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Not A Word Was Spoken, Maintenance Yard Chapter II

Posted on Sat Aug 24th, 2019 @ 6:25pm by MAR-Major Michael Redmond & MAR-Sergeant Major Rarraka Natail

Location: RZ 17 Marine Outpost
Timeline: Late Evening

The generators were humming softly after several years sitting in a busted container. And a string of small lights illuminated the shop in a soft glow. Mike had hung other higher voltage lights around the yard of containers. The evening breeze blew though the open area shop. It had been a long day. But he had got a lot completed for one man. He sat at the bench adding the inventory and description of the materials he had found cracking open the large boxes. Some just was rotten rations and gear. Those he just tossed on the burn pile. Mike hadn't found any explosives yet, that was a good thing. Sergeant Romero stopped by at the end of his shift and seemed surprised again that he was still down working in the old container yard, which was beginning to look like a highly functional maintenance area.

Redmond was visited by two Marine sentries on their perimeter patrol. They were also quite surprised the changes that had been made. Their commander offered them some coffee from a repaired and fully functional replicator he had found. Mike had indeed found a lot of stuff. One container was nothing but personal baggage. It was several years old and untraceable. Then of course there was a lot of contraband. Some of it just useless, some not... He was looking down at several bottles of wine. That he would save. One container was half full of field rations. They were the upgraded ones, and still good. He brought a case of them over two the shop and as he worked on his inventory began cooking one on a small burner stove he quickly put together.

Sergeant major Natail had been in the operations center and had heard two marine sentries had coffee with Major Redmond in the maintenance yard. They were very animated in their story of his accomplishments. She didn't seem happy about the issue but wasn't surprised either. Mike could do just about anything he wanted to do. She hated that about him. He would put such effort into things, but continue to ignore her. Why did he bring her here to this place. It was misery for her to avoid him. And it didn't seem to bother him a bit. In fact he might even enjoy it. She needed to see him. She hated herself for it.

The end of the maintenance yard was now well lighted. Most of the stack of containers were now formed in a circle around a small cluster that he had turned into a shop area. Rarraka could hear music coming from the shop area. She saw mike sitting at the workbench hunched over. He was actually cooking something. She watched from the shadows, her stomach all twisted up. Her body moved forward towards him and she couldn't stop. This wasn't good at all.

Mike looked up as Rarraka walked into the light. He really was surprised she would even come near him. She had strictly avoided him since the day she landed at the outpost. Her hair was down and she wasn't armed, which was probably a good thing for Redmond. Rarraka stopped at the metal floor decking and looked up at the stars with a heavy sigh. Mike watched in silence. He patted the stool next to his with his hand motioning for her to join him. He looked like hell but the smile on his face was spectacular.

The lady nodded and took a seat by his shoulder not saying a word. She brushed her long hair back with her hand and sat silently with her hands in her lap. Mike reached down and grabbed a newly liberated bottle of red wine. A few tin cups he had washed out from an old mess kit were soon filled. Then grabbed a few dented plates and served dinner to his guest, who was sampling the contents of her cup. The dinner was some sort of old marine ration stew that tasted sort of familiar. Mike cleaned a fork and passed it to her. Her face was made of stone, devoid of any expression. But Mike could see the world in her eyes.

How could he do this to her, she was a prisoner to it. Rarraka knew if she started talking she might never stop. She would have to bear her entire soul to him. That she could not do. Certain that he could hear her heart pounding, forcing her breathing to remain steady. Somehow she managed to eat dinner. After all the times they had been together it was always the same quiet solitude between them. So close and deep no words need be said. Both knew the bond and the desire that closely followed was thick with danger to both of them. But neither could resist.

The meal finished and several tin cups of wine consumed as mike quietly cleaned up. He cut the lights and took Rarraka buy the hand. She walked beside him, her head on his shoulder. The stroll was slow as they walked through the night. After several minutes they were in front of her quarters. Rarraka turned and held him close, her head buried in his chest.

Redmond knew nothing would ever change between the way they felt, this bond was as strong as it was, even though years had passed. He had to figure it out. He wouldn't ever let her go again. They heard distant voices. It was the sentries, they were talking as they moved through the area. Rarraka stepped back quickly. She squeezed his hand hand hard enough to break bones.. She put her hands to his lips briefly then turned and entered the building.


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