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Joint Command Meeting

Posted on Fri Sep 20th, 2019 @ 7:10am by MAR-Major Michael Redmond & MAR-Sergeant Major Rarraka Natail & COL-Commander Lucas Teghtmeyer M.D., Ph.D. & MAR-Captain Cameron Koch

Location: Medical Facility, RZ-17
Timeline: March 15, 2390

The ground maintenance car moved as swiftly as the road would allow, the dust plume visible for kilometers. It was treacherous country. Major Mike Redmond and his second in command Captain Cameron Koch sat towards the rear of the unmarked old vehicle dressed in civilian clothes. The driver Sergeant Major Natail was also out of uniform. All three were lightly armed but it wouldn't be observed at all. Redmond wished any or all Marine movement to have the smallest footprint of a military presence as possible. The marine mission here was different. The refugee's were aware of the marines and their camp close by but the marine mission was a support role entirely.

Rarraka Natail pulled into the compound and the three marines exited the dented old vehicle. Covered in dust from the ride it looked like the trio had just dropped out of an old black and white Lawrence of Arabia movie.. Several of the refugee's recognized Rarraka immediately and greeted her warmly, they had seen her in the camps many times helping wherever she could. She was half Rom and had proven herself to be trusted with the people.

The medical building was clearly evident by the groups of refugee's around it. They were looking for Commander Teghtmeyer. Redmond and his party entered the facility and Mike inquired if the Commander was available.

Doctor Teghtmeyer walked next to an older refugee having finished her check up, he had performed a hip replaced surgery on her last week and she was recovering nicely. "Make sure you take these every morning, no skipping them. They're just the antibiotics to help prevent infection." He said handing her a bottle of pills, "I'm changing the formula on your multivitamin so make sure you take these as well." He said handing her the second bottle. She thanked him and made her way towards where he grandson was waiting to help her back.

The Doctor looked over to the marines and smiled, "Welcome, he said, "I'm assuming none of you are here for medical attention."

Mike smiled. "You would be correct sir, I'm major Redmond." He turned and introduced the others. "This is Captain Koch our marine XO, and Sergeant Major Natail. I certainly don't wish to take up any of your time this afternoon, but perhaps later on we could get together and discuss what assistance we may be able to help with."

"Nice to meet you all, I'm actually coming off shift in about half an hour if you want to hang around we can talk once I'm done. I usually hang out pretty close to here incase something goes wrong. We're understaff, under equipped and making do the best we can." Teghtmeyer said.

Redmond looked at the others and all seemed in agreement. "Sounds like a plan Doctor."

Teghtmeyer showed them to small conference room/break room/directors office/storage room, "It's not much but it will give you guys a bit of space and save from pissing off my triage nurse by hanging around the waiting room." He said, "The replicator doesn't work yet, but the coffee is passable, I've been 'smuggling' it down from the station." The Doctor said with a grin. "I shouldn't be more than 30-40 minutes."

The trio sat at the table drinking coffee. Mike could see Natail making a list, she would certainly be sending supplies to the staff here after the doctors comments about shortages.

Cameron sipped his coffee, "We should try to get in on the Doctors smuggling route, their coffee is better than ours."

"Indeed, I see a possible trade deal here..." Redmond laughed.

After almost an hour Teghtmeyer returned to the small conference room. "Sorry, emergency surgery hit a snag and they needed an extra set of hands." He said, pouring himself a mug of coffee. He tossed his white lab coat over the back of a chair and grabbed a tablet from his desk before sitting down at the slightly cramped table with the marines. "Alright Major what do you need from me."

"Well or journey actually brought us here to see what we could do to assist you and your team here. Our mission here is of support only as you know. We have several yards of building supplies and a dozen skilled corpsmen available."

"Can you get 3 more doctors?" Teghtmeyer asked with a grin. "Any support you can provide would be very much appreciated, we've been looking at expanding our medical centre here, with the intent to sort of split preventative health and continuing care away from the actually emergency medical division. Building support from your marines would help with that. It won't be a terribly complicated set up and would free us up to use these facilities for emergency care."

Mike looked over to Cameron. "I would think the use of several buildings and shelters could be set up very quickly for that purpose. Additional medically trained support could also be scheduled on a regular basis. However I would ask that these marine volunteers be restricted to civilian clothing as not to alarm any of the refugees. Cameron could we support that effort?"

"I think it's definitely manageable." The Captain replied, "We've also been looking at getting as many of the marines trained on more advanced emergency medical training. Ideally something a little more humanitarian focused than combat focused, that way they can provide extra man power should we need it, as well as help them to keep an eye on the populus during other activities, what kind of things to be on the lookout for in terms of diseases that people may not come to get medical attention for right away."

Lucas nodded, "Make sense, I may have to outsource that training to Prometheus, but I like the idea."

"And as far as some additional space is concerned we could possibly get that lifted in in a few days." Mike was pretty sure of it.

"Thank you, Doctor Men'dora will be handing the primary care clinic when we get it set up so I'll put her in contact with you on space requirements and configuration." Teghtmeyer said.

"Excellent, I propose we get this started and meet back in say, two weeks to see how it's working out."

Lukas smiled, "Sounds good," He said rising to his feet extending a hand.

"One more thing." Cameron said with both senior officers looking to him. "Where are you bringing this coffee in from and can we get in on it."

Mike laughed out loud at that one. But agreed.

"I'll make you a deal, you get me my clinic built and my grey market coffee stash is at your disposal." Lukas said, as he was shaking hands with the three marines a page came over the intercom for him. "I've got to go but thank you again." He said before running off.

Mike seemed to think it would take a bit of work and coordination but the coffee seemed to seal the deal. The trio headed for the old maintenance car.


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