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A Favour for the Weather

Posted on Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 5:05pm by COL-Civilian Valeria Sorru Ph.D. & SCI-Commander Callum Ryan Ph.D.

Location: Science Lab
Timeline: About two days after "sunset as a raft leaving the water in braids behind it"

Valeria's shuttle had reached the station a little over an hour ago, she had taken some time to visit the promenade and even made a small personal purchase. She was now making her way to the station's Chief Science Officer who she had a meeting with.

Commander Ryan was working in the mostly complete science lab. Construction on the working areas of the station was proceeding apace and at least the science staff had a few labs that were operational, if not yet complete, where they could work.

He'd been reading the latest reports from the effort to terraform the Rigellian moon of v'Geln prior to a meeting with a member of the terraforming team. As a specialist in plantatery science, he had taken a particular interest in this project.

Valeria entered the lab, seeing a single occupant she approached. "Commander Ryan, I am Doctor Sorru." She said with a small nod, "I requested a meeting with you regarding terraforming equipment requirements."

"Welcome to Deep Space Twelve, Doctor Sorru." He extended a hand. "I've been off the station recently so I've been doing a bit of last minute brushing up on the project."

She nodded, "It's quite the project. The terraforming itself may not have to create an oxygen atmosphere, but we're going to have a lot of work to do with weather modification and we're massive understaffed and under equit for the infrastructure portion."

"Well I'm happy to assist in whatever way I can and use what little influence I have with Starfleet to get you the equipment and staff that you need." Callum told her. "So, where do we start?"

"Our latest batch of weather modification satellites was redirected to a project on Zolarria III, despite my protest to Starfleet Science, the Federation Terraforming Commission, and the Vulcan Science Council they refused to rescind the order and it will apparently be at least 6 months before we will receive a replacement shipment. We need those satellites, the weather patters are extremely unstable here and we're going into winter, which is extra unpleasant." She said.

Commander Ryan reached for a nearby PADD and made several notes. "That's unacceptable. These people have suffered and are suffering enough without having to endure a winter with such extreme weather patterns." He had a few contacts at Starfleet Science and would push the case for v'Geln to be made a priority.

"Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. However, since I am used to Starfleet Science being less than agreeable." She continued, "I have come up with at least a temporary stop gap." She handed the Commander a large tablet. "Part of the reason our existing weather modification methods are ineffective is the stage one network that is in place can't accurately model the weather systems on a planetary scale. I have experience first hand that the weather systems here are quite unstable. If we could use the computer processing power of the stations science cores they should be able to produce more accurate mid-term models. This would allow our existing capacity to modify the weather better."

Callum motioned to the room around him. "The station's science resources are yours. Whatever I can do to make the lives of the refugees easier. We can set up a commlink between your computer system and our own. That way the processing power of the science cores will be all yours."

"Thank you Commander, admittedly I expected you to put up more resistance." She said with a very unvulcan smile. "In my experience Starfleet science officers aren't always eager to assist civilian contractors. If we have a few moments we can establish the link now, test it an ensure it won't interfere with any of your activities here on the station."

The Starfleet Science Officer knew what she meant but this was hardly the time and place to allow such issues to get in the way. The terraforming work was meant to make the moon more habitable for the Romulan refugees who now called it home. "The work you're doing is going to improve the life of those refugees. I'll do whatever I can to help out with that task."

He moved over to a nearby console. "We'll be able to establish the link from here." Sitting down, Callum's fingers danced over the console as a master pianist's would glide over the keys of a grand piano.

"Thank you Commander." She said sitting down at the work station next to him, "I'll access the existing weather control network, we're relying on class 5 processor on the surface and two mark 4 weather control satellites. Our entire weather control array (WCA) only has 14 satellites in it. My calculation show we'll eventually need 63 to maintain a satisfactory degree of control."

Callum continued to work his console. "I'll do what I can to speed up acquisition of those satellites and in the meantime, hopefully the increased processing power of the station's science cores will be able to mitigate the worst of the planet's current weather patterns."

"It's already improving what the models are kicking out." She replied watching the data feed across her screen.

Commander Ryan moved from his seat and studied the data on Doctor Sorru's console. "Wow. That's impressive."

"You'd be surprised how well some things work when you have the proper resources." She replied, eyes still glued on the data.

Callum returned to his own console. "Well I'll do my best to see to it that you have the resources you need from now on. Making sure those refugees have a hospitable, habitable planet to call home should be a priority for Starfleet and the Federation."

"Thank you Commander." She replied nodding, glad to finally have some starfleet help.


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