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Walk in the Park

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2019 @ 12:57pm by RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven & RIG-Civilian Kijja Seshanshaya

Location: Habi District, Rigel V
Timeline: March 2390

It had been several days since his meeting with Suwarin. Gabriel didn't let that weigh on the fact that he hadn't heard anything back. Suwarin, as he was told would be a hard sell to say the least. Patience would be a wise path. The man he would meet today would be quite different. Kijja had agreed to meet with him. Gabriel thought it best to go it alone again much to the resistance of his staff. Ariel the most vocal of the group.

The location he had received for the meeting was in the center of the Habi district. One of the worst and and quickly developing slums in the city. refugees lived on the streets that seldom saw any security. As with his visit with Suwarin he was on his own here. He was mindful that his appearance was subdued. He wouldn't attract much attention in older dirty clothing and Gabriel carried nothing with him. it would be a stretch that anyone passing him would believe he was one of the wealthiest men in the quadrant was walking among them...

Gabriel had studied the meeting place closely. It was a small park. He was certain he would be met there and most likely taken to another location, the primary reason he decided not to be tracked or followed by his own security team. Their was a bench along the outside of the park entrance. He took a seat on the bench as the night became darker.

A tall, hulking man approached Gabriel about five minutes after their meeting was slated to start, and compared to the rest of the denizens of Habi, he was practically royalty, dressed in fine leathers that accentuated the large dreadlocks matted down his back, kept contained in colorful baubles and jewels. He wore boots and bracers both, likely with concealed weaponry in each, and straps across his shoulders and back displaying his clan's insignia. Going from war to diplomacy these past years has been a challenge he's yet to fully overcome, but he grants Gabriel a genuine, warm smile and holds out his hand as he's learned humans do upon approach. "Mr. Seven," he huffs, eyebrows bouncing. "Welcome to Rigel V."

Gabriel Seven wasn't surprised by the mans appearance. He certainly looked every part of a tribal leader. Shaking the mans hands Gabriel was certain this meeting would be very different than his meeting with Suwarin. "Please call me Gabriel. You must be Kijja."

"I am," the man nods, and takes a seat beside Gabriel on the bench. "You're the man who intends to build a construction facility in Kenshar, is that correct?"

"Yes, that is correct. But several decisions and problems need to be looked at before we begin. I have talked with Suwarin on the matter, but not sure how he feels on the matter. I suppose the location has come down to two locations. Here or Argos Prime where we already have a smaller facility."

"...Suwarin," Kijja's eyebrows raise. "I wasn't aware that his opinion was relevant. RZ17 is independent of Rigel V, is it not?"

"It is, however I was directed to Suwarin first. I was informed he was the leader of these refugees. I have since found out otherwise. As I arrived here I really had no contacts will anyone. Well besides Starfleet." Gabriel leaded back. "Our goals here on Rigel V are open and very simple. We need to raise a well trained workforce to build large transport vessels. Danmora offers prime housing, and excellent wages to all that wish to join us. Of course if we are unable to get that support none of that will happen."

"I see," Kijja murmurs, though it's clear he really doesn't, but what he can offer is assurance. The man before him is an eccentric, clearly, but if he can do what he says he can do, Kijja is obligated to ensure that path opens. "I can assure you that you have Kenshar's full backing, along with that of the Heart, Warrior and Forgiveness clans. I liaise with them all and I will make certain they see the benefit of your project. That kind of infrastructure and employment availability is essential to our growth."

Gabriel smiled, this was progress. "My company will be providing new family housing for the workers. In these areas buildings will be provided for schools of your choosing, parks and open areas. They will be close to the main plant with shuttle transportation provided. Other buildings will provide support to these communities for food and shopping. New workers and associates hired will undergo safety and job training. They will have to pass these courses to work for Danmora, it's very important. Children will not be allowed to work at the plant whatsoever. We are working on a plan now to assist with orphaned children, but that's going to be up to your people and you as to how you need that set up." he paused to let that sink in a bit...

"Workers that are hired by the company will never be charged for housing, It is a company benefit. However they are subject to Federation law I believe. The wages paid to all hired workers is far above scale wages on Rigel Five. I run a fair and busy company. here's they hard part, they must attain safe work practices and be willing to learn new things. I build Star ships. That's not easy. In short if your people are willing to learn and work hard they will have a safe home and family support system. They will earn credits and become financially sound very quickly."

"You have my full support," Kijja says, giving a brilliant grin. "However I may help in the establishment of this, you let me know. I'll ensure that only the best workers and their families are selected for the program and I hope we can come to a long and fruitful mutual-benefit here, for both of our peoples."

"I'm more than willing to take this path." Gabriel smiled. He trusted Kijja. "Now we need to get the approval from Starfleet, Then my work shall begin."


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