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It's a plan!

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 4:14pm by OPS-Lieutenant Nathaniel Jacoby & OPS-Commander Noah Reed

Location: DS12 - Deck 115 - Main Engineering
Timeline: Pre-deployment

Commander Reed stepped into the main engineering hub for Starbase Twelve and came to a stop as he looked around in mild amusement. The room was about four times the size of an average starship engineering section and populated appropriately. Numerous officers were checking displays and going to and from various duties with gusto. Noah gently took out his Andorian vape and took a long drag, letting the purple water vapor from his current setup blow out lazily from his nose. Taking a few steps forward, he turned to his left to see several office alcoves tucked away to one side, no doubt where he'd find his new professional home. As he moved forward, his body met another before his head turned back around in time. His blue eyes locked with the green eyes of an attractive female almost the same height as he was. "Oh, I'm sorry. Clearly, my first day of walking isn't going so well, lieutenant....?"

It was normal for Nate to be absorbed in whatever project or program she was working on or writing. It was normal for her to not really pay attention to the path in front of her because she had been on Prometheus since its conception; had helped design and build it. She knew this station better than most and trusted her muscle memory and peripheral vision to walk various paths she walked a hundred or more times. That was what she was doing now, as her fingers were a blur over the PADD in her hands. She expected most people to get out of her way because she definitely wasn't moving. It was normal. People in this section had gotten used to her antics... Except, Noah was new and had never met his slightly eccentric new Lieutenant before and as they were both in their own worlds, neither seeing the other, a crash was imminent. At least she wasn't carrying a drink this time. She did drop one of the multiple datapads she was carrying though.

She looked up, about to scold whoever had run into her, when she recognized the face. So she'd done some extensive research on her new CO. She usually read the files on any new additions to her department. This one just happened to have a chiseled jaw and the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. She kind of just blinked at him for a moment before she gazed down at his hand and reached out her own to shake it. "Jacoby," she responded, and he would definitely be able to hear the distinct inhumanness of it; as if she were speaking through a synthesizer, which she kind of was. "Nate Jacoby. Welcome to Prometheus, Commander. Sorry for the--" she gestured vaguely at his chest where they'd bumped, then crouched down to pick up her dropped pads. Thankfully none of them had broken. "I wasn't watching where I was going."

Noah did pick up on the slight electric vibration to her otherwise normal-sounding voice as he crouched down to help pick up the PADDs off the deck, interjecting in the middle of her apology, "Oh please. I was the idiot that wasn't watching the road. I'm Noah Reed. I'm the madman that will be running this place," he added with a slightly mischievous smirk.

"I guess we can both share the blame," she stated compromisingly. Once all of her PADDs were retrieved she stood back up to her full height, which, in her Starfleet dress, Noah might be able to fully realize was due to a pair if obviously bionic legs. "I know who you are, Commander Reed. I, admittedly, read your file once it was announced we were getting a new CO. Are you--" she cleared her throat. "--settling in ok?" Look, she was awful at and did not much enjoy all this small talk stuff, mmk?

Reed could definitely see that Nate was already uncomfortable with the conversation but it had just begun. Why is she so uncomfortable? he thought. If anything, he assumed that she would be used to speaking with other officers, especially on a starbase. Maybe it was the rank? It could be the legs...

"Still have yet to find the nearest lounge but I'm on the case." He tried an honest smile to lighten the situation. He didn't want to give the impression that he was focusing on her artificial legs (which he wasn't). He knew hoe that could be a natural thing for people to focus on, considering his own arm. However, while in uniform most people just saw his exposed hand. She must certainly be busy with all the projects going on and he didn't want to interrupt if she was working. "I can see you're really busy. We can catch up later when you're off duty if you'd like. I stop running into people after seventeen hundred hours. We can meet up for a drink."

Nate was uncomfortable around most humans in general, not because her legs. If she had been ashamed of her legs and hadn't wanted to to very obviously look like the bionic woman she could have very easily opted for the lifelike skin coverings for her legs. Instead, however, she had willingly chosen to leave them as their obviously prosthetic selves. No that wasn't why she was uncomfortable. She just in general did not do well in most social situations with people. She was definitely a helluva lot better than she used to be, but still... Nate really only had three settings: overly scientific and confusing, overly nervous and awkward, or overly flirtatious and sensual. There really was no in between, and sometimes she could flip between extremes without warning. It could be jarring to the unsuspecting person. "What this? Pfft. This is actually pretty standard for me, but then I've been told I'm a workaholic so..." Was he asking her for drinks? The smile on her lips turned a little lopsided. "And drinks? Uh, sure. I never turn down free booze. There's this place in the entertainment district that serves real alcohol. It's called Purgatory."

Reed gestured expansively with his arm. "Quality booze makes the world so much better, coupled with the right company." He lowered his voice momentarily and narrowed his eyes to add in a conspiring tone, "Just wait until you hear about my distillery plans." He let out a slow breath. "So what's a good time to meet up?" He wasn't very familiar with the station or its various venues but he knew how to find his way about most places.

She worried on her bottom lip when his lowered voice caused her to have to lean in slightly to hear him. So he too was an engine distillery booze kind of man? Should she tell him that she had already started one? "1900?" She responded when he asked what time they should meet, but she posed it like a question to make sure that was alright with him.

"Nineteen hundred hours then. It's a date." And just as he ended that last sentence he realized the typical understanding of the word 'date' and immediately blurted out, "Plan. I meant 'sounds like a plan', although it's technically a date and time..." He pursed his lips together as he just stared at her awkwardly for a brief moment before recouping. "See you later, then." He turned and started to head out of engineering the way he had come in, cursing himself quietly under his breath for the atypical verbal blunder.

Usually, Nate was the verbal blunder, and she couldn't help but smirk at the way the man went from super confident to awkward and a little fumbling in a couple seconds. He was her CO. There were regs. They shouldn't be going on a 'date' at all, so she could understand why he did the sudden 180, but she still found it adorable... and maybe Nate secretly had a thing for not strictly adhering to the chain of command... ruh roh, Raggy.


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