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Quality Craftsmanship

Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 7:06pm by OPS-Commander Noah Reed & OPS-Commander Levi Forbes

Location: DS12 - Deck 100 - Command Ops
Timeline: February 3rd, 2390

Levi entered the main Operations centre, a place he had spent surprisingly little time given he was Chief of Operations. "Ah Commander Reed," He said seeing the new Chief of Engineering. "Have a few minutes?"

Reed looked up from his PADD to the wall display featuring the main engineering power relays. He was in the process of familiarizing himself with the finer details of the station's systems. When he heard his name, he swiveled his head to the source and observed a broad-shouldered man about the same complexion. "Of course, Commander... Forbes, right?"

"Yes, I was hoping we could have a chat about some engineering concerns," Levi said gesturing to the briefing room off Ops.

Reed nodded and strode inside the meeting room. "Absolutely. What can I help you with?" He had only been on the station for a handful of days but he was glad that another senior officer felt comfortable enough to approach him.

"I know you weren't here at the time but we've had a few issues with the work being done by the engineering crew. I myself had a nasty run-in with a poorly wired EPS conduit, and especially the finishes in some of the residential blocks are substandard." Levi said.

Reed exhaled slowly as he listened intently, nodding every so often. One thing he couldn't stand was substandard work, especially when it was voiced about his own department. However, Cmd Forbes was correct that Reed hadn't been around until now, so it really wasn't his fault. Not his fault, but still his responsibility. "I see. Well, I'm sorry that you had an unfortunate incident. I trust you weren't injured?"

"Typical engineer injuries," Levi replied, "Still shouldn't happen, but my main concern is that it was in a residential block slated for civilian occupancy," the commander replied.

"I intend to instill more precision in my engineers now that I'm aboard. I'll look into the incidents if you'd be so kind as to send me a list of the areas you noticed the substandard work. Then I'll meet with Commander Mrol and develop a plan." He paused and tilted his head before continuing, "And as operations chief, I'd welcome your presence at the meeting as well, if you'd like to attend. Our departments work hand-in-hand, after all," he finished with a warm smile.

"I would appreciate that," Levi said handing him a PADD. "Start of the list."

Noah felt at a slight disadvantage as he took the PADD. He skimmed over the list, which wasn't entirely unreasonable. "The main power trunk assembly to the future science labs has a manufacturing defect? Great. That's about a week's replacement." He noticed the list of minor residential zone items added, which included light fixtures and a few replicator bugs. "Apparently the replicator in your quarters doesn't know the difference between spaghetti, rotini, or ravioli?" He looked at Levi. "As an avid Italian food consumer, I can imagine how annoying that is," he smiled.

"Admittedly I've been avoiding eating in my quarters and haven't ordered much more than coffee, which is usually passable, from the replicator. The restaurants and replimats offer much better fare." Levi replied, "Obviously there are priorities to the list and I'm sure you have your own lists, we don't see a ton of traffic, compared to what this stations capacity will be when it's fully functional, so my Ops crews are pretty much at your disposal to assist."

Noah offered another warm smile and held up the PADD he was given, waving it slightly." I'll set up a meeting time when I get back down to engineering," he said as he started to move to the door. "I look forward to working with you." And with that, Reed strolled out of the room and headed toward the turbolift.

Commander Levi Forbes
Chief Operations Officer, Deep Space Twelve

Commander Noah Reed
Chief Engineering Officer, Deep Space Twelve


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