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the trial is not an act of/the guilt is not a let-down

Posted on Thu Sep 5th, 2019 @ 12:26pm by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin & COL-Commander Lucas Teghtmeyer M.D., Ph.D.

Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: March 1st 2390

Lucas made his way purposefully through the station, it was large, and unique, and with many sections still under construction to various degrees, it made navigating the behemoth of a station a challenge. Finally, he made it to the command center and the office of the station commander, he pressed the chime and smoothed out his uniform jacket.

"Enter," the woman's voice calls casually from within and the door slides open to permit Lucas across the threshold. The office already holds mementos of Yona's travels, paintings and knick-knacks and stories in Hebrew and Andorian along the shelves, some Arabic non-fiction to keep up the language while separated from Shayit and dictionaries of Rihannsu and Rom'lesta well-worn at either end, marking the period of time she spent as RZ17's commanding officer. There's a separate desk with a holographic interface called up, code and records in Oasilenki shared between herself and PIERS, a project paused between the two. Yona's seated behind her desk, which is mahogany with a large translucent touch-computer embed overlaid inside rather than a comm terminal, and she swipes away what she'd been reading to glance up at the new arrival. "Dr. Teghtmeyer, I presume," she said, because he's wearing the orange variant uniform with said commander's pips and there's only one officer on RZ17 who fits that bill.

"Good morning Captain," Lucas replied entering. "I wanted to meet with you before I head down to the planet and tour the facility."

Yona laughs lightly, beckoning him to step through the threshold. "Understood; the colony can be pretty hectic. I'm happy to go over some details with you," she says, grabbing a few PADDs and shooting off some quick texts as she speaks. Finally, she raises from her seat, gathering up strands of long, straight hair to put up in a ponytail as she moves. "I'm just about to grab a raktajino, would you care for anything?"

"Raktajino works." He said, "I know the medical facilities on the planet are quite spartan, I'd assume you have no problem with me having surgical privileges here on the station, we will likely have to transport most of our serious cases up here."

She prepares both of them a cup, his with traditional cream and sugar, hers with a twist of orange-a preference gained from whoever decided to play that prank on the replicators in the Promenade. Joke's on them, it's actually delicious. "Absolutely none," she confirms with a short nod. "Our medical facilities are completely prepped for it; but we do have an embargo on all typhus patients," she warns, holding up a finger. "We absolutely cannot account for transporting a significant number of contagious patients to our facilities. It's too big of a risk, so I've allocated a number of medical officers to instead travel to the surface to establish triage tents."

"That's fine, I'm more worried about possible surgical emergency, I have a background in infectious disease and with access to resources we'll hopefully be able to get it under control." He said accepting the cup from her and taking a sip. "Not bad," He said holding up the cup. "Also I understand the command arrangement is a bit, interesting. From what I've been briefed on there isn't an Outpost Commander down on the surface."

"You'd be correct," Yona huffs, managing an almost-fond eyeroll. Her own tenure in that position-well-it was interesting, she pities whoever fills those boots. "Right now all command ops are run through Major Redmond, as well as myself in tandem. He's doing a good job with the limited resources he has, and he seems invested in the colonists, so I don't think you'll have much of an issue with his crew. This is a humanitarian operation, not a military one, and he seems to grasp that."

"That's good, I've unfortunately dealt with some marines who don't seem to grasp that time of mission." Teghtmeyer replied, "So logistic requests go to you through the Major. Any idea when I can expect a decent medical staff assigned. Last I heard I'm getting two MOs, half a dozen nurses and a couple med techs."

"As soon as they're here, you'll be the first to know," Yona says, giving him a two-fingered salute. "It's my top priority. I recommend you liaise with Dr. Narae and Dr. Tayeh, they're both working on the surface in an attempt to alleviate the typhus outbreak. He's EM and she's IM/ID, and they're both fully trained physicians." Of course, Dr. Tayeh comes with a bit of a reputation, but, this is an all-hands on deck situation, and she's got two hands.

"I will, anything else I should know?" He said leaning back in the seat slightly.

"Not that I can think of, but I'm always available if you have any further questions or concerns."

"Understood, then if it's alright with you I'd like to meet with the CMO here on the station before I head down." He said rising to his feet.

"Perfect, I'll tell Commander Grayson to expect you shortly." Yona gives him a two-fingered salute as he heads out the door.


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