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Down by the River

Posted on Mon Aug 26th, 2019 @ 11:34am by MAR-Major Michael Redmond & MAR-Sergeant Major Rarraka Natail & RIG-Civilian Gabriel Seven & COL-Civilian Suwarin Vro
Edited on on Mon Aug 26th, 2019 @ 8:51pm

Location: Refugee Camp, RZ 17
Timeline: Midafternoon, March 25th 2390

Gabriel Seven felt strange in a brown leather coat and tall work boots. The weather on V'Galen somewhat required it. His wife Ariel was against the trip as soon as he mentioned it. She thought it far too risky to have Gabriel out their alone in the camps. Clearly he was an outsider and not to be trusted by the people who lived there. But he needed to talk with the man named Suwarin Vro.

His security and assistance left behind his first stop would be Detachment Thirty Six, a fleet marine outpost near the camps. Perhaps a good place to start. The ride was rough as he landed. The private shuttle would wait for his return. As he left the Craft he was given directions to the command center. The dust was kicking up and dry heat was already working on him. He was met at the door by Major Redmond a absurdly tall crusty old marine officer...

“Welcome to camp Thirty Six. You certainly must be lost.” The marine stated in a low voice.

Gabriel shook the Majors hand. “No unfortunately I need to be here in your company. However I do need directions. I'm Gabriel Seven.”

Redmond waved him into the building and to his office. “ I'm Mike, and where can I take you Mr. Seven?”

Gabriel took a seat across from the Majors desk in a folding camp chair. “I believe there may be a man here that is known as Suwarin. I would like to locate him if at all possible and have a few words with him.”

Mike looked towards the dirty windows. “I know of him. He's out there somewhere in the camp I'm sure. We don't have a very good presence in the camps, not a good idea just yet. We sent a few two man patrols through but the people avoid them.” Mike looked at Gabriel. “We have little intel on him, he's not a very friendly guy to begin with. What makes you so sure he'll talk with you?”

“I'm not sure at all, but he might know that it was my company that delivered supplies here last week. That may give me a chance.”

“True, they really needed that shipment. I think I have someone who might be able to help out with Suwarin.” Mike tossed Gabriel a bottle of water and yelled for the Corporal.

“Find the sergeant major and ask her to get her tail in here to meet this visitor please.” The frightened corporal turn and was out of site in a flash.

“Sir, you need to see me?” The tall blonde marine entered the office. Gabriel stood as she entered the room. Mike looked up. “Yes, This is Mr. Gabriel Seven, the owner of Danmora Industries. He seems to want a parley of sorts with your friend Suwarin.”

“Sir I don't even know the guy, I've seen him down by the river but he has a few men that keep people away from him. He only talks with the children. Might want to re think that conversation Mr. Seven.”

She leaned back on Redmond's desk. “I'm half Rom, and they barely talk to me...”

Over the next twenty minutes Gabriel had talked them both into giving him a try at it. Rarraka would take him to Suwarin, but the rest was up to him....

True to the Sergeants word the old man was down by the river. There was a circle of large flat rocks. Several children sat around the old man as he talked with them. Two bodyguards stepped in their path. They were big and probably well armed.

Rarraka spoke first as Gabriel stood behind her second thinking the whole idea.

“Let us pass.” She said in a confident tone.

“You and your friend will be dead before you take three steps little sister.” The larger guard said with a smile.

“This is the man who sent your children food. He wishes to speak with Suwarin Vor.” She pointed at the old man. “Tell him that. He is just a citizen who aids your people. Tell him.” The guard looked at Gabriel then turned and walked to Suwarin, It seemed they discussed the matter for several minutes before the guard shooed of the children and returned.

“He may pass. You will go back to your camp. This man shall be returned before dark unharmed.”

Rarraka looked over at Gabriel. “Good luck to you Mr. Seven.” She turned and walked back through the tent city towards the marine camp.

Gabriel walked past the guards and approached Suwarin. He took a seat on the rocks across from the old man. It was several minutes before the man spoke. “I know who you are Mr. Seven. My people here were very grateful for the gifts you brought us. But as much as we distain from receiving charity you shall never be properly thanked for it.”

Gabriel nodded his head. “I understand.”

Suwarin continued. "The old and the young may die here at this place. Their souls are lost. The men have little spirit left to them. The people are still angry and will likely remain so the rest of their lives. What do you expect to prove here Mr. Seven. I have heard you are a man of great wealth and power. But how can that heal the wounds suffered here.”

Gabriel put his head down. “It can't.”

"My people still survive. But things are much different now. Some ask for revenge. The dependent just want peace. I see some who wish opportunity, but never want to be slaves to it. They shall select their own path. Not I.”

“All I can offer is assistance. If these people will except it. I'm not seeking to change anything but the conditions here. I cannot think of humans living under these conditions. I can offer opportunity to those who wish it. Shelter and fair treatment.”

Suwarin looked up to the brown sky. "I hate everything about this place Mr. Seven. And I cannot guarantee any of these people will take you up on their offer. Some may come and build your ships, but most will return to the old ways. There are many elders that have come here, most unable to work. What will become of them?”

“We can give them a new place Suwarin. It won't be home, nor ease their suffering. But it's a start isn't it?”

“Why, why did you come here to me.” Suwarin looked him dead in the eye.

“Your just like me, your the only man that actually cares about them. They will listen to you. Come and see what we have planned. Tell the others and perhaps we could get them out of these camps before their gone.”

Suwarin waved the guards over. “These men will take you back now. I have seen all I need too. I shall counsel with the people and let them decide.” He turned and walked back to the children playing in the river.

Seven walked with the guards through the camp. The smells were offending to his nostrils. It was squalor and a condition of poverty these people were not accustom too. In the end he had made little progress than before he came. This could just be a hopeless cause. Few looked at him, even in the masses of dwellers that lived there it was eerily silent...


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By CMD-Captain Yona Carlin on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 11:30pm

This post is super intriguing, I love all the dynamics between Suwarin and the rest of the camp! I'm also so glad to see people actually using Suwarin and developing him together, I already really like how you've established him so far. Great post!