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Saddle Up

Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 7:37pm by OPS-Commander Noah Reed & CMD-Captain Yona Carlin
Edited on on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 7:39pm

Location: DS12 - Deck 100 - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: February 1st, 2390

Commander Noah Reed took another drag from his Andorian vape, exhaling the purple water vapor slowly as the turbolift ascended eighty-two decks to the control center for Prometheus Station. He had just arrived aboard a transport vessel from Starbase Five and was curious to meet his new boss. He tapped the PADD containing his transfer orders softly against the wall of the lift and took another slow drag. This region of space, though located within one of the core sectors of the Federation, was proving to be a booming area for commerce, as well as a dumping ground for those poor, pointy-eared people without a home. The ride came to a stop and Reed exited and made his way the few feet to the operations center doors, which hissed open obediently for him. He nudged a nervous-looking logistics ensign and asked where to find the station commander's office. Reaching it in short order, he pressed the chime.

The door opens immediately to allow Noah entrance and there's a young woman seated behind a desk with an embedded translucent touch screen along with a computer monitor, set in a semicircle with her in a rolling chair that weaves back and forth as she completes her task, tapping rapidly at different points along the glass and checking statistics on the main computer, stacking PADDs and generally juggling about twenty different things at a time. She glances up as Reed enters with a vague wave of her hand. "Come!" she calls cheerfully once the sliding doors part way, giving the newcomer a broad smile. "Commander Reed, it's a pleasure to meet you," she says as she gracefully rises to her feet, offering him a blue-tinted hand. She stands a good several inches below him, her frame small and compact. There's a clipboard shuffled under her opposing arm.

Reed walked up confidently and shook her offered hand. "Likewise, Captain Carlin. I've heard good things from the crew I've bumped into." Her warm, inviting tone was quite nice. Too many times it seemed that commanding officers became stuffy or stiff once the fourth pip was added to the collar. "It looks like construction of Prometheus is proceeding quite well."

Yona laughs lightly. "It's proceeding anyway," she murmurs dryly, her tone fond. Prometheus has always been her and Nate's baby, it's a labor of love and sweat and blood and tears and there's still miles to go before they sleep, so to speak. "I hope your trip to the station went well; I'm just about to grab some coffee, would you care for anything?" she gestures to the replicator-it's not often a commanding officer invites their subordinates for a spot of tea, but it's just in Yona's nature. It's how she was raised, around food and drink and joy, and she hopes to spread that here in this posting. A cultivation of trust and respect amongst the senior staff that will hopefully prove to be a strong tie that binds them together in the coming storm.

Indeed, Reed had heard about the Prometheus being her pet project and the driving force behind getting Starfleet Command to sign off on the deal. "I'd love some coffee, thank you. Lots of cream and despite being sweet enough as it is, some sugar too." He rather liked how this initial meeting was going so far. Too many times commanding officers had a tendency to forget how to let their hair down. "I'm sure that I'll get the scoop from the engineering department on the current construction projects but how can I best serve you with my time aboard, captain?"

"You got it," she shoots a finger gun at him over her shoulder before floating to the replicator to oblige, and in a few seconds the requisitioned liquid appears into a blue, ornate cup that she holds out to him. "Kei'yto," she smirks, drawling the Andorian standard cheers in her mildly accented lilt. After draining a significant portion of her own beverage, she swallows and nods, setting the PADDs down on a mahogany bookshelf (lined with a variety of tomes from religious texts to dictionaries to mythology and mechanics) so she can focus on her train of thought, getting down to business. She switches between casual and professional in heartbeats, moving fluidly between each until it's hard to tell where the line starts and ends, expanding outward in an infinite ray. "All right, so this station's roughly three years old and we're still pretty much only halfway to functional. Of the original engineering teams, Nathaniel Jacoby is probably the only one other than me who's been here since the beginning, she was on the original crew and she knows this baby inside and out. The Habitat Ring, which houses quarters, office park, hospital, Promenade, security and Federation buildings is officially operational, thank G-d. So what we're focusing on now is the engineering core, scientific laboratories, specific studies, Ops, monitoring stations, cartography," she counts off on her fingers. "You get it. So that's where you're most needed, but what you might not know is that Prometheus also holds an Intrepid-class ship for survey missions, and you're also going to be responsible for engineering upkeep aboard the USS Echo as well. Your engineering team is, to put it bluntly, enormous. Learn to delegate, because you'll need to. This will likely be the busiest assignment you've ever had, so please feel free to lean on myself and the other command staff members if you need to. We're home to over a million people here, so the going can get tough."

