If Brandt noticed the subtle eye-fucking lingering gaze he didn't say anything about it. He gave Levi a soft smile as he placed his earbuds in his ears, then hopped on the elliptical, et it to one if the most difficult settings, then got right into it. They were both works of art on their respective machines. Graceful, strong. It took Brandt a while to start sweating, though, but that was because of his augmentations. It really took A LOT to get his heart rate up.

He did the elliptical for about 30 minutes before he slowly wound down to a gradual stop. He wiped down the handle bars, and reset the machine before he climbed off and met back up with Levi. "What day is it today?" He asked, meaning was it leg day or arm day for him, as in what weights should they do now that they were warmed up?

"Chest day." Levi said, noticing he was far sweater than Brandt. He moved to the bench and began putting weight on a straight bar for bench press. "What about you?"

Brandt shrugged. "I don't do a lot of weights." Because it was the surest tell of his augmentations because he could lift almost four times the average male human. "Swimming is my favorite exercise... I can spot you though?"

"Sure," Levi said. The Doctor's body defenitly didn't look like someone who only swam. 'Must have real good genes,' he thought as he lay down on the bench and prepared his first rep. He also wasn't opposed to be laying on the bench looking up at the other man.

Brandt swung his towel over his shoulder and took a sip form his water bottle before he got into position at the head of the bench. He kept a suitable distance so it wasn't like his crotch was in Levi's face or anything. "Ready when you are, skipper," he said with a wink down at the younger man.

Levi began his first set strong, slow deliberate movements, and when he hit 12 he put the bar back on the rack. Sitting up his chest was tight but he loved the burn. "Sure you don't want in?"

Brandt was a good spotter but Levi didn't necessarily need one, but his hand had been there to help if necessary. At Levi's question if he wanted to go, Brandt just shrugged and shook his head. He didn't ike to pretend weights were hard, and he also did not like to show off or flaunt his inhuman strength about. He had one of those total gym benches in his apartment for that reason. "I'm good, thanks. Really." He clapped Levi on the shoulder as he flashed him a slightly crooked grin. "I might go hit up the lap pool for a bit actually if you'd care to join me when your done here?"

"Why don't I finish up and meet you there." Levi said smiling as he grabbed a pair of dumbbells and started doing flys on a bench.

"Sounds good," Brandt said as he shouldered his gym bag and headed towards the locker rooms that lead out to the aquatics center. He found an empty locker in the locker room and undressed out of his workout clothes, which went into a laundry bag, and he pulled on his trunks, which were actually a skin tight pair of speedo shorts. He slipped on some thing sandals, grabbed his goggles and a towel before he closed his locker and headed out to the pool.

There were only a few people out by the pool so he easily found a lounger to set his towel and kick off his sandals. He slipped his goggles on over his head and walked to the edge of the lap pool before he dove in and started laps.

A little over half an hour later Levi emerged from the gym into the swimming area, the pool was almost empty other than an older Bolian doing water aerobics in a far corner.

Levi watched Brandt doing laps for a moment before he dove into the lane next to him and began his own laps.

Brandt felt the disturbance of the water when someone else joined him and he finished his lap and slowed to a stop at the end, wading by the wall to wait for Levi, grinning at the younger man when he caught up to him. "Nice form... You ever compete?"

"God no." Levi said laughing, "I lifeguarded a couple summers as a teen, but it's always just been something I like. I never really wanted to try to make it big. You've got pretty good form yourself, did you compete?"

Brandt lifted his goggles up to rest on top of his forehead then leaned his arms across the edge of the pool to prop himself up. "Never professionally or anything, though, I tried. Had my sights on the Olympics at one point, tried out and everything, but..." He shrugged. "I wasn't what they wanted, so..." he let that sentence trail off unfinished. The truth was there was no Olympiad category for Augmented Humans. It was unfair to let him compete against other humans where he had an obvious advantage, and he couldn't compete with Vulcans or other species because he was human... it was bullshit in his opinion, but Brandt had faced countless acts of prejudice throughout his entire life. It was why he kept the knowledge of his inhuman biology so close to his chest.

"Well it's probably for the best anyway, if you didn't become a doctor who would keep me company when I get concussions?" Levi said with a grin swimming over to where Brandt was.

Brandt grinned and shook his head. "I guess in this universe you'll never have to know... though please, let's keep the concussions to a minimum shall we?"

"Well I had one scheduled for a month from now, but I guess I'll cancel it since you asked so nicely." Levi said before ducking back under the water before coming up right beside Brandt, "Race ya!" He said before setting off to the other end.

Brandt smirked and rolled his eyes a bit playfully before he pushed off the wall and raced after Levi. With his superior strength, speed, and training it was no contest really; Brandt could have easily outlapped him by a long shot but he deliberately held back to let Levi take the lead and the 'win'. "In my defense, you had a cheating headstart," Brandt said with a smirk.

Levi shrugged, "Well, seeing as you're pretty much olympic level good I need any advantage I can get," he said floating on his back.

"Touche," Brandt responded before lifting himself out of the pool. He pulled off his goggles as he padded on wet feet over to the lounge chair with his towel and sandals. He dried himself off before laying out the towel across the chair then laid down, closing his eyes; soaking in the UV rays of their artificial sun.

Levi watched the man go and did another couple of quick laps before joining Brandt on the chair next to him. "It's not quite as good as the real thing, but it's a fair approximation," he said about the artificial sun.

Brandt's eyes remained closed and he hummed in agreement. "Benefits of sunlight and vitamin D without the sunburn."

Levi looked over at the other man for a moment and smiled before closing his eyes and enjoying the warmth.

Brandt had started to doze off pleasantly, when the watch on his wrist beeped at him. "Medical to Commander Grayson..." Brandt sighed.

"No rest for the wicked," he said to Levi with a smirk before he reached his hand over to press the response button on the side of his smart watch, that had apparently been waterproof because he'd been wearing it the whole time. "Go for Grayson."

"Sire. You're needed in the ER right away. There's been an accident in the ship bay. We have over a dozen incoming wounded."

Brandt stood up and gathered his towel, then slipped into his sandals. "I'm on my way. ETA ten minutes." He tapped the button again to end the call. "Duty calls. Seeya round, Forbes." He gave the man a wave before heading back into the fitness center and the locker room beyond that.

"Take care." Levi said smiling as he watched Brandt leave. A view he definitely didn't mind. "Note to self, actually ask him out next time." He muttered to himself as he got to his feet and dove back into the water.


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