"Well, if there's one thing I was known for on the Archimedes, it was delegating work efficiently. I found that to be the mark of a good leader, obviously, but it also trains the officers to be better at their jobs, a.k.a 'not lazy'." He took the steaming cup from her with both hands. "I studied the basic base schematics and will be focusing on that in my spare time, ma'am." Taking a sip, he continued, "I'll be briefed by my staff tomorrow morning regarding the current status of construction projects and timetables. Is the Echo currently assigned as your ship or does she have another commanding officer?"

"You're correct," she grins. "The Echo is mine, too. There's an auxiliary staff that serves her specifically, but every department head on Prometheus also serves as the equivalent officer aboard the Echo when she goes out, with the exception of the chief medical officer position, which will be headed by our station's ACMO in Commander Grayson's place. That means you'll have at least a full-quarter more officers than you'd expected on the station itself," Yona says, easy and breezy. "And captain or sir will suffice," she adds, eyebrows bouncing. "I'm not in a Clark Gable movie yet."

Who's Clark Gable? he thought. "Not a problem at all, sir." He took another sip of the sweet coffee. "I'll make sure the Echo doesn't have the warp core installed upside down and go from there." He grinned as he ran his thumb along the rim of the coffee mug. "What's the situation with the Romulan refugee camp on the planet surface? Is there anything engineering can do like construct any essential buildings?"

"A bit dire," Yona says honestly. "Right now all travel to and from v'Geln is suspended in the wake of an epidemic typhus outbreak in one of the camps on the surface; so far it only appears to be affecting the vulcanoid population, but we've already got a downed ambassador and plenty of trouble, so I'm not taking chances. We're lacking in services, infrastructure and funding, but we've been slowly turning that around with the creation of Pretorious, the capital city. That'll involve a good deal of construction which you can involve yourself with at your leisure, but D36 runs all Starfleet operations on the surface, so they have their own engineering teams. You're free to drop in and drop out as you wish, however."

"That's all very unfortunate. Hopefully, the typhus can be brought under control so construction projects can resume soon and help all those poor people." He really did feel for the Romulans that were displaced by the Hobus star nova. With the destruction of Romulus, the entire Star Empire had collapsed into numerous competing factions headed by noble houses or individual pockets of the military and/or Tal Shiar. One could only hope that the Romulan people could find enough support from the Federation to settle on a new homeworld and bring stability to the region. In the meantime, helping with food, shelter, and supplies was the most critical aspect.

"That's the hope," Yona nods. "The intention for RZ17 was initially as a resettlement camp. It was always meant to be a waystation between here and the eventual establishment of a new Romulan homeworld. Unfortunately, most of the Romulan government were obliterated by Hobus, which means they're starting from scratch. Things are beginning to coalesce," she grants, gesturing with her hands; a palms-up, scales-balancing motion, "but RZ17's been overrun from the get-go. There's huge push-back by conservative parties within the Federation not to provide us funding because they see it as offering The Enemy assistance they could use to hurt us. So we're pretty much running on fumes, but we'll get it done. We always do."

Reed finished his coffee and set it on a side table. "Par for the course for us officers, eh sir?" He knew all too well that Starfleet was always at the mercy of the political whims of the Federation bureaucracy and the political aspirations of the respective members of the Federation Council. In a galaxy full of different ideas, there were many different directions to be pulled from. "The top priority is to get Deep Space Twelve fully operational. Then we will be in a far better position to assist the Romulans."

"Agreed," Yona nods. "The sooner the better. Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist in that regard, whether you need more staff or a different configuration, I'm at your disposal. We've just landed our chief of operations as well, Commander Forbes, so you should probably familiarize yourself with him. I was on DS12's original design team, so if there's any insight you need, I'm happy to offer it."

Sensing the end of the meeting, Reed stood up and nodded firmly at her. "I'll be sure to contact you if I have any issues, captain. Thank you very much." He smiled warmly and turned around and promptly headed back out into ops and made his way to the hallway where the turbolift bank was located. I think I'm gonna like it here, he thought.

Captain Yona Carlin
Commanding Officer, Deep Space Twelve

Commander Noah Reed
Chief Engineering Officer, Deep Space Twelve


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